Spurs set to become bigger and better than Arsenal? – The Truth

By now you all would have read the hilarious article by the Daily telegraph titled Eight reasons Tottenham’s new stadium will make them bigger and better than Arsenal. I am not going to link to it, as it is so clearly click bait, aimed at just getting the hits to increase revenue, that it does not require further promotion. It is a brilliant piece of trolling of Arsenal fans, planted to wind us up. And it has done the job.

You could argue that I have been caught in it’s net, as I have taken my time to write this respond. However, I would say I am merely using my legal right to respond to the article, my freedom of speech, and creating a blog that, when Spurs fans bring up the awful article, Arsenal fans can respond with a link to this blog, highlighting the truth.

  1. It’s bigger than the Emirates

“The new Spurs ground will be exactly 0.9398993910510988% bigger – those extra seats will make a difference.”

In our 2014 accounts, Arsenal’s gate receipts and match day income was £93m. Now if Spurs fans mirror our pricing structure, mirror out ticket sales, and play the same amount of games, they will generate £93.88m in gate receipts. An additional £880,000. Barely enough to pay a top players wages for a month. Not exactly a difference.

And this extra revenue will be negated by Spurs failing to fill their stadium on a regular basis. Numerous times over the last 4/5 years they have had attendances under 25,000 – mainly for Europa League. These missing fans will result in a drop in the gate receipts and match day revenue. The only way Spurs can stop these low attendances is by reducing ticket prices. Which will again drop gate receipts.

I pretty much guarantee that when (and if) Spurs new stadium opens, the Emirates continues to make more annual in gate receipts and match day revenue than White Hart Lane.

  1. It’s better than the Emirates

I will admit, the Emirates was designed to create the best playing surface, and the maximum amount of cooperate revenue. The normal match day going fans and the atmosphere of the stadium was low on the agenda. Spurs 17,000 single tier stand is something that many will be jealous of.

However, it will only be of benefit if they fill the stadium. In 2012/13, their lowest attendance was 23,101. So we have 17,000 in a single stand, 6,101 dotted around the rest of the stadium, and then lots of blue seats. Not exactly going to create a great atmosphere.

“Arsenal famously fail to regularly fill it…the famous White Hart Lane atmosphere won’t disappear”.

Did the ‘journalist’ who wrote this just learn the word famous? I did not realise we FAMOUSLY fail to fill the stadium. We have one of the highest fill percentages in the league. And Spurs FAMOUS atmosphere? That’s a joke right? The loudest they get is booing their own team off at half time.

Lets not just create fallacies to support our strawman srticle.

  1. The NFL deal is a big deal

“Daniel Levy is a famously shrewd negotiator.”

Roberto Soldado and Erik Lamela anyone? He showed his brilliant negotiating skills there.

“The extra money coming in on this deal, Spurs shouldn’t have to suffer nearly as much financial austerity as Arsenal did.”

Wembley generates £3m a game per NFL game. Spurs is 2/3’s the size. So that is £2m. Over the two games, Spurs will generate around £4m in ‘extra money’. Remember, this is generate, not profit. By the time they pay for the design and upkeep of the artificial pitch, as well as the costs associated with putting on a match day event – stewarding, policing, utilities, etc, the profit for the actual event will be far below this.

And let’s not forget, Arsenal put on many events during the Emirates’ early years. Springsteen two nights, Coldplay three nights, Muse two nights & Greenday 3 nights. That is 10 extra revenue days for Arsenal. Add in the 7 times Brazil used the stadium as it’s English base, Arsenal have put on 17 additional events over 10 years. Spurs NFL deal is worth 20 additional events. Will an extra 3 events really ensure Spurs do not suffer financially?

“The increased exposure Spurs will have in the USA shouldn’t be underestimated.”

So let me get this right, earlier in the article, it was about atmosphere. Now the article talks about an increase in American fans. Which in turn will create more tourists going to games. Which in turn will reduce the atmosphere. Make your mind up. You either want a great atmosphere, or more tourists. Can’t have both.

  1. The best players won’t keep leaving

Do Spurs have any top players left?

“ A huge, impressive ground with a great atmosphere will mean the club makes far more of an impression on potential wantaways.”

Because that worked for Arsenal didn’t it.

  1. It will be a nice stable home for the kids to grow up in

“Academy players like Harry Kane, Ryan Mason, Nabil Bentaleb and (to an extent) Danny Rose, are all loyal to the club.”

