The Importance of Mesut Ozil

A lot has been said about Mesut Ozil in recent weeks after a couple of quiet games led a lot of Arsenal fan’s to start criticising the German midfielder. After a brilliant start to his Arsenal career, he seemed of have gone off the boil.

During the game against Cardiff City, a lot of people in the crowd were calling for his substitution, not really understanding the key contribution he was making in the attacking half of the field.

A statistic by Orbinho highlights how good his performance was;


38 completed passes out of 40 in the opposition half. With ability like that, he will, and has, create a lot of goals for Arsenal.

Despite being ‘under par’ and ‘struggling to acclimatise‘ since joining Arsenal, his full Premier League statistics make interesting reading:

  • Assists: 6 – Premier League Leader
  • Key Passes: 2.9pg – 1.2 more than the next top Arsenal player
  • Average Passes: 64.6pg – Only Aaron Ramsey (72.1) has averaged more
  • Pass Success: 87% – Only behind Flamini and Arteta, who’s passes tend to be less risky
  • Accurate Crosses: 1.5pg – 2nd behind Walcott (1.5)
  • Through Balls: 0.4pg – 2nd, only to Olivier Giroud (0.5)
  • Successful Dribbles: 1.6pg – More than anyone bar Chamberlain, who’s only play 1 PL game

It is clear by the statistics that even though it appears Mesut Ozil is having quiet, unproductive, game, he is actually the most important, most efficient, man in the midfield. Coming out 1st or 2nd in all important statistics for a midfielder highlights what he does.

So next time it seems he is having a quiet game, just remember, he probably isn’t.


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