10 reasons why we will beat Man City + my starting 11

1) For the first time since 1947 we’ve had an international break that we have more fit players after than before. Arteta and Gibbs set to be in the squad today.

2) Our number 1 keeper Chesney, quietly getting on with things this season, he could go onto be an all time great for us.

3) Debuchy, I’m really impressed with him, not just his engine or his pace, or his crossing it’s his positional sense in covering the CB’s. Definitely an improvement on the fella City will have on the bench.

4) Yes the Community Shield is an overblown friendly, but still we made them look average that day even when they pulled on the bigger players

5) Man City lost to Stoke.

6) Danny Welbeck should start today and with him and Sanchez we will finally have some direct pace running at teams

7) The last time Man City lost 2 games back to back was in Oct 2010, one of those games was against us *sky sports*

8) This 12.45pm kick off times just for TV is a joke, I used to understand it in the dark past when it was used for games with a high risk of trouble, but 12.45pm just for TV and still charge £65 upwards for the pleasure, well count me out. *Rant over*

9) Man City have a couple of key players out, we have a couple coming in, this is the season we finally start beating the top 3 clubs again.

10) Wenger knows, well he should know by now, the key to these big games is a decent start, keeping our shape and keeping the ball. We get past the first 10-15mins and settle down today then Man City are there for the taking.

My Starting 11 – Chesney, Deb, Kos, BFG, Gibbs, Flamini, Jack, Ozil, Sanchez, Ox, Welbeck







3 thoughts on “10 reasons why we will beat Man City + my starting 11

  1. Faron

    Nice, i dont think i would Risk Gibbo today though. Nacho hasn’t been to bad recently. and can give Gibbs bit more recuperation time.


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