WBA fallout, Santi Cazorla Camera phones and Spurs

WBA fallout

Well that was a bit rubbish wasn’t it?

I am always massively apprehensive when we are big favourites to win an away game. It usually results in a defeat. And Saturday has proved me right.

There is no point me going through the defeat, it has been done by many other bloggers already. The pitch, the weather, the thin squad, the injuries, the missed penalty. It all made for a disappointing result.

But there is an old adage “Don’t let the game ruin a day at the football”.

Before the train had even hit Coventry on the way home, we were all back in high spirits. The game dissected, the beers flowing, it was forgotten about.

Going home and away, you learn to get over poor results very quickly. Football has many highs and lows. If you are only in the game for the highs, then you need evaluate of football is the right game for you.

If after the game, you then spent the next 24 hours tweeting your disgust about the result, having a go at Arsene Wenger, being abusive to someone else sitting behind their computer screen for having a different opinion, you need to have a look at yourself. There is a lot of hatefulness online after a defeat. As always, the majority of it is from fans who were not at the game. Do not go to games. And will probably never go to a game.

Football is about being with your mates. Having a few beers. Having a top day out. If you get a victory, even better. If you lose, you drink a bit harder to forget.

We will lose again this season. When we do, take a look at yourself. Is your online appropriate behaviour?

Santi Cazorla

The penalty was a shocker. The behaviour of the WBA players before, during and after the penalty, whilst distasteful, is part of the game.

Like time wasting when ahead it is something that when we are on the wrong end of it, we scream that is a disgrace, yet when we do it and it benefits ourselves, a blind eye is turned. Is it cheating? No. It is professionalism.

WBA must have been taking lessons from the Australian cricket team in sledging. Martin Olsson moving the ball after Cazorla had placed it. Craig Gardiner continually chirping at Cazorla. What it showed once more was a lack of leaders. Bar Olivier Giroud forcibly moving Olsson, no one else got involved.

Maybe this was done deliberate. A scuffle would have delayed the penalty further. But it is worrying that this is the 2nd incident this season where a player struggled (Gabriel / Costa the first) and no one stood up to be counted.

I knew Santi was going to miss the penalty. After what went on he just did not look confident. Yes, he slipped, kicking the ball twice ballooning it back to orbit, but I feel this was a direct result to the sledging. He was riled up. He was distracted. He wanted to smash the ball emphatically into the back of the net.

A calmer head was needed. An understanding that the surface was wet. The ball to be rolled into the back of the net rather than blasted.

Of course, it is easy in hindsight.

And after the penalty. Gardiner again getting in the face of Cazorla. He was visibly upset over the miss. Again  no one stood up for him. And he was anonymous for the final 10 minutes. It clearly got to him.

He is such a happy chappy is our Santi. Hopefully the miss does not wipe the smile off his face for too long. He has had a bit of a rough season. He needs his team mates and the fans to get round him. To back him.

When Cazorla plays well. Arsenal play well.

Camera phones

I hate camera phones. With a passion.

You go to a gig, and stand behind 200 people with an arm in the air filming the gig. Why? You are at the gig, watch the gig, enjoy the moment. Why the need to record it? The quality will be no good. The video unclear. The sound poor. If you like the band, buy the CD. Buy the DVD of the show. Why video it? Leave it to professionals.

And it happens at football as well.

Saturday I was sat behind two blokes who for every corner, every throw in, every free kick, every goal kick, every song, had there phones out, videoing the play, videoing the crowd. Why would you do this?

They videoed the Cazorla penalty, and then stood wand watched the replay on their phones half a dozen times. Why? To show their mates that they have been at the football? To stick it up on YouTube? To create a memory? I do not know. They spent more time videoing than watching the game. There were standing together, and yet both were videoing it. £40 a ticket to watch it through a mobile phone.

And you see it all the time.

We score a goal, and rather than celebrate, people get their phones out to video the fans celebrating in the hope they get YouTube hits. We make a bit of noise, and rather than join in, people video the crowd. It could get people into trouble when some of our naughty songs are sung.

I just do not understand it.

Watch the game. Enjoy the moment. Put them phones away.


Imagine 12 games unbeaten being your club record

Imagine being excited that you are 5th in the league

Imagine top 4 being your everything

Imagine never having finished higher than 4th in the Premier League

Imagine having never finished above your rivals in 20 years

Imagine having never won the Premier League in 54 years

Imagine having never won the FA Cup (or made an FA Cup Final) in 24 years

Imagine being Spurs


24 thoughts on “WBA fallout, Santi Cazorla Camera phones and Spurs

  1. Spurred-on

    Oh yes, and imagine being so pissed off and sad about losing to West Brom that you have to write disparaging drivel on a blog because you know, you just know that the team who wears white will soon be viewing you in their Premier League rear view mirror. Get used to the feeling now, it will stand you in good stead for the future!