I would be loyal too if I was an average player being paid millions a year. I am sure the likes of Henri Lansbury, Jay Emmanuel- Tomas, Emmanuel Frimpong & Jernade Meade would have ben loyal had we offered them 5 year deals worth £1.5-£2m a year. But loyalty does not mean you are good enough.

“And the Hotspur Way academy is still producing lots of young talent, who proved their quality by reaching the FA Youth Cup semis last year”

Well done Spurs on reaching the semi-finals of the FA Youth Cup. Tottenham have not win it since 1990 and not made the final since 1995. Meanwhile, Arsenal won it 3 times during the 00’s. Making a semi-final is no an achievement.

In the past 6 years, Fulham, Norwich City, Blackburn Rovers, Sheffield United & Aston Villa have all made the FA Youth Cup Final. In that time, Spurs have made 1 semi-final.

In that time, Chelsea have won the trophy 4 times, and been runners up once, and developed a grand total of 0 regular first team squad players. Being a good youth player does not translate into being a top senior player.

  1. The club is going to remain at home in Tottenham, proving loyalty (probably)

“While the ‘Woolwich Wanderers’ have moved house more times than an accident-prone hermit crab”

And there we have it. A dig at Arsenal. This point adds nothing to the article, except for making a dig at Arsenal being founded in Woolwich. The author has let himself down here, and shows he is a Spurs fan, attempting to big him his own team, and belittle Arsenal. It really is poor, biased, journalism.

  1. They might just have found a manager to stick with

“Victories over Chelsea and, of course, Arsenal as well as a cup final were good achievements.”

We always say that when Spurs play Arsenal it is there cup final, and by putting a victory against Arsenal alongside a cup final (defeat) proves the point.

As for a ‘manager to stick with’, last season, fans were already booing the manager, demanding #PochOut on twitter and phoning up TalkSport and 606 saying he was out of his depth and should go. This was after less than a season.

I will happily bet with any Spurs fan, when the stadium open in 2018 (or whenever it will open), Mauricio Pochettino will not be the manager. And I will happily double up by betting that his replacement will no longer still be in charge either.

  1. Daniel Levy has always had a masterplan, and the rest of us are only just starting to see it

This one is hilarious. Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board had a long term plan that is now only starting to come to fruition. Whilst that plan was rolling on, the press hammered Arsenal and the club for a lack of success over a 10 year period, when we were clearly hamstrung financially.

Meanwhile, over at Spurs, Daniel Levy has overseen just 1 trophy (a League Cup) in the 14 seasons as chairman of Arsenal. And this is a master plan?

The fact is, Levy is often given a free ride by many of his friends in the media. Even Spurs fans over recent years have been highly critical and questioned his ability to drive the club forward.

“Since then he’s transformed it into a real business that turns a profit every year.”

This highlights how Levy and Spurs are held to a different level of scrutiny than Arsenal. Whilst a profit with no trophies is seen as an achievement at Spurs, at Arsenal, as mentioned, were continually criticised for focusing on profit over trophies.

“He’ll pop over to the bank of increased matchday revenue to pick up a cheque before settling up on the beautiful, sandy shores of regular Champions League football.”

Spurs have had Champions League football once in the history of the competition. Arsenal have shown that when building a new stadium, you need to take a couple of steps back. Apparently, that is not the case at Spurs, where they are going to be guaranteed Champions League football as a prize for building the new stadium. It also ignores the fact that Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United will still be generating more yearly income than Spurs, even after the new stadium.


In summary, the Telegraph article was a load of bollocks. you do not turn round 20 years of dominance just by building a new stadium and having friendly press right nice fluffy positive articles.

The truth of the matter is a new stadium will strain a club financially. It has taken Arsenal 10 years from moving into the new stadium, to having any sort of success again. If Spurs move into their new stadium in 2018, it will be until at least 2028 that some of the financial constraints are lifted. By which point they would only be back to where they are now. Continually battling to finish 5th.

So Spurs fans reading this, do not get too excited. A new stadium does not make you a big club.


55 thoughts on “Spurs set to become bigger and better than Arsenal? – The Truth

  1. JayMon

    As a Spurs fan I was embarrassed by the article. Not because it was clear clickbait, as you’ve mentioned, but because it gives the impression that our primary goal as a club is to be bigger than Arsenal. It really isn’t. Having said that, you’ve pointed out how the article was nothing more than a dig at Arsenal, as though that it was childish, and then focused your entire article on having a dig at Spurs. I won’t go into your arguments as there are many holes in your logic and frankly they’re no more than your personal opinion so to suggest that these are the truths is simply not correct. Best of luck to you though.


