The Arsenal and Me – Tushar’s Story

I was a 13yr old with no interest whatsoever in football. I was a cricket fan. By a lucky chance I happened to purchase the FIFA 2002 game. But I just could not win any match. Then I once played with the first team in the Premier League list (The Arsenal of course)…that was my first win which included I still remember a spectacular bicycle kick from a certain chap called Henry (who I had never heard of before). That of course does not make you a Gooner.

Then one day while surfing on tv I found this football game being telecast on the most ridiculously perfect football pitch (I didn’t know the name of course) & Lo and Behold! it was an Arsenal match. That was the 1st time I saw Thierry Henry & Dennis Bergkamp! Those were the only two guys whose names I knew (hardly surprising seeing that they scored the bulk of my goals in FIFA).

One thing led to another & gradually my interest in football & Arsenal began to grow. One of the main reasons was Arsenal’s fantastic footballing style(which I often tried to copy on FIFA) & secondly Highbury! What a magnificent stadium! What perfectly manicured pitch! Even my family who had nothing to do with football agreed that it was a Brilliant sight to see a sun-soaked Highbury!

By then I was hooked on to Arsenal & wasted no time finding out about the Club, about Arsene Wenger. The other players particularly
Robert Pires and Freddie Ljüngberg were my special favourites. In my school ManUtd was pretty much the only supported side but I always stood up for my team. Those banters served to increase my passion for the Club. From a boy who never watched football I changed to one who would obsessively mark the dates of Arsenal games & watch all of them…including the Champions League nights. Those UCL games are after midnight in my country but I can proudly say that pretty much watched all of them & still do.

That was in 2002-03. My greatest memory was the Invincible season….my lowest the UCL final 2006. My greatest regret…not finding out Arsenal before & so I missed out on watching MrArsenal himself.

Coming back to now…Its safe to say that my life revolves around Arsenal FC. I am a Doctor now & still strive to watch all Arsenal games including UCL ones in fact on many occasions I have skipped cricket matches when they have clashed with Arsenal games. Like all Arsenal fans who haven’t it is my dream to watch Arsenal Live in London.…that for me will be a pilgrimage.



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1 thought on “The Arsenal and Me – Tushar’s Story

  1. Nishil Tanwani

    Hi doc…. I am an Arsenal fan like you.. A bit younger to you… Even i am from India… And i guess all Indian fans share the same thoughts.. even my dream is to watch arsenal in london, emirates stadium…



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