Dejected Arsenal, Delighted Spurs


As the final whistle went yesterday and we trudged out of the stadium, dejected, annoyed, frustrated, I heard a racket behind me, some sort of mass celebration. I looked over my should and spotted Spurs fans in their corner of our stadium going mental, limbs everywhere. They were celebrating a 1-1 draw like they had just clinched the title at our ground.


But they hadn’t.

The response from both sets of fans to what was a fair result, a bore draw, shows the difference in expectations between the two sides. Arsenal were frustrated with a draw when a win would have seen them go top. Spurs were delighted with a draw that saw them remain 5th

The celebratory Spurs fans will point to the fact that they went 1-0 down, that they are still the only unbeaten team in the Premier League, that they are still in the title race, as reasons for their excitement. But the reality is very different.

Spurs have now not won a game in any competition since the 2-0 victory against Manchester City On October 2nd. That is over a month ago. 7 games without a win represents poor form, not a top side. As for the title race, they now sit 5th, 5 points off top. Whilst it would be too early to write them off – as we have seen with Chelsea – they are starting to be cut adrift due to their inability to win games.

In those 7 games, Spurs have scored just 4 goals. 3 of which have been penalties. So 1 goal from open play and no wins in 7. You can understand why I was confused when they were celebrating so vigorously.

Whilst on reflection, a 1-1 draw was the right result in which neither team created too much, it was only Arsenal who looked like they were trying to win.

Spurs’ 3 at the back very quickly turned to 5 at the back, and their game plan was to disrupt the play, hoof long balls forward and time waste at every opportunity. Signs that Spurs have not moved forward in 2 decades of Arsene Wenger, no matter what their fans might say.

Wenger rolled the dice bringing on Aaron Ramsey for Francis Coquelin in an attacking move. Olivir Giroud and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain were also both bought on in double quick time.

Meanwhile, Spurs subbed laboured off. Harry Kane got a little confused when being subbed off and went for a wander. Every chance they could get to time waste they did. At one point with 10 minutes to go Spurs tried to take it to the corner flag.

As Arsenal fans, we had every right to feel disappointed. A chance to go top lost against a poor Spurs side riddled with injuries. Spurs had no right to celebrate. And the fact that their fans did celebrate shows just how different both sides expectations are this season.


18 thoughts on “Dejected Arsenal, Delighted Spurs

  1. Blobby

    Typical arse reaction., Spurs celebrated like they won the game ! give over you twat .. lucky arse got away with a draw.. Let’s see if you even allow this comment to stand ! ?! Haha woolwich joker


    1. David Brooks

      Arsenal had the 2 best chances, other than that didn’t look like winning. The game, similar to the 2 games last year when the Spuds had the stronger teams both games and couldn’t win. The emphasis now seems to be not to lose before trying to win. Doesn’t make for good entertainment.


  2. David Carter

    Just think next time we meet at the lane it will be the three year anniversary since you last beat us in the league! And you lot call us deluded!


      1. Middlesex4ever

        “in the league” how convenient that you don’t count cup matches when it suits. Flaminiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🙂


  3. Tommy 14

    God what is wrong with arsenal fans, the internet is smothered with hate and nonsense reports like the above that don’t even remotely reflect the game. Spurs were the better team, had by far the better the chances, were away from home with a team riddled with injuries. Your ‘goal’ was scored by a player making his prem debut this season and was even offside according to your own very Ian wright. With a fitter squad we’d have wiped the floor with you, you’ve too many average players, the grossly overrated orzil only turns up against fodder, you need a clear out starting with that whinging old bag of piss wenger if you’re going to kick on. Harsh but true. Mods let the comment stand, someone’s got to tell your fans to take the sht out their eyes, sometimes you’ve got to be cruel to be kind.


    1. Middlesex4ever

      There’s only one person with sht in their eyes and you see him everytime you look in the mirror. 2 first teamers out equals riddled with injuries?! Arsenal have too many average players that continually finish above Middlesex Hotspur, what does that tell you Tommy boy?! ‘Orzil’ overrated, what does that make baldy Eriksen? To be fair to the lad, nobody rates him anyway. And how can we forget the Middlesex superstars that let their country down in the summer!!
      Funny how you don’t mention the Emirates crowd. I guess it’s difficult to do that looking at your Wembley escapades. #isthereafiredrill


      1. Honest Tom

        Finish above you, what does that do exactly? Just curious. Let’s be honest aye it hasn’t really done anything for u has it lad. Just propaganda spewed out by your crocked board and sucked up by wallies like u so they can get away with serving up the same tired dated wenger shite every year. Don’t matter we ‘finished above spurs by a point’ dear oh dear no wonder you’re the whipping boys of Europe every year, an embarrassment to the English premier league whilst wetting your pants over 4th every season. Wake up and smell the coffee kid, you need a clear out from top to bottom if you’re ever going to progress. Don’t shoot the messenger 👍🏿


  4. Snellios

    Obviously watched a different game to me you blind twat! Fantastic game no bor draw both teams going for the win! Get real….. COYS ✡️


  5. mussy

    I fully expect Spurs fans to celebrate wildly when they get a point against The Arsenal – it is a huge achievement for them.

    As for getting gobby on a forum with our 13 League Titles, 71 / 04 & 20 Years above Spurs they really need to come back on the thread when they have something to crow about.


    1. Reality check

      Won 2 trophies in what 12 years, the fa cup was so weak those 2 years it should have been cancelled anyway. Honestly, let go of that little purple patch 15 years ago when the league only had 1 other decent team in it. Let it go now, get over it, pack it in. If you want to properly kick on and be taken seriously – stop being made fools out of by your board, take a stand , demand better.



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