10 Reasons why we will beat Villa + starting XI

OK well hands up I got the 10 reasons why we will beat Villa WRONG when we played them at home this season, in my defence this was pre-Ozil.. https://shewore.com/2013/08/17/10-reasons-why-we-will-beat-aston-villa/
1.. We have Ozil now, back after his winter break/shoulder injury

2.. We have a nice 9 day break from our last game, which was a fairly easy 2-0 win against some mongs from Middlesex.

3.. Despite what http://www.arsenal.com are saying about team news I would expect Giroud to play.

4.. We haven’t lost at Villa since 1998

5.. Villa have only scored 7 home goals, we have scored 21 away goals.

6.. Theo is out till next season, but we have Gnarby ready and willing to come off the bench.

7.. Koscielny is fully fit, him and the BFG have never lost a game they have played the full 90mins since 1901

8.. Diaby is injured, which is better than him playing.

9.. Rosicky, currently in the form of his life.

10.. Wenger knows, after the first game when Villa beat us we were rock bottom, a win tonight and we are, well we are top

Likely Starting XI – Chesney, Sagna, Kos, BFG, Monreal, Wilshere, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Ozil, Giroud



11 thoughts on “10 Reasons why we will beat Villa + starting XI

  1. Mike

    Just one thing. I recall being at Villa a few seasons ago when we picked up three points courtesy of a 1 – 0 win. Goalscorer that day?………………………….Diaby. Slightly harsh.

  2. Unknown

    Dafuq do u mean we haven’t lost a game where the two defenders played 90 min simce.1901?!?!??! R U THAT RETARDED

  3. goonersx Post author

    Ogban….that’s who I think will start the game..not who I’d like to start the game…its obv Arteta and Flamini together doesn’t work…


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