Tottenham Vs Manchester United, who do Arsenal fans want to win?

Well after last weekend and a few disagreements with other supporters of The Arsenal over what we wanted the Man City v Tottenham result to be we decided to put both sides of the argument over. Now me and fellow writer of this blog, Keenos often do not see eye to eye, you could say that we have plenty of healthy debates over a wide range of subjects and have done so for the last 10 years. So here’s our thoughts on wherever or not to want Tottenham to beat Man City…

In favour of Manchester United – GC

Well firstly I am old enough to remember football from the early 80s, I was there in the semi final in 1991 (one of the worst day’s of my life) so I remember having to speak to and see happy Tottenham fans and that’s not a happy memory. From a very young age I was brought up to love the The Arsenal and part of that was hating that lot from Middlesex. The way I see every season is that the 1st priority is beating Tottenham, the 2nd is finishing above them. Failing those would see that lot up the road crow like mad donkeys on acid.

I look at the season as us playing 38 games with every other team having to play 36 as I want Tottenham to lose every game they play. I want them to finish every season on 0 pts with a goal difference of minus 10000. I don’t even like them winning the coin toss. Anything that makes them happy is not a good thing in my eyes.

I really can not understand any so called fan of The Arsenal wanting that lot to win anything. The joy it gave me to see Man City smash 6 (SIX) past them last Sunday was immense and rightly so, social media went nut’s and it was on full on piss take mode. The perfect weekend, us winning them getting smashed.

Now of course I’m aware that if Tottenham somehow managed to beat the other teams that could challenge us for the title/top 4 that could be good for our league position but until St Totteringhams day is done and dusted that doesn’t remain the priority. Any fan of The Arsenal who could either want or shout at their tele for that lot from Middlesex to win or even draw a game can, to coin a phrase that’s been slapped at me more times than I’ve had cold pints “fuck off down the lane”.

Do you think Tottenham fans want us to beat teams like Southampton/Everton/Liverpool that could challenge them for 6th ? of course not, there greatest moments in the last 20 years are games we have lost. IF we are to win anything and challenge for anything this season I want it to be because we have won games, not because Tottenham have somehow managed beat anyone.

In favour of Tottenham Keenos

Arsenal first. They are the most important factor in footballing life. The success of Arsenal Football Club is all that matters. Spurs are out of the title race. They can not win it. Manchester United are a title rival. That is what matters. A defeat for Manchester United reduces their chance of winning the title, and by proxy, increases the chance of Arsenal winning the title. If Arsenal win Saturday, and Manchester United lose, Arsenal will be 10 points ahead of Manchester United. Surely it is better to be 10 points ahead of Manchester United than 11 points ahead of Tottenham?

In 1999, Arsenal went into the last day of the season needing Spurs to beat Manchester United at White Hart Lane to be in with a chance of the title. Everyone in Highbury wanted Manchester United to lose that day. Had Spurs won, Arsenal would have won the league.

Imagine a scenario, last day of the season, Arsenal are joint top with and could win the title. They are playing the side currently in 18th. Spurs are 17th, playing the side in 2nd. What would you rather, an Arsenal title or a Spurs relegation. It is the success of oneself which defines my happiness, not the failure and sadness of another.

Yes, I was laughing with everyone else during Spurs’ 6-0 defeat against Manchester City, but I would much prefer to be 9 points ahead of City then the current 6. The success of Arsenal is what is important. Manchester United losing is more important than Spurs losing.

We are the bigger club. The fact is, Spurs often want Arsenal to lose more than they want their own club to win. They know as fans that they will never see Tottenham win the league in their lifetime, so the only satisfaction for them is seeing Arsenal fail to win it. We are different, we have the success, Tottenham winning or losing means nothing for our league chances. It is better for them to beat our rivals and finish mid table, then lose to them and still finish mid table. It is about the bigger picture.

On Sunday, I will not be cheering Spurs to victory, I will not be supporting Spurs, I will be supporting a Manchester United loss, if that means Spurs have to win, then so be it.




7 thoughts on “Tottenham Vs Manchester United, who do Arsenal fans want to win?

  1. CB

    The maths is easy – two points if they draw, three points if one of them wins. Less points is best…

    And they would be 9 and 10 points behind us if they draw. Good gap.

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