    1. K

      The difference is that this is an Arsenal blog and the writers are free, as per the rules of blogging, to be as biased as they want. It’s called “She Wore A Yellow Ribbon” for a reason. The Telegraph is a supposedly unbiased newspaper manned by so-called journalists. However, the British media have a clear anti-Arsenal bias so it’s alright to publish utter crap like the article being lampooned here.


      1. JayMon

        The difference is this was written to mock and highlight how inaccurate and biased the original article was by being equally inaccurate and biased. Doesn’t make sense.


      2. azas

        british media are anti-arsenal? really? im not sure about that (joe Mott, piers morgan) What i am sure about that is that arsenal fans make more noise on twitter than their own stadium


    2. Antique Gunmen

      You’ve to admit that this article here is closing to reality than the Telegraph did. I would like to see how BIG Spurs can be with their new stadium. What is going to happen in the process?
      To be honest, the gap between Arsenal and Spurs is even wider now. If you can’t see that, I feel sorry for you and your team.


      1. azas

        interesting i think arsenal fans said the same thing 2 years ago when you finished 1 point ahead of us…and thats bearing in mind you make roughly £200 million more than us a year. I feel sorry for you dude as spurs will move forward. But with Stan in charge….your always going to be 4th or 3rd


      2. JayMon

        No, both articles are examples of extreme bias and are full of inaccuracies and speculation.

        The gap between Arsenal and Spurs is even wider now. Compared to when? 2 years ago? Sure. 10 years ago? Definitely not. And this progress was achieved with more than £100m less turnover a year and while paying £60m less in wages.

        Worth pointing out that we currently only get £33m from gate and matchday income while Arsenal get £93m. If we were to compare it with Arsenal’s and match it as was done in the first point of this article, we will be getting an additional £60m. Not to be sniffed at.


  2. Stu

    The only reason u ‘fill’ the Efeminates is that u blatantly lie about ur attendance week in week out. Loads of empty seats but it’s a ‘sell out’. Gooner piece of shit


  3. alan

    You complain about Telegraph’s article yet your are indulging in click bait yourself. Telegraph are representative of Tottenham fans. Lets be clear on this as you appear to be a complete idiot for suggesting so. Us beating you at WHL this year is not our cup final. Don’t be so petty. It’s a North London Derby so it means more than a normal game but all spurs fans would rather have won the cup final we actually competed in than beat Arsenal.

    Also Harry Kane, Mason and Bentaleb are not average footballers. Amuses me that Arsenal fans continue to dig out players who quite frankly dominated your side.

    Lets get a few facts straight.

    You mention Europa League games as a benchmark to fill the ground. Yet I think you’ll find we have 47 thousand fans waiting for season tickets to PL games. We’ll sell out for those matches, just like Arsenal does. We find EL group stage matches about as interesting as you do.

    The stadium is currently under construction. The plans may not have formal approval but NFL are completely on board and Haringey Council are desperate to keep us in the Borough. The whole generation of the area rests on it. So this stadium will get the go ahead. The only matters at risk are the flats Levy has proposed which have little chance of getting approved as they are too many on the site.

    Also NFL has committed to a *minimum* of 2 games per season. So we could achieve more. Nonetheless, the hope is that this will bring in a named sponsor for the stadium which will allow us to pay off the debt quickly. Hopefully you can see why that would be appealing.

    In the long term, the stadium will make us more competitive. Whether that will allow us to overtake Arsenal, who knows and who really cares. Overtaking Arsenal doesn’t mean winning trophies.

    But the real buzz for spurs fans is the design, especially the single tier. Most unbiased fans will accept that this an exciting design.


    1. Antique Gunmen

      As looser you’re talking too much dude. It’s hard to be inferior isn’t it? To overtake Arsenal you need to be up here, not down there!


