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10 Reasons why we will beat Fulham + Starting 11

1.. We are playing Fulham, they have lost 14 of the 21 Prem games so far this season.

2.. The BFG and Kos have not lost a game they have both played for 90mins since 1905.

3%. Diaby is ready to make a come back, rumours are he serves up a cracking halftime pie.

4.. We have never lost a home game to Fulham in any competition.

5.. Fulham have the worst goal difference in the Prem an amazing -24 managing only 3 clean sheets this season.

6.. Rosicky is borrowing one of David Pleats sexcase mask’s and is ready to score.

7.. We have let in 1 goal in the last 5 games, Fulham have let in 12.

8.. Wilshere looks like he could be picking up from where Ramsey left things.

9.. Teams that have scored 3 or more goals in one game against Fulham this season…Leicester, Man Utd, Liverpool, West Ham, Everton, Man City, Hull city and Sunderland…could be a landslide..

10.. Wenger Knows, who needs a world class striker, my grandma (87) could bag a brace against this lot.

Starting 11 – Chesney, Sagna, BFG, Kos, Gibbs, Flamini, Wilshere, Santi, Gnarby, Ozil, Giroud (or my nan)


Jack Wilshere – Stop being a Chav and grow up

So Jack Wilshere is facing a one match ban after giving Manchester City fans the bird during Arsenal’s 6-3 defeat on Saturday. My only thought on this was “Jack, you silly little boy.”

Just over 2 months ago, I wrote how Wilshere needed to learn from Ramsey, after he was pictured outside a night club with a cigarette flirting with a pretty blonde. It seems that what ever words the club had with him after that picture went straight in one ear and out the other, as the little chav arose from within once more.

His loss of self control, his needless act, will rob the club of his services for one game. Likely to be the home game against Chelsea next week. There is precedence for the 1 game ban after Luis Suarez was banned for 1 game after making a similar gesture against Fulham.

I was at the Manchester City v Arsenal, and in all honesty, I did not hear much abuse towards Jack Wilshere. The majority of City fans abuse was aimed at Theo Walcott, with songs questioning who the father of his unborn child is. Theo Walcott responded to his abuse with 2 goals and a decent all round display.

Jack Wilshere, meanwhile, responded by sticking his middle finger up at the City fans, before running around trying hard, but ultimately not doing much. He lost control of himself.

The worry is, Jack Wilshere’s immaturity, his petulance, is something which does not seem to be going away. He seems to be a very cocky young man who clearly thinks his shit does not stink. Were he not a footballer, you could imagine him getting in fights every Saturday night in his local, and getting smashed up by bigger lads due to him being too cocky. He certainly suffers from a bit of little man syndrome.

He is already a long way down the list for next Arsenal captain and it is him who misses out in arsenal’s strongest 11. He needs to grow up and starting acting more like Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott, rather than reverting to type and acting like a spoilt chav. He needs to realise the talent he has, and where he can go. If he does not buck up soon, he will soon find himself with the likes of Frimpong, Bentley, Pennant and Bothroyd, all of whom had a bigger opinion of themselves than the talent they had in their feet.

Jack, grow up you chav.



Rule change means Rooney to face ban for Cardiff kick

From 22 November the FA changed the rules with regards to how they can punish a player after a game. Previously, if any of the officials stated in their post match reports that they saw an incident, the FA could not act, even if they had seen the incident incorrectly. The rule change came after numerous incidents where a referee had given a free kick, or booked a player, or in some cases merely waved play on, led to players not receiving the correct punishment.

The change in regulations, which has been led by FA chairman Greg Dyke, see the FA now have the power to punish a player, even when the officials have seen, and potentially dealt, with the incident at the time.

“The new rules will cover violent conduct that occurs secondarily to a challenge for the ball, and off-the-ball incidents where one or more match officials saw the players coming together but their view was such that none could make a decision.”

Whilst Manchester United might have got the benefit during the 90 minutes, it is highly likely that the FA will give Rooney a 3 match ban for violent conduct after his kick.

Rooney Kick