Why are we having a party because Tottenham didn’t win the league?

“We’re all having a party,
We’re all having a party,
We’re all having a party,
Cause Tottenham F****d it up”

That was what rang out on the concourse yesterday during half time. And quite frankly, it was embarrassing.

Arsenal are in 5th place. We have had an awful league campaign this season. Tottenham are about to finish above us. They are 8 points ahead in 2nd place. Why are we singing about having a party?

I imagine the song is what Spurs fans said in 1999 when we lost the title on the last day, or every other team we finished or lost a league title. You see, small clubs like Spurs with so little to celebrate for themselves end up celebrating other teams failures.

Yesterday we turned into Spurs fans. Celebrating Spurs failure despite us being below them.

And Spurs did not really F**k it up. They were never really in the title race. they never topped the league at any point in the season. They have spent half the season in 2nd, and have finished 2nd.

Lets sing about Arsenal. We have an FA Cup to look forward too. Lets sing about having a party when we win the FA Cup. Or having a party when Wenger leaves.

Singing about having a party because Spurs have finished above us. No thanks. Not for me.

Other than the chant, good victory yesterday. Great day out. Arsenal at its best.

Have a good Sunday. I am off to dig out my garden.



11 thoughts on “Why are we having a party because Tottenham didn’t win the league?

    1. S-P

      Yeah, we say that about the years of all you genuine recognised by UEFA European trophies as well.

      Oh, wait…😂

  1. hottotty

    Why do Arsenal only play well these days when they have nothing to play for? Why do they always give up in March?


      We had a party when the arse broke the rcord by losing to the worst score ever inflicted on a team in the champs league competitions history. “World class” we may not be quite there yet but Arsenal have fallen behind us, last season we threw it away at the end and granted them second place but surely this season rubber stamps just how bad the arse have been and how much progress we have made.

  2. Anon

    Why did your lot bottle it in the league, every club below Tottenham, most of them with more income, and according to your blinkered supporters, ‘world class players’, never challenged Chelsea once.
    As for this stupid shadow, well this season it is caste in the opposite direction as it did for many-a-season before the Prem.
    Your support is useless and if you look at the figures less than that of Tottenham’s, unfortunately nobody can do anything but admit that you have been more successful, does that make you a bigger club, well ask Villa or Forest both of whom have won the European Champions Cup or do you consider them bigger than yourselves. We have kept our bigger than yours support through loyalty to the club we laugh and cry with each other, not fight each other in the stands or outside the ground. You sir are a moron.

    1. Johnno

      Hahaha, you are clearly a moron who is fond of talking bollocks but did you just suggest the stinking Yids have a bigger support than The Arsenal? Hahaha, clown.


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