How could Arsenal spend £130m (and it’s not Mbappe)

The reported fee that Monaco are now asking for is £130m. I think I speak for every sensible Arsenal fan when I say thanks but no thanks and think Arsenal should walk away from any deal at this price.

It is not that I do not want us to spend big, nor do I want us to stop chasing a player who has great potential. But £130m for Kylian Mbappe is just a piss take, quite frankly.

Mbappe has a lot of talent, but that is a silly price for an 18 year old who has done nothing in his career so far. He has played just 40 league games for Monaco. Yes, he might become the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, but what Monaco are asking for, allegedly, is the price of Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi, not a player who might become as good as them.

It is silly price tag, at least four times as much as I would pay for him, probably twice as much as anyone should consider paying him. I feel £130m could be better off spent elsewhere.

Thomas Lemar & Alexandre Lacazette

When travelling to France to discuss a deal with Monaco for Kylian Mbappe, you have to wonder if a duel bid for his team mate Thomas Lemar and Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette might be a better option.

Lemar is equally as talented as Mbappe, but at a couple of years older just has a lesser potential. He would provide perfect back up – and become a potential replacement – for Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

Upfront, Lacazette is a better striker than Mbappe. Again, Mbappe might well surpass his French team mate, but as it stands, Lacazette is the superior individual.

Last season, Mbappe scored 15 goals in 29 games. In the exact same league, Lacazette scored 28 goals in 30 games.

For me it is a no brainer, spend the £130m on two talented players rather than a single player with potential

Romelu Lukaku & Riyad Mahrez

Instead of going for a duel French option, how about a double Premier League swoop?

Lukaku might have his dreams on a move back to Chelsea, what with their Champions League football and love of casual racism, but could Arsenal muscle in on a deal?

Mahrez has also been a target for Arsenal for some time.

Both players are Premier League proven. Both could be signed for within the £130m. And Arsenal can get some change out that too.

Ousmane Dembélé & Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Maybe you know where this is going now? If we don’t fancy a bit of French or English, perhaps we should go for something German?

Aubemeyang is clearly available at an affordable price. He has 10 years on Mbappe. But is a much, much better player. Arsenal should not need to buy potential anymore. This would be a perfect example of signing an established world class player, against signing someone with potential.

On the potential side, Dembele is a talented kid. In the same bracket as Lemar and Mbappe.

Like the Lacazette & Lemar deal, Arsenal could get an established star and a future star for the same price as Kylian Mbappe.

Mauro Icardi & Lorenzo Insigne

Our round the world in a double transfer swoop takes us to Italy.

Icardi is one of the most all round strikers in world football, whilst Insigne has taken massive steps forward in the last couple of years and would be capable of competing with Ozil and Sanchez.

No potential in this one, just two established stars.

Andrea Belotti & Arda Turan

Yes, they both play in different leagues, but I though I would do one last pairing.

Belotti has been sensational form for Torino over the last 18 months. He has all the attributes of being able to play as a long striker, and at just 23 still has room for improvement.

As for Arda Turan, Wenger has been a long time admirer. He would not be a stunning signing, but would certainly be good enough to play second fiddle to Sanchez and Ozil.

Cristiano Ronaldo

If we are willing to risk £130m on someone’s potential, and therefore write it off when it turns out he is just s midget Sanogo, why not spank that money on Cristiano Ronaldo for 3 years?

Alexis Sanchez

Just give him £100m. Job done.

Bergkamp & Henry

Create a baby from Henry and Berkamp’s DNA and cultivate it for 16 years.



6 thoughts on “How could Arsenal spend £130m (and it’s not Mbappe)

  1. Werner

    It would be a waiste if Arsenal spend that much on a 18 year old. And we all know how tough the premier league is. Rather buy Lacazette, Mahrez and Matuidi. Money much better spend.

  2. dharma steve

    Better to get Lacazette and Leon Goretzka. Goretzka is a tall (6.2-6.3) strong midfield player who can play at the intense pace we will need to beat the top PL teams. He can double up with Granit Xhaka to make a Viera/Gilberto combination. He is 22 and already a German international. Really good player who could replace Cazorla.

  3. Oluwaseyi

    Use the money to buy belotti,icardi and kosta manolos then keep sanchez.I see us winning trebles next season

  4. Mandela Nelson

    I Would Wish Arsenal To Sign Lacazate And Mahrez Or Lamar Than Spending Much On Bappe Who Has Just Played One Season, Many Better Players Than Him, Like Saul Niguez, Lukaku, Kane And Others, Those Are Complete Players Not Bappe Who Just Had Agood Season.


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