Premier League football is back – 9 weekend predictions

None of the Arsenal players due to return from injury after the international break to actually return from injury. An update will come out ruling most out until the New Year.UntitledAlexis Sanchez to play and get injured. Arsene Wenger blames Chile for their mismanagement of him, questioning why he had to play in a key qualifier.Untitled

Unemployed fitness coach Raymond Verheijen will tweet about yet another Arsenal muscle injury. He will criticise Wenger, praising Manchester City (despite Delph being injured, again) and praise Manchester United (despite them having more injuries then us). He has a new book to sell.cid164630_VerheijdenVI02_1180Olivier Giroud will score. He will run over to the bench, hug Laurent Koscileny, and hold up the Tricolore.Untitled

Arsene Wenger will be wearing his coat. He still won’t be able to do up his zip.


Spurs will win, proving their title credentials. The win will take them from their current position of 5th to 5th.715b31a4-ce83-43ac-aacc-773ae3c96f83-medium

Dele Alli to score a wonder goal, which justifies the presses recent praise of him. In 3 years time people will still be going on about THAT performance for England, even if he falls out of favour at Spurs after an argument with the physio._86502105_andros_townsend_rex

Diego Costa will cheat. Or stamp on someone. Everyone will agree, he is that type of player. Even his team mates.4221396001_4499029144001_cheat

Kieron Dyer will pull a hamstring muscle in the jungle. Raymond Verheijen will blame Arsene Wenger.Kieron-Dyer-MainKeenos


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