      1. azas

        with all due respect we have bigger ambitions that being above arsenal. We want to be challenging for the title which we will never do if we just want to be above arsenal. Chelsea and City are the targets


  4. Mark

    David Dein and Arsene Wenger had the vision to build a brilliant training ground and stadium. 20 odd years later Tottenham have built a better training ground and will build a better stadium because they have had so long to do so. The worrying part for Arsenal is not the extra money from the NFL games, but the extra money from all the other events they will have – concerts and boxing are likely – and the amount of money the Americans are going to put in. Having equal revenue is likely to mean they are on a level playing field as they were until George Graham started winning things. However, it may just be that the tie up with America is going to lead to Nike coming on board with bucket loads of cash. It is easy to knock Levy over Lamela and Soldado, but every club has these signings – Arshavin, Jeffers and Gervinho immediately spring to mind. What’s more because of ridiculous add ons (including qualifying for the CL) Tottenham have not paid that much for either of these players one of whom might come good. What is obvious is that Levy has enormous ambition – probably to sell to some American consortium – which may just make them even more competitive. As part of my job I have seen the plans at close hand and the stadium will be incredible in the way that the training ground is (go and watch an Arsenal game there if you can bear it). Football in the capital will become very interesting and Arsenal would be very naive to think that Tottenham will not become a real threat on and off the field. There are so many new (or pretend) football fans who will come for a great ‘experience’. Tottenham want to provide that rather than just a lovely stadium.


  5. spursforever

    It might or might not prove to make tottenham a bigger club. Time will tell. But what is very obvious from such a large article is that the arsenal fan writing it is very worried !


  6. Craigo

    Well I’m neutral on this – I just enjoy a good game of football – I have my preference, but that was based on where I was born and I didn’t have much say in that!
    It’s fair to say that every dog has its day though. Will spurs be bigger, there’s no guarantee and there’s a bit of lazy journalism in the article, but I would guess one day, maybe.
    Pre George Graham they were toe to toe as far as I remember – but that changed in the late 80’s, not helped by the hire them fire them attitude of Daniel Levy and some genuinely shocking appointments. How many spurs managers has Wenger outlived?!?

    These things go in cycles though – I remember the Liverpool heyday… And don’t forget Man united and their recent dip. I remember when Chelsea weren’t even a blip on the radar – well that’s all been forgotten now!

    I wouldn’t guarantee spurs won’t fill their new digs, but it all comes down to the strategy of targeting the next generation of fans. Cheap tickets for the kids would fill any stadium – well nearly any stadium.
    The only certainty is that spurs will become more competitive – and that’s got to be good for the premier league in the long run.
    And with that, I climb off my soapbox and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!


  7. Jack

    I think you may have had the best of intentions when starting this post but it became apparent fairly quickly that there is a bitter edge to this.

    Your facts are hen picked for purpose and most likely inaccurate. The attendance for the Europa League qualifier against Limassol was 30,000 so i find it hard to believe this would drop for the actual competition. Tottenham have a season ticket waiting list that as of last April that stood at 47,000 so i wouldn’t worry about our ability to fill it, even if there is a dip for Europa.

    Let’s not forget that Arsenal notoriously publish false attendance figures – tickets sold rather than attended. I think this worked out as roughly 6,000 seats per game – 170,000 across either last season or the season beforehand.

    It’s almost pointless picking this “blog” apart – your dismissal of a genuine NFL link (the first of it’s kind) is laughable and obviously way above your head in terms of financial knowledge, you have 0 understanding of the hub aspect of the stadium being open all year round or the fact that yes well done, 17 is close to 20 but you haven’t considered us equaling or more than likely surpassing that figure and adding it to the NFL events.

    I am in no way saying we can equal Arsenal’s achievements in recent times – that would be stupid on my part but to post this as the “truth” is as ridiculous as the Telegraph article. Both are bollocks.


  8. Ben

    you do realise you just spent all that time deconstructing a piece of humour. The article was obviously written tongue in cheek.
    By the way – your stadium fill percentage, rather than being one of the highest, is below Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, West Ham, Leicester, Stoke, Swansea and QPR – 11th is pretty mid table I’d say.http://www.soccerstats.com/attendance.asp?league=england And that’s when you announce figures tha are 6000 higher than the met police figures, that’s 10% lower and because you declare tickets sold figures rather than attendances – 175000 ghost fans per season. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/arsenal/11033221/Arsenal-announce-attendances-6000-higher-than-official-Met-Police-figures.html

    not that it matters in terms of revenue, you have a lot of fans in the ground and more than most clubs for the last 5 or so years, but it does affect the atmos. But then the smaller Highbury was not “famous” for its noise either (by the way, i wasnt aware WHL was either!)


