Sead Kolašinac Signing, Alexis Sanchez Staying, Rob Holding & Stupid Stoke Fans

Sead Kolašinac Signing

It looks like a deal has now been done for Sead Kolašinac according to reports in Germany.
Reports are he has already passed a medical and a 5 year deal has been signed.

Once the deal is announced, people will begin working out how he will fit into the team.

If we return to 4 at the back next season, he will be left back. If we go to 3 at the back, I would not surprised if he plays on the left hand side of the 3.

At 6ft and left footed, he could be a natural fit on that left hand side of the defence – arguably our weakest side and one where we do not currently have a natural fit.

Of course, some will be moaning that we have just signed a player on a free transfer. That Wenger is doing it on the cheap again. Remember what I said above about Holding? Ignore the price, look at the player.

Kolašinac is on the 3 man short list for the Bundesliga team of the season. Those who watch German football regularly have him as a shoe in at left back for the team of the season.

So Arsenal are signing the best left back in the Bundesliga for free. Great business.

Alexis Sanchez Staying

If you need any signs that Alexis Sanchez wants to stay at Arsenal, watch his celebration after his goal against Stoke City.

Clearly showing he loves Arsenal hitting the badge, then indicating he wants to stay here.

Either he is planning to renew his contract, or wants to play for Stoke City next year.

Good news for Arsenal.

Rob Holding

I have spoken before about over hyping a player after just a handful of games. The memory of Calum Chambers demise in still a recent one.

Rob Holding is a player.

Saturday he showed he has it all to become a top centre back. He was aggressive in the challenge, both on the floor and areal. Clearly happy to put in a hard challenge as Marko Arnautović.

This type of controlled aggression is something we have missed for a decade plus. When was the last time an opponent went home in a sling after a challenge from one of our players?

Not only is Holding a hard defender, but he can also pass and play.

He was calm in possession, and showed a little drop of the shoulder here and there to create space for him.

If his recent performances were done by a certain Manchester City player who cost a hell of a lot of money, the press would be going mad. But as he cost just £1m from Bolton, his performances are going under the radar.

Wenger was right earlier in the season when he apologised that Rob Holding did not cost £45m. It shows it is not about the cost of a player but about his ability.

And Rob Holding clearly has the ability.

I also look forward to Chambers returning next season. In the current formation, he is ideally suited to play on the right side of a back 3.


Stupid Stoke City Fans

“We want you to stay, we want you to stay, Arsene Wenger, we won’t you to stay”. 

Odd bunch the Stoke fans are. From booing Aaron Ramsey to mocking a manager who has won more than their entire club to shagging their own sisters, they really are an inbred bunch of imbeciles.

On Saturday they sang about wanting Arsene Wenger to stay at Arsenal. This season they have lost 3-1 & 4-1 to Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal team.

For all the media luvies painting Stoke as Arsenal’s boogie team, Stoke’s recent record against The Gunners reads:

P 5 W 0 D 1 L 4 F 2 A 12

So no wins in their last 5 games. And just 2 wins in 12 games.

Infact, since 2005, Stoke have beaten Arsenal just 5 times in 20 games. Great record guys.
Maybe I am actually misreading the chants. What they actually want is for Wenger to say in Stoke and manager them.

Mark Hughes is set to return Stoke’s lowest points total since their return to the Premier League and the team is sleep walking to their worst league position since coming up. With just 1 win in 10, they are finishing the season in relegation form. That is always a bad sign for next season.

Rather than mock Arsene Wenger, maybe they should look closer to home. It is not as rosy as Mark Hughes’ PR team makes out.


3 thoughts on “Sead Kolašinac Signing, Alexis Sanchez Staying, Rob Holding & Stupid Stoke Fans

  1. Ramsey

    Wenger must leave Arsenal and give chance to a fresh blood manager who would spend huge money to buy expensive players to Arsenal to win the premier League title as well as the champion League title.
    Thanks Wenger for having done nothing at Emirates.


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