10 Reasons why we will beat Fulham + Starting 11

1.. We are playing Fulham, they have lost 14 of the 21 Prem games so far this season.

2.. The BFG and Kos have not lost a game they have both played for 90mins since 1905.

3%. Diaby is ready to make a come back, rumours are he serves up a cracking halftime pie.

4.. We have never lost a home game to Fulham in any competition.

5.. Fulham have the worst goal difference in the Prem an amazing -24 managing only 3 clean sheets this season.

6.. Rosicky is borrowing one of David Pleats sexcase mask’s and is ready to score.

7.. We have let in 1 goal in the last 5 games, Fulham have let in 12.

8.. Wilshere looks like he could be picking up from where Ramsey left things.

9.. Teams that have scored 3 or more goals in one game against Fulham this season…Leicester, Man Utd, Liverpool, West Ham, Everton, Man City, Hull city and Sunderland…could be a landslide..

10.. Wenger Knows, who needs a world class striker, my grandma (87) could bag a brace against this lot.

Starting 11 – Chesney, Sagna, BFG, Kos, Gibbs, Flamini, Wilshere, Santi, Gnarby, Ozil, Giroud (or my nan)


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