When wanting Wenger Out turns nasty

The majority reading this will want Arsene Wenger to go. Some will say they have wanted him out for years, others merely weeks. Some define their football “lives” by wanting him to go, classing themselves as WOBs, others just feel he is not the right man for the club, but will happily celebrate the success.

Over the years, I have never had an issue with people wanting Wenger to leave or stay. Both sides of the centralist position have valid arguments.

Some people “boycott whilst he is still in charge”, others never actually went to games previously and pretend to boycott just so that they can make a point. One clown even declared this summer that he was boycotting, and has then been to every game this season. Odd.

You are entitled to support (or not support) the team how you feel. But up to a point. There are some things that I feel are frankly disgraceful:

1. Wanting Arsenal to fail – It is Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC. You should want the team to win, no matter your view on the manager. People say they want Arsenal out as he will not win us the league, then also say that they would hate us to win the league as they do not want him to stay. You can not have it both ways.

If you found yourself cheering the Bournemouth winning, delighted that Nottingham Forest beat us, or hoping that we lose every game, then you are not an Arsenal supporter. You just have an anti-Arsene agenda.

Support the team, not the regime.

2. Wanting Wenger to become ill – Everyone has had someone affected by cancer. It is not nice to watch a loved one contracted the killer disease, and then their lives slowly deteriorate. There are people out their wishing that Arsene Wenger gets cancer, or other terminal illnesses like AIDs.

Wenger is a father, an (ex) husband. It is not big, nor clever to do this. In fact, it is down right disgusting, vile behaviour.

3. Comparing Wenger to murderous dictators – I have seen people compare Wenger to the likes of Adolf Hitler and Robert Mugabe. These are men who have killed millions for no reason then they were “different” to themselves. Comparing Wenger, a football manager, to people that have committed genocide. OK.

4. Wanting Wenger to die – Alongside the illness, people want Wenger to die. This is just odd, that they want to see Wenger in a coffin.

Again, he is a father to a teenage daughter. Wanting him to die, because you are annoyed we lost to Bournemouth. Yeh. Alright then.

5. Calling Wenger a “kiddie fiddler” – The lowest of the low. Spurs fans have spent years calling Arsene Wenger a paedophile. Punches have been thrown over this. And now some fans have started to call him a nonce, a kiddie fiddler, all because we finished 5th.

That highlights how classless some of our fans are. Calling a manager a child sex offender, all because you are upset that we are not challenging for the league.

I do feel for the fans who go down this route. They must live truly sad, insignificant lives. Karma will catch up with them.

Calling for any of the above is just attention seeking. It is for a few RTs, follows or likes on a Facebook page. For me, if you do any of the above, you are not only a sub-par Arsenal fan, you are a sub-par human being.

By all means, want Wenger Out. Demand him to go. Protest against him. But as soon as you begin wishing cancer on him, or calling him a kiddie fiddler, you lose a lot of validity, and a lot of backing.

The last protest against Arsene Wenger was marred by a fake video going viral of fans singing that they wished Wenger was dead. This devalued any sort of message from the protest.

Demand Wenger Out, but keep it classy guys.


27 thoughts on “When wanting Wenger Out turns nasty

  1. Lee

    Excellent points made here. I myself have wanted a new manager since about 2010. He frustrates me and I want him gone. I’ve protested in and out of the ground. But some of the personal abuse he receives from grown men, with quite high profile twitter accounts I find quite astonishing. Imagine being a middle aged bloke with a family, and openly wishing cancer on a football manager. The Absolute state of some of our fans.

  2. Charles Charlie Charles

    I’ve been a supporter since I was a kid back in the 1960’s.
    Seen managers come and go, most had a mix of strong points and not so strong points. Some were successful, some not so much.
    But never once have I called for the managers head, booed the team or hoped for a loss to prove a point.

    My thoughts on Wenger?
    Brilliant man. Football genius no less.
    But like anyone who has been in the same job for a couple of decades, Arsene has become set in his ways. Too stubborn to see what is going on around him, unwilling to adapt to change.

    His masters see him as the key to their millions, as the reason that Arsenal sell out the most expensive seats on the planet week in and week out.

    Do we boycott? Probably no use as most ST holders are not going to chuck away around £89 by not putting their seat on ticket exchange .

    The opportunity for Wenger to retire was lost just after the full time whistle at Wembley last May. We didn’t sing his name, we didn’t cheer louder when he held the cup. We didn’t give him the opportunity to quit at the top.

    So now, he will stick around to prove a point. He will stay as long as it takes to win something big so that he can leave with praise ringing in his ears. He will stay to prove a point.

    Like Ali having a crack at a fourth world title, Wenger will try to go out at the top.

