Crystal Palace Win, Jack Wilshere Contract & Henry v Sanchez

Crystal Palace Win

Good win. Played well. Can’t tell you much about the second half as I was drinking on the concourse.

Jack Wilshere

Great performance by Jack Wilshere. His talent has never been in question, just his fitness.

The club have taken it slowly with him this season, and have been criticised for doing so, but the fact he is now fully fit and starting for Arsenal shows they got it right.

Hopefully his career has rejuvenated and we secure his new contract.

Thierry Henry

So Thierry Henry on Sky picked up on the fact that two separate groups of players celebrated one of Alexis Sanchez’s goal.

Henry said: “You’re not here for Alexis Sanchez, you’re here for Arsenal. Arsenal scored. Go and celebrate. Whoever does it, we don’t care about that, go and celebrate with your team-mate.”

For a start, it is a complete non-story. It was a great assist that lead to the goal. The players near Jack Wilshere celebrated with him. The players near Alexis Sanchez celebrated with the Chilean.

It is not unusual for some players to celebrate with the assist maker and others the goal scorer.

Secondly, I have to laugh about Henry commenting about players wanting to leave and and the dressing room being split. His behaviour in 2006 when he wanted to be at Barcelona was equally poor.

I remember plenty of times in that year Henry demanding players celebrate with him. He thinks that he is King of the Hill but his behaviour was a disgrace.


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