Rule change means Rooney to face ban for Cardiff kick

From 22 November the FA changed the rules with regards to how they can punish a player after a game. Previously, if any of the officials stated in their post match reports that they saw an incident, the FA could not act, even if they had seen the incident incorrectly. The rule change came after numerous incidents where a referee had given a free kick, or booked a player, or in some cases merely waved play on, led to players not receiving the correct punishment.

The change in regulations, which has been led by FA chairman Greg Dyke, see the FA now have the power to punish a player, even when the officials have seen, and potentially dealt, with the incident at the time.

“The new rules will cover violent conduct that occurs secondarily to a challenge for the ball, and off-the-ball incidents where one or more match officials saw the players coming together but their view was such that none could make a decision.”

Whilst Manchester United might have got the benefit during the 90 minutes, it is highly likely that the FA will give Rooney a 3 match ban for violent conduct after his kick.

Rooney Kick



30 thoughts on “Rule change means Rooney to face ban for Cardiff kick

    1. Tomas

      Yes , clearly. And when he elbowed Wigan’s McCarthy in the face off the ball a couple of seasons ago he was clearly just trying to wipe the sweat of The Wigan player’s face, for which he only got yellow too.

    2. Joe

      ha ha, really?????, “You can quite clearly see that Rooney is trying to play the ball.”, the ball is clearly 15 or so feet infront of Rooney and the Cardiff player he kicked.You need to take your rose tinted glasses off and watch it again .

  1. gunner sagar

    A deliberate trip but certainly not a kick….and deliberate trip is used by lot of players to stop opponents from counter attacking and only get yellow for it (like sagna against suarez climbing all over him and tripping him or like rosicky does all the time to stop opponents from counter attacking if he is not in yellow) so yellow is fair I think……

  2. Ding Dang Do.

    a 3 game ban is a start, but Rooney stayed on the pitch and scored. Cardiff won’t benefit form the ban, if anything the teams Man Utd come up against next will, and they could be the ones fighting with Cardiff for relegation. (haven’t checked).

    Being in Video evidence, Bring in real punishments for incompetent referee and let the game be played.

  3. obinna

    Rules rules!!!! Imagine if suarez was the one that did this,the cry would have been crucify him crucify him!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. JackFact

    English star of national team get a ban???
    No F***ing Chance!
    They’ll bottle like they did when Shearer booted the face off an opponent but did nothing.
    Now, if it was a nice little johnny foreigner like Suarez, Cantona, or Carlos Kickaball, then they wouldn’t hesitate.
    Bottom line – the dirtiest players in Prem history have been Rooney & Gerrard. But the records dont show that ‘cos the referees protect them.

    1. Klaus Stein

      I can only second this post.
      “English star of national team get a ban??? No F***ing Chance!”
      The FA is putting tail between the legs once again, rather than correctly punishing a national team player. They can continue to be “above the law”. Fortunately that doesn’t work at Euro or WC, and that’s why they (English NT) always go out early.
      The FA taking action here with Rooney ? – should be paid for as “joke of the month”.

      1. AOB

        The FA shd simply award the 3 points to Cardiff while Rooney shd be banned for 3 matches and ref called to order. This will be the only way to justify this error

  5. Boris

    What annoys me is rooney’s insistence that he made ‘a bad f*’ rather than a kick which is a violent conduct. He is trying to get away with that.

  6. Imoni Ben

    Rooney need to b punish,it was very clear that he kick d player intentionally.if it was nt an English player d ref would have giving him red card.let see what d FA wil do.

  7. jim

    ” but their view was such that none could make a decision” they made a decision and gave him a yellow. This rule doesn’t apply.

  8. Justin

    English FA will do notin to Rooney cos he is an English National team player. Very Bias association(English FA). Rooney deserves a 3 match ban but I don’t see that happening. The FA will look for an excuse to vindicate Rooney. Just watch out.

  9. Simon

    Just more standard ABU bullsh#t, I suppose Medels slap in the face was fine though??
    Rooney kicked out, it wasn’t remotely dangerous just petulant and stupid, it’s not exactly violent conduct, why do so many idiots try to find any rubbish to talk about.

    1. Mike

      You sad man. How can you possibly come out with such complete nonsense. The reason there are so many ABU’s about is BECAUSE Man U keep getting away with this sort of thing.

  10. Roland C Rozario

    It obviously is a blatant foul! RED CARD period!
    The Ref and the other Assistants should be taken to task too!!!

  11. StevieB

    incidents where one or more match officials saw the players coming together but their view was such that none could make a decision” …This won’t apply to Shrek, the official saw it, and made a decision… and he decided it was a yellow card. Had he come off the field and reported that he didn’t see it properly so couldn’t make a decision – then maybe the FA would step in, but this is Wayne.. they won’t!!

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