    The paradox is, Wenger will only go once he proven his point and to prove that point, he needs the success that the Wenger haters don’t want him to have.

    Maybe after a string of four or five wins with a team built by him? Maybe after a league cup final where we beat Man City 2-1 after extra time having thrashed Chelsea 3-0 at home?
    Come on Arsenal.

  3. Wayne g

    Hilarious post mate I LOL’d reading that,are you related to Wenger or something? See that’s the problem you’ve fallen into the trap become a sheep believing you have a connection with him when in fact this current manager or board does not give a f..k about you( or your family!)fuck him I grew up with the club and he’s destroyed that so for me anything goes,fuck him

    1. Charles Charlie Charles

      You can’t blame Wenger for the destruction of the club you used to know.

      Maybe blame Gazza for crying at the world cup and making an unfashionable game fashionable. Maybe blame Murdoch for paying millions to show us on subscription telly. Maybe blame London house prices for pushing up land values to the point where it made economic sense to flog some prime land in Highbury or blame Islington Council for not allowing the expansion of our old home ground.

      You can blame Wenger for trying to walk the ball into the back of the net when the best option was to shoot. You can blame him for not being prepared to pay a few more quid a week to keep a key player.

      But the destruction of the club? No.

      1. wayneg1

        The bloke has been instumental in everything from moving from highbury to the shambolic state that we have been in for the last 12years.

        So yes he has destroyed the club which he no doubt runs from top to bottom.

      2. keenosafc Post author

        “destroyed the club” if finishing 5th and winning the FA Cup is “destroyed” in your eyes, then maybe the problem is you – that your expectations are too high. I bet you beat your misses when dinner is burnt

      1. wayneg1

        jeenos dont be a d..k all your life
        you are a brain washed sheep
        finishing 5th lol top revenue per home game in europe you idiot and you are so brainwashed an fa cup or 2 is good enough

        nothings gonna change with people like you attending

        why not stop going to let some more vocal people into the spacebowl im sure a change would happen alot quicker

      2. keenosafc Post author

        If you understood football finances, you would know there is a lot more to the revenue of the club than gate receipts. Happy to teach you one day.

    2. Charles Charlie Charles

      There’s barely a club in the land that hasn’t expanded its ground and the fact that Arsenal couldn’t expand at Highbury is not Arsenes fault. If he could have expanded the old ground, it would be the same thing we have today.

      Look at Shite Hart Lane. One of the last of the old style grounds, now being turned into a superbowl.

      You can’t blame Arsene for high ticket prices or all seater stadiums with no atmosphere either.

      The days of £8.50, on the day turnstile entrance are done and dusted. The days of polystyrene cups filled with plasma cutter hot tea are over. The days of getting in early and standing behind the goal to ask Seaman to show us his bum are over.

      If you want a cause, get behind something like safe standing or being allowed to drink a pint whilst watching the match (like the Rugby and Cricket lot can).

      Fight to change the things that can be changed and that you can change.

      1. keenosafc Post author

        People fail to realise that in football, if you stand still you fall behind. Yes, we have gone backwards since 2006, but we would have gone even further backwards had we not moved.

        The new ground generates an additional £60m in income. Had we failed to move, that will be even less money to spend on players (and their wages) each year.

        Ozil and Sanchez would not have been players had we not moved

  4. Arifin Assaly

    Yea, some people have no rules or dignity anymore! I support Wenger until the day he leaves Arsenal because it is tentative to wanting Arsenal to lose in games if one does not support Wenger … why? Because he’s the manager in charge now!!! Tactics, strategies and plans all come from him! It’s simple. Like it or not he’s the manager for the club. So based on this arguement, I’m going to support both Arsenal and Wenger until the day he retires from Arsenal. It is purely because I love my and I do NOT like Arsenal to lose in any game, big or small.

    1. wayneg1

      you are exactly the type of fan they want and have now got (possibly from the ticket prices)
      a bunch of silent sheep who pride themselves on being “loyal” to the manager and for what?to be bled dry by wenger and his cronies

      wake up mate seriously

      1. keenosafc Post author

        The type of fan who sticks with the club through thick and thin. Youre the type of fan only in it for the glory who has run away at the first sign of danger. Hate to be in the trenches with you. Coward.

  5. Arifin Assaly

    Yea, some people have no rules or dignity anymore! I support Wenger until the day he leaves Arsenal because it is tentative to wanting Arsenal to lose in games if one does not support Wenger … why? Because he’s the manager in charge now!!! Tactics, strategies and plans all come from him! It’s simple. Like it or not he’s the manager for the club. So based on this arguement, I’m going to support both Arsenal and Wenger until the day he retires from Arsenal. It is purely because I love my and I do NOT like Arsenal to lose in any game, big or small.

