Complacency creeping in to both players and fans

There was a weird atmosphere in the ground on Saturday. It was one that I have no experienced since the glory days at Highbury. It felt like I was at the theatre. Sitting there. Waiting to be entertained.

I noticed the atmosphere in the Twelve Pins before the game, it was fairly subdued. On the walk to the stadium, there was no electricity in the air. Sitting down in the Emirates before the game, there was a bit of chatter but very little excitement. And then throughout the first half, there was barely a whimper.

The atmosphere over the last 18-24 months (probably starting off back at the AC Milan home game) has been vastly improving, but this was back to the bad old days. The only logical explanation is this.

Arsenal fan’s expected to win. We sat their and waited for the team to win. Waited for them to score. There wasn’t any nervous energy. It was a case of ‘go on lads, this should be a routine victory.’ We as fans were complacent.

The complacency also went through the team. After blistering first 5 minutes, where we really should have gone 1-0 up, the team seemed to take their foot off the gas. Like the fans sitting their expecting 3 points with little effort, the team did similar. They clearly believed they could score at any time. Open up Fulham’s defence with little effort. However this is the Premier League, and no matter who you play, you have to put in 100%.

The complacency creeping into both players and fans is worrying. We are only 1 point clear at the top of the table. The league is not wrapped up. The Premier League has been full of surprises this season. Anyone can beat anyone. The players need to ensure they are giving 100% every games. The fans need to as well.

Up next is Coventry on Friday night. An FA Cup tie will always generate a bit of extra atmosphere. But for the next league game (I can be arsed to look who it is), ensure you give 100%. Do not expect victory, cheers your team to victory. And let the players know that anything less than 100% is unacceptable.


4 thoughts on “Complacency creeping in to both players and fans

  1. Sixtay

    Subtly ironic you “can’t be arsed” to find out our next league game (difficult Southampton Away) in a post criticising all-around complacency.

    Otherwise fair play. The first half seemed to be played at first gear. But considering we got 2 players injured against villa, I can understand the desire to play “efficiently”, securing the 3 points with minimal effort.
    Dortmund-style extreme pressing is nice and all, but you need fit legs to maintain that level all season long. I say we save the buccaneering performances (Which we have showed time and again we are capable of this season) for the big games. With Southampton and Liverpool away and the Bayern games on the horizon, I say save the unnecessary effort for those.

  2. El Gooner

    Errr sorry mate yes maybe the fans are getting a tad bit complacent but is expected not the players because they have a City sized machine breathing down their necks as well as the extra pressure of ending a barren spell… right now the players just like me are thinking about the very next game

  3. Dexter

    YOu really havent got a clue have you? In your desire to slate the team, players and manager you fail to understand what is happening.

    You think the team should go balls out every single game and thrash lowly teams like FFC.

    The players are clearly going thru periods where they preserve energy for what is bound to be a battle till May.

    This is the last time I’m even going to bother clicking the newsnow link for this piss poor BSM wank fest anti-support bollocks.

    You are a shite supporter, give your season ticket to someone who gives a monkeys about the club.

    1. keenosafc Post author

      I usually do not reply to criticism but in this case I feel I need to defend myself. I am not criticising the team, I am criticising the team and fans. Anyone who was at the game (I am guessing you were not) would agree with my statement that the crowd and team were both under par. The crowd sat there as if the game was won before a ball was kicked, and the team played like it. It is the type of complacency that I have seen many a time in my years of watching football, and often results in strange results.

      As for the BSM, whilst SheWore might be a strong supporter of them, I am not. That is my own view point. Anyone who follows me on Twitter (again, you clearly do not) would have read my run-ins with them.

      Finally, I do give a monkeys about my club. I am not only a home season ticket holder, but also away. I will spend around £5000 on tickets, trains and refreshments following my club up and down the country this season. If that is a shite supporter, then fair enough.

      This site does not need readers like you, and the club certainly does not need followers like you.




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