  2. davespurs

    Spurs will win again this season. When we do, take a look at yourself. Is your online appropriate behaviour?

    There’s on old adage in football…dont let Spurs ruin your week!

  3. Woolwich Wanderers

    You have a go at your crap fans (your entire fan base then) for filming the game and then proceed to go on a bizarre unprovoked rant about THFC! Lol!

    You do realise that in the last 10 years alone you have spent approx. £600m more than Spurs on net transfer fees and wages. You then have the audacity to gloat! lol! In the last 6 years alone Spurs are the lowest net spenders of all PL teams during that time. Actually turning in a profit overall. It’s remarkable how well we are doing considering that. And considering that you have spent over £100m net in the last 2 years! lol!

    Soon the new WHL is coming. A much much better and bigger stadium than your corporate soulless bowl – when that happens and we can finally compete on a level playing field, we will utterly crush you and your fake fraud club from Woolwich 🙂

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Guess when you have not won anything major for 25 years, winning the ‘Lowest Net Spend in the Last 6 Years’ trophy is seen as a success.

      You sound like an Arsenal fan talking about finances rather than success on the field. Give me the 3 FA Cups we have won in 10 years over a League Cup and having.

      As for the stadium, the green light has been given today for the £400m project. Look at the financial struggles Arsenal had for 10 years during the build stage and a little after. And we had CL football. Spurs have no CL football, they have 10 years of financial struggles ahead of them.

      and I would not count 1000 more seats as “much bigger”

      Enjoy your NFL

      1. Woolwich Wanderers

        Not at all, I’m not proud of it I am merely stating that our achievements in comparison to yours (which this bafoon author is gloating about) is a simple consequence of us spending literally nothing and you spending £600m more than us in 10 years. With that in mind we should be gloating if anyone as the figures suggest you should be a million miles ahead of us – but you certainly are not.

        I would take the trophies too and I will when we can spend shed loads like the other top Clubs.

        As for the austerity that goons predict for Spurs when we move to the new WHL, well I can tell you that you financed your stadium poorly and that is why you suffered. Your naming rights deal was genuinely awful, massively undervaluing what you could have had. We have already been very careful pre build and Levy has come up with the optimum finance package which will include an astronomical naming rights deal which will mean there will be no austerity after its built at all. The entire NDP is £400m and £150m is already paid for and built at ZERO debt. The £250m for the stadium will easily be covered, at minimal debt.

        And guess why – the NFL which you mock is utter genius from Levy. That monstrous moneymaker which is the most popular sport in the US is the single reason we will obtain a gigantic naming rights deal and our ticket to crush you again and again 🙂

      2. keenosafc Post author

        You really do live in a dream world don’t you. The deal for the NFL is to have 2 games a year. If you think a major sponsor is going to dramatically increase their naming sponsorship deal based on 2 games a year you are deluded.

        As for the money this generates for the club, that depends on who gets the gate receipts revenue. Even if Spurs get 100% of this, it only amounts to around £3m a game. So £6m in total.

        A reminder that Arsenal have hosted the likes of Coldplay, Green Day and Springsteen. This made the club the equivalent of what Spurs will get from the NFL.

        “£250m will be easily covered” – course it will. that will be repayments of £20-£30m a year over 20-odd years. Taking into account Spurs made £36m to the year ending 2014 excluding player trading, it looks like it wont be that easy. Spurs will have to continue to sell to buy.

        Keep holding on tightly to the Net Spend trophy. It is the only thing you will be winning of the next 10 years.

      3. Billysboots

        WW is right, but i add to that, this is our Austerity period and we are sustaining ourselves throught this time, Levy has played a blinder and when the revenue streams start hitting the balance sheets, we can compete with the so called “top four”. However i must tip my hat your way, you Goons have done it the right way no sugar daddy and kept within the FFP rules unlike the rest of the league living and playing off debt.


  4. Mike Green

    “Spurs forever in our shadow” I think not for much longer young man. In the meantime, Spurs are clearly always in your thoughts as EVERY Gooner is totally obsessed with us. I never hear Spurs fans ranting or talking about the Arse, but you guys (so called fans and players) just never stop blabbing about us. It’s a wonder any of you ever get any sleep LMFAO!

    1. Billysboots

      thats because if you mention Spurs it comes up on a news aggregator, for Spurs blogs/news etc etc… i.e. if your man here had not mentioned Spurs and so obsessive about them it would not appear and we wouldnt bother.

  5. DavyD

    Oh dear…. Somebody seems a little worried?

    Is it a result of watching Spurs outplay you on your own patch in the last game and having to resort to long balls and swinging them in for the big man up front?

    Was it watching Spurs dismantle West Ham yesterday?

    Or is it the fact that Spurs are doing it with the youngest team in the league, underpinned by 5 English players regularly starting?

