Lies, Trophies, Top 4 & Diving


So during the early hours of Sunday morning, a Blue Tick Twitter account Tweeted what he had seen on the London Underground the evening before:

He was called out as a liar, so to justify his lie, he gave out further details of the incident:

So at 18:20 on Saturday after, a group of Arsenal fans got on the train at London Waterloo, proceeded to abuse some “well-to-do Italian tourists” and then got off at Leicester Sq.

Can anyone see the hole in his lie?

18:20 was half time of Arsenal v Everton.

So he is claiming that a group of Arsenal fans were on a train from London Waterloo to Leicester Square whilst the game was on?

Now some people do change pub at half-time, but for fans to be drinking in Waterloo, and then decide to go to Leicester Sq at half-time, I just do not believe. Neither area is exactly the type of place a group of Arsenal fans would go to seek out a pub to watch the game.

Odd that someone would lie over such a thing.

Also is it just me or do Twitter now give out blue ticks like Jimmy Saville giving out sweets at a children’s hospital. It seems like anyone can now get one, regardless on if you are a “personality” or not.

I imagine for some people, like Alex above, being verified on Twitter is the best thing to happen in their lives.


I actually read an article yesterday saying “you can not judge Liverpool and Spurs on trophies”. It claimed that they were “2nd tier” clubs financially and therefore it was unfair to compare them with “1st tier” clubs.

It is interesting that the press spent years saying Arsenal should be judged on trophies, not Top 4 finishes despite us being financially inferior to Manchester United (through commercial activities) and Manchester City and Chelsea (sugar daddies). And the press were right to dig out Arsenal’s philosophy of seeing Top 4 as a success.

So why are things so different for Liverpool and Spurs?

At the weekend they played the Trophyless Derby. Just 2 League Cups in about 10 years for the two clubs. 57 and 27 years without a league title for the pair respectively.

The article was basically saying that the likes of Liverpool and Spurs should not be judged on the trophies that they win. It was basically defending both clubs for having won sweet FA between them in recent years.

Odd concept that in the media’s eyes, winning trophies is no longer a barometer of success, but finishing Top 4 is.

How the goal posts have been moved to fulfil their anti-Arsenal; pro-Liverpool and Spurs agenda.

Top 4 still on?

As above, Top 4 is not an achievement. I would much rather win trophies – and we are still in with a chance of 2 – then finish in the Top 4.And it is interesting to see how the press perception has changed on the Top 4 since Arsenal fell out.

Looking at the league table this morning, Arsenal are in lowly 6th. We are 3 points off Spurs in 5th, and just 6 points off Liverpool in 3rd.

Wouldn’t it be enjoyable if this season we won trophies AND finished in the Top 4.

Wonder what narrative the media would then write against Arsenal for their hits and advertising revenue…


When an individual dives, he is a cheat. He has taken a choice to attempt to gain an advantage through cheating.

When during a game, 3 team mates all dive, then you have to bring into question the philosophy of the club and integrity of the coaching staff.

During yesterdays 2-2 draw in the Trophyless Derby between Tottenham and Liverpool, Spurs players dived (or simulated) on 3 occasions.

The first was the well known cheat Dele Alli – who got booked for the second time this season for diving. Secondly you had England’s Golden Boy, Harry Kane. Finally it was Erik Lamela in the final seconds.

The later two were successful in winning penalties.

Will the FA have the testicles to follow their own rules and ban Lamela and Kane for 2 games? My bet if it was just Lamela, they would, but as we have seen with many an England player in the past, the likes of Harry Kane are above the rules.


Every team has divers. Robert Pires, Ashley Young, and more. But when a team is cheating en masse, it is clear and obvious that they have been instructed to do so by the manager.


3 thoughts on “Lies, Trophies, Top 4 & Diving

  1. Stanley simons

    Agree with your comments,’re the Liverpool v spurs.both where not penalties.the ref ,on the first penalty spoke to the lino and he said he could not be sure???.come on!! All he need do is watch!!!.the second penalty was a dive,no Liverpool player involved.lucky spurs!!!!


  2. Abdul Bello

    The media has been very bias towards Arsenal, but what annoys the most is that people that people like Ian Shitght and fucker Henry, that are meant to be ambassadors or the club, to stand up for it, also slag it. It is even more disgusting when they question Wenger, as if during their playing time, they were always playing at 100%.



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