Arsenal to bring in 19 goal international

If I said that Arsenal were to make a bid for an international who scored 19 goals last season, we would all probably all be getting excited.

If I said that this player was a wide man who has a proven track record in English football, averaging a goal every 3.5 games, everyone would see him as the solution to our goal shy problems.

If I said that man was Theo Walcott, you would all tell me to F off.

But that is what Walcott is. A 1 in 3.5 man who scored 19 goals last season.

Whilst his time at Arsenal is coming to an end, and he has been poor this season, Arsenal goal shy forward problem could be somewhat solved by playing the Englishman.

Walcott’s problem this season has come from the formation we have played. He does his best work out wide, coming from out to in. He is not a number 10 and is quite frankly useless when playing narrow, in behind the main striker.

Against West Ham, we had a slight formation tweak, going back to 4 a the back. Coming out of the ground, we were all talking about Arsenal’s lack of width. In Walcott we have a player who is happy to get chalk on his boots.

Whereas Danny Welbeck and Alexandre Lacazette failed to get play a single cross in 30 minutes of football, I am sure Walcott would have had more of an effect on the game. Out wide where Welbeck came on is his natural position.

Last season Theo Walcott (19) and Alexis Sanchez (30) scored 49 goals between them. This season it is 9 goals – Sanchez has 5; Walcott 4.

Sanchez has been horribly out of form, he is dropped off a cliff. And Walcott has suffered from a lack of playing time.

Even Walcott on his own, with the decision to drop him, 19 goals is a lot to find from other players. They certainly would not come from the likes of Mesut Ozil and Alex Iwobi.

Add in Sanchez’s drop in form, and it is clear why Arsenal’s goals have dried up.

By this time last year, the speedy pair had hit 24 goals. They have hit 15 less this season.

Alexandre Lacazette has picked up the slack a little bit, with 8 goals this season, but that is only 3 more than Olivier Giroud scored at this stage last season.

Against Manchester United, we had the chances but were unable to score. Against Southampton and West Ham we were toothless.

With Sanchez so out of form, maybe it is time to return to Theo Walcott – in the short term at least – a player who is a proven goal scorer.

As long as the formation suits him.


1 thought on “Arsenal to bring in 19 goal international

  1. Charles Charlie Charles

    The struggling teams know how to set themselves up against us. They leave us alone until the final third, congest the box and then wait for us to mess up a pass after twenty attempts to thread the needle. They don’t set themselves up for crosses from wide areas because we don’t do crosses from wide areas (apart from in FA Cup Finals).

    If we get the ball out wide, we walk it back to the middle of the park and then ticky tacky it straight into traffic. Eventually, they boot it up the pitch, their lone striker gets a hold of it, we run around like headless chickens and they bang it into the back of the net.

    Odd to say this, but I fancy our chances against Liverpool next Friday because at least they will come out to play and we have the players to beat them. I don’t give us a hope tomorrow though because I’m pretty sure that Rafa has read “The Idiots Guide On How To Not Be Beaten By Arsenal(and maybe nick a win)”. I just wish Mr Wenger would read it too.



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