Premier League Grounds and Me

This Saturday my visit to the Cardiff City Stadium means that I will only be missing 1 ground that I haven’t ever been to of teams currently in the Premier League, I thought I could just revisit some of the memories I’ve had at some of these grounds in different competitions as  was quite surprised when I realised I was only missing one.

I’m sure there are fans out there that have been to all of them twice over, but I don’t earn a huge amount of money and don’t have an away scheme membership so to build your away games up is difficult and means starting at the bottom. I’m pretty proud of the many different grounds I’ve been to over the seasons.

I remember me and my brother doing the games which didn’t require a lot of credits when we just starting out, Wigan, Newcastle, Sunderland, West Brom etc. We did these until we had enough credits to get to some decent games, the London ones and teams like Villa and Everton. Eventually we got to the level where we could always be sure to get a ticket for whichever game we wanted to go, United, Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool.

White Hart Lane

My record at those big clubs is not good, I don’t think I have ever seen us win against United at Old Trafford, or against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. My mate was having a stag in Brighton on the weekend of the 5-3! My record at Shite Hart Lane isn’t to bad, see us win 3-1 with the AADDDEEEBBAYYYOORR goal and a lovely strike from Cesc. Seen us win 4-1 in the Carling Cup but also the 5-1 loss, but around my time of going regular to see us at WHL they have been coming back and starting to beat us and get points from us more and more so its been difficult there in recent seasons with 2 losses on my last two visits.
Had some nice times up north, was at the 4-4 Newcastle game, Ozil’s first game this season at Sunderland was a good win, remember some good wins against Liverpool one of them with Podolski’s first goal I believe, a lovely goal from a counter attacking move, also when we managed to get a point up there with a lovely own goal from Reina. Stayed up there that weekend I think and had a great night out! Had a good night out in Newcastle as well after the 4-4 game, its hard not to have a good time out in Newcastle to be fair.

Villa Park is always nice because its usually around Xmas time we go there, last time I went we won with a goal from Jack Wilshere, a header would you believe! Remember him sprinting over to the away fan section kissing the badge! Lovely moment. Also Everton is one of those ground I love going to, has a proper old stadium feel and I love being in the away section there. I was there for the game we won 6-1. It was a 5.30pm KO and we had got the train up there early that morning, been on the lemonades all day and so by the time came around we were all quite worse for wear, I managed to see one goal before being turfed out by the stewards! Walked up to an Everton pub and watched the rest of it in there. Was approached by this guy at the bar who turned up to be a Liverpool fan and enjoyed the result as much as me. Think a few of the Everton fans ever recognised me from being just thrown out of the ground! Remember going up there with my brother as well, one of my first away games and I drove on a Monday night. Got there with minutes to spare and Eduardo scored and used a hand in the build up which was hilarious as all game Everton fans had been shouting for hand ball. Needless to say its all we did for the rest of the game! “HANDBALL”

Some of the early games we did when building up the credits was on the travel club coaches, Derby away, Sunderland away. Managed to see us lose at Wigan after being 2-0 up, another one we went to when we were starting out, my step dad drove us up. Been to Wolves which was another early train job, was absolutely smashed because of the amount of beer we had drunk, my mate sate in his seat with his head in his hands for the first half! Been to Southampton for possibly one of our worst performances I’ve ever seen, was last season I think, so so poor.
Reading I nearly missed, was getting my car MOT’d the same day and was going to drive round and meet my mates there as they had the tickets, the MOT overran and I was late, managed to get in for kick off and saw us win with a goal from Hleb amongst others I think. The London ones are my favourite, its nice to be able to get the tube to an away game, Fulham, West Ham and QPR when they were up are always decent away games. Was lucky enough to catch Sagna’s shirt against West Ham one year at the end of the game when he came over to the crowd, sent it into the club and they got it signed for me and sent it back! West Brom when we made 4th place on the last day was good, went for a curry in this pub just up the road after the game in their beer garden. Its now pretty legendary for me and my step dad and we cant wait to go back! It was lovely.

I’ll just add at the bottom to these memories, that my memory is shit! And so I wouldn’t surprised if some of you read this and find some errors here and there, please let me know if you do!

I haven’t even started on the cup games, the European games and finals we have been to over the years, might leave that for another time!

Until then, Up the Arsenal and enjoy the game tomorrow!



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