Premier League at its tightest ever?

Without trying to be captain obvious, it is getting tight at the top. On Christmas Day, Liverpool were top of the league. The last time a side was top of the league at Christmas and not go on to win the league was Liverpool, back in 2008/09. 17 days after Christmas, they find themselves in 6th place, not even in a Europa League spot.

Since Liverpool topped the league on Christmas Day, Arsenal, Manchester City and now Chelsea have also topped the Premier League. This just go’s to show how tight it is at the top, and it is getting closer.

Whilst Manchester United and Spurs are out of the title race (for now) Spurs could have gone into a Champions League spot had results gone their way yesterday. As for Manchester United, they are having their worst season in Premier League history, yet find themselves just 2 points behind Liverpool, who are having one of their best seasons. Liverpool, just a few weeks ago were being considered title contenders, whilst United are a club in crisis.

Manchester City could go top today with a win over Newcastle. They could then be usurped by Arsenal if we win against Aston Villa on Monday. When was the last time the Premier League had 3 different leaders over a weekend in January?

This years title race will go down to the wire. And it is getting to a point where you look at Manchester United, in 7th place, just 9 points behind leaders Chelsea, that you have to think that they might not yet be out of the race.

The Premier League is regaining its place as the most exciting league in Europe. When I look across the major European leagues, no where is it as tight as it is in England.

  • Premier League: 9 points separate top 7, 5 points separate top 4
  • Bundesliga: 16 points separate top 7, 12 points separate top 4
  • Ligue 1: 18 points separate top 7, 14 points separate top 4
  • La Liga: 20 points separate top 7, 14 points separate top 4
  • Serie A: 23 points separate top 7, 13 points separate top 4

What it also means is that Arsenal fan’s should not get too cocky about the ‘gap’ between Spurs and ourselves. Despite Spurs sacking their manager, and buying £100m of tripe, they are currently just 5 points behind us. Taking into account that in the last few years, we have overhauled a gap of over 10 points in January to finish above them, it is certainly not a time to be too cocky.

A victory against Aston Villa will put us back on top of the table. After defeat against Aston Villa at home on the opening day of the season, every Arsenal fan would have taken being top (or even 3rd, 1/2 points behind the leaders) after 21 games.

The Premier League is at its tightest ever.



2 thoughts on “Premier League at its tightest ever?

  1. Stem

    Liverpool wont finish in the TOP 6 due to their CHEAPSKATE OWNER,and Rodgers only buys B CLASS PLAYERS or LOAN DEALS !!!

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