First major signing shows Arsenal still outgun Spurs

Arsenal are set to complete their first major signing of the summer in the shape of Monaco magician Thomas Lemar.

The French youngster was top of North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur’s wish list. The fact the talented midfielder has picked Arsenal over Spurs is a massive coup.

Having finished in the Champions League places for the second season in a row, and above Arsenal for the first time since 1995 – before Lemar was born – there had been talk of a shift of power inΒ North London. But the decision by Lemar to pick Arsenal over Spurs shows there is no power shift.

Whilst Spurs might have qualified in the Champions League ahead of Arsenal, they are still seen as a small club on the continent. Dani Alves once said he was “surprised” when he found out Manchester had two clubs. Many of those in Europe couldn’t point to Tottenham on the map.

Meanwhile, whilst Arsenal have had 20 years of Champions League failure, they are amongst one of the biggest names on the continent.

You then come to managers. Mauricio Pochettino is massively hyped up in England. But like the club he manages, he is an unknown in Europe.

An average playing career, he has won nothing as a manager and would not be top of any major sides wish list.

Arsene Wenger meanwhile has been heavily criticised in England, but his stock remains high on mainland Europe. Still considered a top coach, the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil came to Arsenal to play for him. Being French, and from Monaco, Lemar would have been massively influenced by Arsene Wenger, and the much maligned manager is a big reason Lemar has chosen Arsenal.

A big factor is also wages. Arsenal can offer top dollar, whilst Spurs are still paying mid table wages as their funds have to go towards things such as buying cranes. Arsenal have literally blown Spurs’ salary offer out of the water.

The final key factor is success. Spurs have no recent success. They might be able to offer Champions League football but they can not offer Lemar trophies.

Arsenal have won 3 FA Cups in 4 years. It might not be the league, but it is the greatest cup competition in the world.

There are reportedly a few more i’s to dot and t’s to cross, but once the deal is done, it will send a reminder to that lot up the road.

North London is still red.


23 thoughts on “First major signing shows Arsenal still outgun Spurs

    1. Pete

      Yes,Always worried about their neighbours..!!Get a life and get back to the classroom…Teacher will tell you off 😭


  1. Gabriel

    Pls sir wenger will need players like lackazette,mahrez lemar pickfford. that is the all kind of players will need at the emirate.release players like walcott,giroud,gibbs,debuch,jenckinsy,ospina


  2. Umar

    If there’s any justice in the world. You would delete yourself from all things football. Thomas Lemar isn’t no mediocre singer.


  3. S-P

    ArseAnal buying to cover Sanchez and Ozil leaving. Just watch the civil war recommence once they jump ship.

    Besides, for all the whoop whoop Spurs obsessives – every summer it is the same, the ArseScum fans get all excited and cock-a-hoop over their attacking midfield targets when that part of the team isn’t the bit that is broke. What is broke is the defensive side of their team, and Uncle Wenger just doesn’t know how to fix it. He’d rather whinge about how physical the English game is than accept that it is and build a team to cope with it.

    Uncle Wenger πŸ˜‚


    1. hello! (@wayney000)

      the yid is right the defence is what is fucked,another tiny att mid plz fuck off wenger

      the other yid is also right this site is embarrasing

      you shouldnt be allowed to use she wore i doubt you even know what it means where is comes from,every article is just wrong why do it to yourself


  4. Carl

    This might the funniest thing I’ve read all week….If I were a gooner, I’d be awfully embarrassed to have this guy posting things to the public in the name of my club.
    I also think its hilarious that the only bit of banter the gooners have on spurs this season is signing a player like Lemar….
    Desperate times I guess…. :0)



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