What was happening in the world the last time Spurs were successful?

1961 – The last time Spurs won the League

Prime Minister: Harold Macmillan

President: John F. Kennedy

In Music: The Beatles perform at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool for the first time

In Sport: Mickey Mantle becomes the highest paid player in Major League Baseball by signing a contract that will pay him $75,000 per year

In TV: Songs of Praise first broadcast on BBC Television

In Film: West Side Story wins Best Picture at the Academy Awards

In Retail: Mothercare opens its first shop, in Kingston upon Thames

1991 – The last time Spurs won the FA Cup

Prime Minister: John Major

President: George Bush

In Music: Chesney Hawkes releases his Number 1 single The One and Only

In Sport: Mike Powell breaks Bob Beamon’s 23-year-old Long Jump world record, which he still holds today

In TV: The Sports Channel was rebranded Sky Sports

In Film: Oliver Stone wins Best Director for JFK at the at the Academy Awards

In Retail: PC World is established

2008 – The last time Spurs won a trophy (League Cup)

Prime Minister Gordon Brown

President: George W Bush

In Music: Katy Perry hits number 1 with I Kissed a Girl

In Sport: Lewis Hamilton becomes the youngest ever Formula 1 World Champion

In TV: Carol Vorderman quits as host of Countdown

In Film: Heath Ledger dies

In Retail: Northern Rock nationalised


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