PoCHEATtino defends diving

When an individual dives, he is a cheat. He has taken a choice to attempt to gain an advantage through cheating.

When during a game, 3 team mates all dive, then you have to bring into question the philosophy of the club and integrity of the coaching staff.

Against Liverpool, Dele Alli, Harry Kane and Erik Lamela all simulated contact, or exaggerated contact in an attempt to win penalties. They cheated.

The press have been mysteriously quiet on the matter. Obviously not wanting to criticise the Golden English players Alli and Kane. In the same way they have ignored Wayne Rooney’s diving for 2 decades.

Last night Mauricio Pochettino, or as I will now refer to him, PoCHEATtino came out to defend diving.

In Pocheattino’s mind, those that criticise diving are “killing the game”. What an odd stance to take. That it is not the cheating that is destroying the game, but those who criticise the cheats. He calls diving a “minimal issue”.

His quotes some up his attitude to cheating:

“Football is about trying to trick your opponent – yes or no? Tactics – what does ‘tactic’ mean? When you do tactics, it is to try to trick the opponent. You play on the right, but you finish on the left. Twenty years ago, thirty years ago, we all congratulated a player when he tricks the referee like this. That is the football that I was in love with when I was a child.”

So he loves football that involves players attempting to trick a referee. He sees diving to win a penalty from the referee as a skill, and has previously admitted to practising it in training back in Argentina.

It is odd that Pocheattino is not being hammered by the press for supporting cheats. But that would not suit the current love-in that the press have with everything Tottenham.

In-fact, rather than come out and attack the cheats, they have come out in support of them. This is the Chief Sports writer for the Independent:

So you see no difference between a dive and a step over? Really? Is that true?

One is an attempt to beat an opponent with skill, the other is an attempt to gain an advantage through cheating…

whether it be Robert Pires, Ashley Young, or Dele Alli, players dive. But when the culture of the club encourages diving, there is a problem. and when the coach comes out and talks about diving as if it is a skill that should be taught, learnt and used, there is a clear problem.

Pocheattino is a cheat. He promotes cheating. He is happy with his players cheating.


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