    Perhaps it is the realisation that Spurs have a young, talented manager who has a fresh, modern philosophy?

    Or is it could just be that Spurs have indisputably made huge strides forward over recent years with zero net spend and a fantastic new stadium on the horizon and the likelyhood that the revenue of THFC will increase drastically allowing the club to increase the wage bill and have a good chance of holding on to it’s fantastic young talent that made your team look pedestrian a couple of weeks ago?

    1. keenosafc Post author

      “huge strides forward over recent years”

      In recent years you have finished 5th, 6th, 5th. you currently sit 5th. Brilliant strides forward there.

      1. DavyD

        You are looking at this while considering a period of too few years and also only through the lens of final league position. Prior to Martin Jol arriving at the club Spurs had languished in mid-table no mans land for a number of years, there was an antiquated, dilapidated training ground, a virtually non existent youth set up and a stadium that was not fit for a top team. Daniel Levy set about a 4 stage plan – improve the current team, build a state of the art training facility, build a top class youth academy and build the best football stadium in the country.

        The first part of the plan was achieved with the help of firstly Frank Arneson and then continued by Damien Commoli. The emphasis changed from older players to young talent. It was this consistent investment in young talent that has enabled Spurs to improve and has also been the catalyst of allowing a zero net spend over the last 5 or 6 years.

        The training ground is now complete and noted as one of the best in the World (and still being improved with the addition of a player lodge hotel type facility).

        The Tottenham academy is now regarded as one of the best 4 in the country along with Man City, Chelsea and Southampton. There are now huge numbers of Spurs players in the England under age groups and the youth coaching set up at Spurs is an exemplar to many other clubs.

        The last part of the plan is of course the stadium that is less than 3 years away from being reality. Having seen the new Spurs training ground and how much more impressive it is than every other training ground in the premier league (with the exception of Man City’s magnificent complex) I am confident that Spurs’ new stadium will be the best in the country. Their NFL link will also enable them to achieve an extremely lucrative naming rights deal.

        Spurs maintaining a 5th place position in the league, despite having the 6th highest wage bill, a considerable distance behind the top 5 clubs and marrying that with the lowest net spend in the whole division is absolutely remarkable and I take my hat off to them for being able to achieve that. They also have the youngest team in the whole league and are becoming a production line of talent. I think they are well placed to push on as the improved revenues from their new stadium start to kick in.

  6. WW

    ”It has got us finishing above you every season as well as 2 FA Cups. And at the same ticket cost as your lot!”

    Spot on – your getting it now aren’t you. Your spending alone is the sole reason. Now what happens when Spurs can spend £600m more on the playing squad. Answer like a child again by all means. You are a goon after all 🙂 but you know what it means deep down…

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Our spending alone, you are correct. That is because we are a massive club who have had massive success playing in a massive stadium.

      The fact is, your clubs success, your clubs size, is closer to West Ham than Arsenal.

      1. WW

        Your not a massive club – massive clubs are the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. You have not had massive success – a club with zero major existing European trophies is not a club with massive success. Massive stadium yes but soon to be upsurped 🙂

        No, wrong again – Spurs’ trophy count is closer to Woolwich than West Ham.

  7. WW

    ”You really do live in a dream world don’t you. The deal for the NFL is to have 2 games a year. If you think a major sponsor is going to dramatically increase their naming sponsorship deal based on 2 games a year you are deluded.”

    They will do exactly that – you clearly do not realise what the NFL means in the states. You obviously do not realise that the London franchise is being earmarked privately for the new WHL in 2021. There’s a lot you don’t realise isn’t there lol.

    The games won’t create a massive upturn in revenue but I’m afraid for you the naming rights will be huge.

    By all means cover your ears and tell yourself what you like to hear. I’m ITK on the stadium and I know what is happening on the naming rights with Nike. But look dismiss it all you want but in H2 next year it will be announced. That fills me with much joy 🙂

    Two facts you can deny but I’m afraid I know they are a reality; 1 you have outspent Spurs on your playing sqaud to a truly unprecedented level – over half a billion pounds to be precise in just 10 years, yet you have the audacity to brag about finishing above thfc.

    And 2 those days are coming to the end. The new WHL will generate immediately available untold riches. We will compete on a level playing field at last and you and your tiny goon brain will suffer as a result 😀

    1. keenosafc Post author

      hahahah. jog on now son. you are now pretending to be ITK on stuff. Good job. spurs have spent more on transfers in the last 12 years than Arsenal. Hows that for a fact?

      1. WW

        I don’t need to jog on – your fans have mastered that art on match days lol.

        Your welcome to believe whatever you want. It makes no difference to me. H2 next year I know what is coming 🙂

        In the last 12 years your net spend far outweighs thfc. And as for your wages, well just lol.

        Try again goon 😀 something child like is coming back at me, I can feel it lol

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