Mertesacker, Winning Dirty, Ozil and Cazorla, Barkley and Cavani

Per Mertesacker

All the attention has been on the performances of Aaron Ramsey this season, but it is the Big Fucking German who has been our player of the year so far. A lot of fans still do not rate him. He still splits opinions. For me, it is down to one thing. You have people who understand football and people who do not understand football. Mertesacker is the best centre back in the Premier League. I struggle to name a better centre back in world football. Maybe Thiago Silva. But that is it. After a touring performance against England for Germany mid-week, he had yet another striker in his pocket yesterday. In recent weeks he has played against small, tricky, quick strikers (Suarez/Sturridge) and big, mobile, strong strikers (Lambert) and come out on top against both. Let’s start respecting a very special talent.

Winning Dirty

We used to moan that we could not win dirty. Against Southampton, against Dortmund, we did just that. Clean sheets and winning dirty. And what happens? Rather than fans praise the side for learning to win dirty, we now criticise them for not playing well. As the old adage go’s, the sign of potential champions is a team who can win when not playing well. We beat Southampton without playing well. A keepers mistake and a penalty. 3 points in the bag. Let’s praise the team.

Ozil and Cazorla

Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla have played less than 500 minutes of football together. Yet already fans are saying they can not play together. Talk about giving them a chance to gel!! It shows the fast food culture we are currently living in. Everyone wants everything now, and football is no different. Players get written off after 2 or 3 games, and the same is happening with this partnership. Lets get a few things right:

  • Talented players can play together no matter how they line up. You can never have too many talented players
  • Santi Cazorla is better out wide. 6 months at Malaga and 6 months at Arsenal was the only time he played on the wing. He got more goals & assists outwide last year then he did inside. And when he drops inside he give Gibbs so much space
  • The pair have barely played together in their correct positions this season, Ozil in the middle with Cazorla outside
  • Now Theo Walcott is back, we will see the partnership take a completely different dimension to the side

Lets give them time to learn their game.

Ross Barkley

This guy is super talented. Whilst there is no place in the Arsenal squad for him, and therefore we do not need him, I am a huge admirer of his talent. Ever since he broke through into the Everton side at 17, I have waited for him to break through as a superstar. A bit like Aaron Ramsey, he broke his leg at a young age (broken in 3 places) in October 2010. As with Ramsey, it put his career back 2 years. Now he is finally coming through. He is a beast physically and has brilliant technique. If England are to have any chance in the World Cup in Rio, they should partner Barkley and Wilshere in the England midfield, with Gerrard anchoring. Barkley is a talent, and my only fear is that as Arsenal do not need him, he will end up at Manchester United, where he will improved their midfield ten-fold.


Rumours doing the rounds is that Edison Cavani is unhappy at PSG. Whilst it is mainly speculation, there is usually no smoke without fire. When there is such an arrogant presence such as Zlatan Ibrahimavic at the club, team mates will get rubbed up the wrong way. Ibra wants to be number 1, it is why he left Barcelona. The problem is Cavani has the talent to be number 1 at any club in Europe. A January move might be unlikely, but if he does come available, I want Arsenal to be leading the race for him. Imagine him ahead of Cazorla, Ozil, Walcott. He would be the missing piece.


7 thoughts on “Mertesacker, Winning Dirty, Ozil and Cazorla, Barkley and Cavani

  1. Harry Barracuda

    “Whilst it is mainly speculation, there is usually no smoke without fire. ”

    It’s the Football press mate. There usually IS smoke without fire.

  2. Arty

    Totally agree with you about Mertesaker. He’s brought stability, calmness, leadership & strength to our defense.
    I get really worried now when he’s not in the side.

    I also think he’s the natural leader & should be given the captaincy permanently.

  3. Amel

    Mate spot on about the moaners….winning ugly is refreshing. We are top, 4 points clear and there are still people finding fault rather than getting behind the team. Let’s stick together, and support the team at all time #coyg #stopmoaning

  4. gooner thomas

    As always couldnt agree more. Winning beautifully and winning ugly equates to the same amount of points yet moaners will moan like there is something to moan about! Great shour re Merts, altho Kompany would give him a run for his money for best defender in prem positionally n with organising hes peerless in this league at present. Was saying the same thing about Berkley to my cousin yesterday…get rid of Diaby (love him but come on!) Arteta is winding down n Rosicky featuring less and less and we sure could accomodate Ross! How Henderson and Cleverley get considered ahead of him iinternationally il never know but i guess who they play for is a big factor. He is quality

  5. Joseph.

    Arsenal need a finished product striker now Suarez or Facao if Arsenal can’t get any of this two players then we should keep what we have Arsenal does not need just any Striker.

  6. Olumuyiwa olokodana

    Its high tym we need2 know and appreciate the kind of players we have in our team…lets stop booing our player..its better we play ugly football to archieve a positive result than playing good football without nothing…wt the arrival of our new players nd wt more players coming in..i believe this is gunners season…come on guyz,lets get dirty to the glory…


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