  9. azas

    interesting article you have written full of hypocracy. Having a go at the telegraph for having a dig at arsenal and then procede to slag off spurs during your whole article. You remind me of jack wilshere and number of arsenal fans who are so immature and juvenile its like they are characters of lord of the flies. Arsenal have been above spurs for a long time in a football sense. I would say since 2008 till now they have closed the gap from a football perspective and there isnt alot between the two. But financially spurs have always been way below arsenal. From 2018 onwards this wont be the case and the clubs will be operating on similar revenue streams. You would think this may well tip the balance in tottenhams favour. Then again spurs dont have a good record with spending big money on the right players so this could well be another learning curve. Personally i think the NFL deal along with the stadium is of major importance and allows tottenham the chance to be compete on even grounds with the likes of chelsea and city. No disrespect but those are the teams we want to be above not arsenal. Being above arsenal will be as pleasurable as winning the league cup. what spurs want is to be champions and if u want the glory you need to beat the big boys (city and chelsea)


    1. Antique Gunmen

      No surprise. Need a healthy mind from Spuds fan to admit that Arsenal is better than Tottenham. Please check your local shrink gentlemen!


  10. arsenal1again

    During the 10 years of austerity when paying for the Emirates, Arsene Wenger played a huge part in keeping us challenging continually and finishing each season in the top 4. Spurs will not have the equivalent of Arsene Wenger. This has to be factored. Top players being sold annually, the squad size minimal with no depth, buying unknown additions, existing players having to adapt to secondary positions to save money in the transfer market and so on – needed to be strictly controlled. Nobody can think of anybody else who could have done what Arsene Wenger achieved and Flopspurs missing this factor will be decisive … especially with Levy the Butcher Of Seven Sisters blocking moves, sacking managers and trying to force teams like Real Madrid to not sell players to Arsenal while trying to sell his top player to them.

    Yes, we have empty seats but they are all owned by season Ticket Holders. Some cannot make the game, some do not hire out their seat, but their Season Ticket fee generates more capital for each seat than what Spurs generate for their empty seats.

    Harry Kane is an exceptional player, the last English Player we produced of that calibre is Ca$hley ‘The Ringpiece’ Coal and like Coal, Harry Kane will dump on the team who produced him. How many Flopspurs ‘sporters know Mr Coal was a lifelong fan, was regularly seen in the stands from a young age at Highbury when growing up?

    I think by the time Flopspurs have had another 13 years looking up at us from a finishing spot of 9th, we will have a head start on them which will be at least another 10 years of ground to cover … so that is 23 years before we need to start worrying. I’ll be 80 then and worrying more about getting to the toilet on time.

    Plus in that 23 years the real rivals of Flopspurs like Everton, Southampton, Villa, Liverpool and Newcastle will be owned by Oligarchs or Saudi Princes, all with their new stadiums, top managers, top players and no Levy the Butcher Of Seven Sisters.

    I farted this morning and it smelled like something had died up my dirt box and that Telegraph analysis reminded me about it.


    1. alan

      “Flopspurs” and “Butcher of Seven sisters”

      In reality it was Wenger who farted and because your head is so far up his arse, it traveled through.


    2. Mark

      Not a bad debate until you soiled it with you childish nonsense. Amazing that you admit to being 57. I’d have kept that very quiet in the hope that everyone thought you were at primary school.


      1. arsenal1again

        47 mate, I should have said I’ll be 70 by the time Flopspurs start seeing some return for their investment, though the Butcher of Seven Sisters might extend that wait for another 10 years. At least I should be able to concentrate and laugh at Flopspurs promotion play-offs in the Championship since I’ll be less incontinent when I’m 70.


    3. azas

      wow thats a big chip on your shoulder. The way you talk sounds like you have won numerous european cups……..oh wait


    4. Jesuswasayid

      Wow, who’s Mr grumpy this morning?
      You make it sound like arsenal building the Emirates was all off Wengers back. All he did was coach the team. The money men built it, that’s why it’s soulless.
      Arsenal had three main factors to aid the ‘austerity’:
      Revenue increase
      Sponsorship/naming rights
      Selling land/flats

      Spurs will have:
      NFL payments
      NFL TV rights
      NFL sponsors/marketing
      Revenue increase
      Naming rights/sponsorship
      The highest ever TV rights in EPL history

      The point is times have changed and the arsenal marketing team underestimated the growth rates of the EPL when they built the unfinished looking Emirates.
      The fact that we finished 5th with at least 4 academy graduates shows we can be prudent if we have to. Our net spend for many seasons is like 5mil, during which we’ve had increasing TV revenue deals which have self funded the training ground and prob some of the stadium.
      What arsenal did is clearly not the only way to fund these projects, if only the fans took their blinkers off and realised they undersold you then over sell you every week.