    1. wayneg1

      I was going when don howe was manager,where were you?johnny come lately..
      Go back to ruggers or the theatre and how are you allowed to use “she wore” its an insult to anyone who knows where it came from,running a website or defending shit doesn’t make you a real fan,no matter how much you think it does

  6. Charles Charlie Charles

    The simple point is that Wenger will not be pushed out by the board unless we have a string of disasterous results that end up costing the club serious money.

    And he won’t quit until he wins something reasonable so that he can go out on a high with our cheers ringing in his ears.

    A few thousand fans boycotting won’t hurt the clubs pocket (especially if those fans are ST holders who have already paid for their seat anyway).

    It seems absurd, but the best course of action is to support the team and hope we win something soon. We can then give Arsene a great send off and he can leave a happy man.

    1. wayneg1

      I’ll take the losing every game option until he is physically hounded out the door

      he deserves that exit alot lot more,he doesn’t deserve to leave a happy man why would you even think that?he deserves to leave in disgrace hopefully over some scandal.

      Wenger out first then the yank needs to go

      1. keenosafc Post author

        You want Wenger out because we are not good enough, but then you want us to be even worse so that he leaves? You do not want us to be better under him so that you can be “proved right”. Odd

  7. Charles Charlie Charles

    In English Football (The Premier League and old Division One) there are three standout names. Manchester United and Liverpool are the most globally recognised with the less fashionable Arsenal snapping at their heels.

    Chelsea, Spurs and West Ham are the wannabees and Man City is the “Johhny Come Lately”.
    Each of these teams has huge earnings potential. Global TV and image rights, shirt and coffee mug sales. Ticket sales after that.

    The better they do, the greater their profile, the more their billionaire owners can improve their wealth.

    So you have a handful of teams with massive resources, analysis, physio, agents, coaches, consultants. All trying to win the same thing by fair means or foul.

    Odds are, if all of them are doing their job, you should all have the same chance of winning the league.

    But for sure, you can’t all win it every year.

    So the question is, when was the last time Liverpool won the league?
    When was the last time Spurs won the league?

    Fact is, since 1992, only six clubs have won the title. None of them were Spurs, Liverpool or West Ham and two of them were freak one offs (Blackburn and Leicester).
    Here’s the full rundown.

    Manchester United (13), Chelsea (5), Arsenal (3), Manchester City (2), Blackburn Rovers (1) and Leicester City (1).

    It would have been great to win it 13 times, pretty good to win it 5 times but to never win it? To be in the top five most recognised premier league clubs on the planet without winning anything?
    Thankfully, that accolade goes down the road and up to Bin Dipper land.
    Arsenal 3-0 Tottenham.
    Arsenal 3-0 Liverpool
    Don’t get me started on doubles and FA Cups by the way.

    1. wayneg1

      until you lot work it out hes going nowhere,be preapred for 5 more years of this until he snuffs it
      losing games mid table no europe empty seat ,wenger out chants from the lame sheep that attend these days(unlikely)is the only way to make a change as someone said marches will do nothing its only money they care about
      carry on with this pro wenger bs if you are truly happy with the club i presume you care about..

      1. Charles Charlie Charles

        I’m an Arsenal supporter. Good or bad, win or lose, I’m an Arsenal supporter.
        Always have been, always will be.
        Sometimes I go home elated, flying to the moon.
        Sometimes I go home and bury my head under a pillow.
        But I always go home an Arsenal supporter. A win is a win, an escape is an escape, a loss is a night of depression followed by a day of “what ifs”?
        It doesn’t matter who is in charge, who plays on the pitch, I am an Arsenal supporter.
        If you can’t get your head around the basic rules of a supporter, don’t follow football.

  8. Philbet

    Hello wayneg1. you seem like a truely wonderfull person, with personality and wit almost beyond compehension, I have to say reading your comments have enlightened my sad,souless little life immensley, I am so happy you contrbuted your bile and poisen and inuendo to this conversation and as you go on with your remarkable perfect existance for the rest of the day, I hope you can bask in the pleasure you have given to just one of lives little losers. out here in Cyberland !!!
    Oh BTW no one ever made themselves whole attacking other……. Gl

    1. Wayne g

      You all seem to have the passion of a wet lettuce on here we would not be in this position if fans in the stadium were a bit more vocal but they aren’t and yes we are failing and being bled dry but not one of you on here seems to acknowledge that it’s more a case of I don’t slag Wenger so I have the moral high ground and so am abetter supporter! And some very patronising replies almost as if you are an authority on arsenal fc well sorry to tell you you are not! Yes I hate Wenger and Kroenke and and I apologise if I offended anyone.


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