10 Reasons why we will beat Chelsea – My starting 11

1) In 11 meetings between Wenger and Mourinho the special case has not lost, purely on the probability of likelihood Wenger is due a win.

2) Due to injuries Wenger can’t tinker with the starting lineup and players starting positions too much today.

3) Mid-week in the CL was the best we have played all season in a half, looks like things are finally clicking.

4) Our number 1 keeper knows he’s a mistake away from being dropped, so hopefully he will concentrate all game.

5) Kos will chuck Costa in his pocket.

6) Diaby is “Rested”.

7) Ozil will prove he’s better than some Spanish kid who so many Arsenal fans still seem desperately in love with.

8) Danny Danny Welbeck, 3 great goals mid-week, a great relationship forming with Ozil and Sanchez, Ox running his socks off, its not Pires, Bergkamp, Henry, Freddie, but its a lot better than we have been served up the last 6 years.

9.1) Chelsea played away in Europe this week, we played at home, English sides have not got a good record in the game after a Euro away this season.

10) Wenger Knows – it’s about time we won a game against one of the top sides.

My starting 11  – Chesney, Chambers, Kos, BFG, Gibbs, Flamini, Jack, Ozil, Alexis, Ox, Welbeck.


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