Tottenham – The gift that keeps on giving

Tottenham Hotspur. They really are the gift that keeps on giving aren’t they.

Last nights defeat is pretty much the final nail in the coffin of their title challenge. All that is left is to lower it into the ground and pile on the dirt. Another unsuccessful season for that lot up the road.

It is now no league title in 56 years.
It is now no FA Cup in 26 years.
It is now no trophy in 9 years.
It is now a single League Cup in 18 years.
It is now finsihing above Arsenal just once in 22 years.

They might have finished above Arsenal this season, but Arsenal still have an FA Cup to look forward too. Spurs have nothing.

There players want to leave, they are moving to Wembley for 2 years and they have a manager who has never won a single trophy. And yet their fans are celebrating. That is why they are a joke a club.

Kyle Walker is correct. Spurs have won the Quadruple this season:

  • The Challenging for a Title 2 Years in a Row trophy
  • The Finishing Above Arsenal Cup
  • The Showing Progression Cup
  • The Most Points Over 2 Seasons Premier League Trophy

The reality is far different. They have won nothing. Again.

I am starting to think that Mauricio Pochettino’s nickname in the dressing room is Won Nothing. Because in 9 years in management, that sums up his career.

Since Spurs last won a trophy, the likes of Wigan, Birmingham, Leicester Portsmouth and Swansea have all had something to celebrate.

Wigan have won the FA Cup, been relegated twice, and been promoted since Spurs last won a trophy. Portsmouth relegated 3 times, promoted once, gone bust, and yet they have also won more than Spurs in recent years. Birmingham another to get relegated, but still have a more recent trophy’s in their cabinet than that lot of the road.

I had to giggle last night when the commentator said “Spurs are such a good club that you are surprised everytime they fail.” This sums up the media and their opinion of Spurs. They are “surprised” that they win nothing, when their history shows, just like their manager, Spurs always win nothing.

Have a good Saturday all, I have a bar to build and some beers to drink.


14 thoughts on “Tottenham – The gift that keeps on giving

  1. Mark

    Keenos it is you who are the gift that keeps giving. You have sat in your bedroom all season as the team you pretend to support has battled for a Europa League place, but write article after article about another team who are much better. What are you getting out of this? Grow up, get out of your bedroom, stop wanking and realise there is a whole world out there. You may even find someone will tell you where Arsenal play and you can go and watch them. Or even watch your local club. But stop embarrassing yourself with this ridiculous obsession – every blog makes you look an even bigger twat. Tragic


    1. HighburyWestUpper

      By any chance are you a Scum fan reading an Arsenal blog? That’s pretty sad. Arsenal are still challenging for Champions League with their out of date manager. If I were you I wouldn’t be making fun of Arsenal when you were the only club to get knocked out of Europe twice.


      1. Mark

        It’s about Tottenham you thick twat. Re-read my comment. What bit of it is making fun of Arsenal?


      2. S-P

        I don’t know why this is so difficult for to understand (well, I do, it’s because you have a tiny little pea brain), but Spurs fans come on sites like this because the headlines are targeted to show up on aggregator sites like NewsNow when one searches for Spurs, Tottenham, etc. If the authors/site owners deliberately ensure that their articles attract Spurs fans, why is anyone surprised when they are attracted? Sorry if that is a bit too logically for your early hominid brain. But there you have it.

        If Spurs bottled it, 18 other clubs did first. One thing is clear, you lot have been desperate for any kind of claw back since last week. – when you were crushed as the feeble bunch of strollers you are. Your club is at civil war with itself over your manager, your best players want to leave, half your squad have either one or two years left on their contracts (mismanagement central), and your youth set-up has fallen behind. We have a better training centre, a better youth set-up, a better team and will soon have a better stadium. We weree away and clear of you in the league with four games to go – wasn’t that the original meaning of At Totteringham’s Day? It is no wonder you are so insecure. Is that why you are so desperate to find something to laugh at about a dirty nothing club financially doped by a Ruskie mafioso with money looted from the Russian people, who even then couldn’t win anything with good football, but just with dirty, cheating anti-corrosion while the match officials and FA repeatedly let them off with their diving, hacking and losing control of their players, while having no Europe and no injuries. You must be very proud of them…only…well, you are supposed to hate them. So, that’s it, you are celebrating a club with a brighter future who will finish above you, by a long chalk, being the last club to bottle it against a club you hate? Really?

        The big question now is, will plucky little ArseAnal be able to withstand the Everton charge and finish hold on to sixth…mwaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 🙂

        It’s funny, though, because ones again Gooners set to to discuss trophies and strategically omit European trophies. Is that because most folk consider the real mark of a BIG CLUB to be winning genuine recognised by UEFA European trophies? Just how many have the Goons won (hint: it’s less than 2).

        Oh, and an ArseAnal fan ridiculing Spurs for finishing above them…priceless! I mean, your mob even reinvented At Totteringham’s Day (the NOW CANCELLED holiday) a decade ago just so you could pretend you were still celebrating the same thing!

        No amount of drivel like this can stop the reality – we are going to finish way clear of you both in terms of points and in terms of p!acings – something that was confirmed with FOUR games to go when we utterly outplayed you in the derby. And we are loving it! 🙂


  2. Dean

    Hahaha you pathetic little gooner..the cheek of you to even think about having a go at Spurs shows what daft Cunt you really are..enjoy your upcoming 16th birthday you drip


  3. Anon

    Well as for your club that is paying out monster money for supposed super stars you could only finish–in the famous words of Chas and Dave—‘in the North London Cup they (Arsenal) were only runners up’ . All you now talk about is the past, now is now and we are so far above you it must hurt you thick neck to look up that far.


  4. foreverinourshadows

    Poor little Tiny Totts your pathetic obsession with us is laughable, you have never experience the joy of doing double, one with your old captain, a season unbeaten, your next two years at Wembley will expose you, good odds on your club getting relegated, seven semi finals in a row lost, you even beat up your own fans because he wore blue, last night you bottled it, bottled it last season and that’s your finale. You will never be a great club accept it and move on. your future is coward white, you sillyshites are finished, you have had your fifteen minutes of fame, now back to Enfield to hide in the shadows. Enjoy our day at Wembley for the FA Cup final……mugs


    1. Mark

      You are one seriously thick cunt. It’s Arsenal’s obsession with Tottenham you plank. Non stop blogs going on and on about us. We are just responding. Is it really possible to be as stupid as you. Clearly yes.


  5. Mark

    Keenos I was hoping for another exciting blog today. Arsenal’s tea is better than Tottenham’s? Arsenal has more celebrity fans than Tottenham? Piers Morgan is a bigger twat than Alan Sugar. Come on, you’re slacking



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