  11. soccershine

    What a rude joke of an article…..criticise a poor telegraph article and do worse? Poorly written. full of simple grammar mistakes and poor biased logic!

    I don’t feel Spurs really care much about Arsenal as Arsenal do about Spurs. I bet if Spurs dare finish top of Arsenal, many gooners would be on suicide watch. Many Spurs fans just want to beat Arsenal in the North London derby and as per current bragging rights, Spurs have it for lst season.

    It is commendable that Spurs have been able to develop players from their youth rank and promote them to the first team. To have 5 players (Kane, Mason, Bentelab, Townsend & Rose) in the first team and develop them into full international is commendable to say the least. How can this article praise arsenal dumping all their players and have none in their first team? Moreover, the promoted players beat the Arsenal mercenaries at WHL last season…..Moreover is it not cheaper developing than paying £30-40m on buying players? This is a more dangerous policy for Arsenal to worry about. If Spurs can develop quality like Kane instead of buying!

    I feel Spurs are on the right plan and if I am an Arsenal fan, would be desperately worried!


  12. El Pige

    I read the Telegraph article at the time but laughed it off because of the nonsensical arguments put forth. However, you cannot deny that this is an exciting time for Spurs fans because it will be an equalizer for them and if they did not do this they would have fallen further back over time. I don’t think this will provide enough for them to be title winners, purely because of the potential outlay Abramovich or Mansour could put into their respective teams. Then you have United who are the benchmark for clubs with regards to commercial revenue. The stadium is not going to be built until 2018 so they won’t realise any gains until that point and by that time we don’t know if they will fall further behind those teams above them currently. Attracting top players is about having a clear vision that you will be winning things and have done in the past, not something Spurs have done for a while but as someone else alluded to success is very much cyclical so perhaps that may change. However, good players want to play with other good players so it will be interesting to see how Spurs recruitment policy works. As things are at present I think Arsenal have more chance of winning the title than Tottenham.


  13. Peter

    All I can tell you is that I have been a Bronze member with Spurs for 11 years and I am currently number 6,214 on the waiting list for a season ticket – so there at last you have a fact and in your article they are few and far between!


  14. El Pige

    Peter – I started on the Arsenal season ticket waiting list in 2006 in the 64000 region. This season I have moved to 2360 which i guess is indicative of how many football fans are priced out of the game. Your waiting list will decrease dramatically with the build. The more interesting thing will be how many will be on there after as an indication of fanbase. If we talk about a waiting list of 60000 for each club hypothetically but one has a 60000 seat stadium and the other a 30000 but going to build a 60000 seat stadium, then 30000 fans will disappear from one list whilst 60000 will still remain on the other. Games are not won by fans that don’t have a ticket though.


    1. Peter

      Maybe, however the comment was more aimed at the article, using the stats from Europa League matches is not really relevant, I think we all know that none of the Top 6 clubs really want to end up there! bottom line is simple, IF Spurs can build a side capable of challenging year in year out for Top 4 they will fill the stadium, if not then they will not, you will have seen it, when everyone turned agianst Wenger (maybe not everyone) you could see gaps at the Emirates every time they played there, soon as the team turned the fans did, we are all a fickle bunch!


  15. Paulie Spurs

    My God what a reactionary article this is…
    Spurs have 50,000 season tickets in reserve, and whilst this ‘Journalist’ discusses how terrible the Spurs atmosphere is, yet seems to forget that Arsenal have recently responded to fans unsettling their own team that they are proposing to play simulated crowd noise through their speaker system?
    There’s a huge tinge of jealousy in this article response, particularly in the comment about Spurs not having any first class players left, when the foundations of England’s midfield and attack for Euro 2016 is Kane, Dier and Alli, yet Arsenal have, er nobody, or maybe Theo Walcott if he can ever string 3 games together in a row.
    Arsenal are to nurturing English talent what Abu Hamza is to Glove Puppetry. Wilshire, Franny Jeffers anybody? 😉


  16. Spurs

    You seem a bit upset that spurs are having a good season. We’re not really talking about Arsenal that much. Hope all goes well next year xxx



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