10 reasons why we will beat cardiff + Starting XI

1.. As always I will start with our back 5.. Not really much to say, doing a great job every one of them and with Cardiff scoring under a goal per game another clean sheet is a big possibility.

2.. Flamini, the big question has moved on from can him and Arteta play in the same side together to just why does he take a pair of scissors to his shirts. and why someone doesn’t stop him.

3.. Ramsey;s an ex-Cardiff player, bang on form for us and will be looking forward to this one.

4.. Great game by Jack Wilshere midweek, brilliant goals, all-round performance and he just adds to Wenger’s nice to have selection headache.

5.. Ozil, I’d love to say this could be his kind of game, but I think it maybe time to give him a little breather.

6.. Even tottenh*m won at Cardiff, 0-1, even if it was a dodgy penalty (I didn’t bother to check if this is true, but i’d be surprised if its wrong)

7.. Apart from Cardiff’s strike rate their defence is not upto much either shipping in 17 goals in 12 Prem games.

8.. Giroud, first he should take all our penalty’s. Secondly he must remain fit as the Danish fella is not fit to wear our shirt.

9.. Cardiff so far this season.. played 12, won 3, drawn 5, lost 5.

10.. Wenger knows this is another tricky away game, Cardiff’s will be well up for this upto the players to get in early, silent them and take control.

Likely Starting XI – Cheseny. Sagna, Kos, Per, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Santi, Ramsey, Jack, Giroud.



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