Agenda driven idiots blame Mesut Ozil for Germany defeat

We all know how it works.

Articles to do with Arsenal create hits. Hits create advertising revenue. That money keeps poor journalists in jobs.

It is therefore no surprise that the English media have attempted to blame Mesut Ozil for Germany’s defeat to Mexico. Even the usually partisan BBC getting on the banAgenda driven idiots Mesut Ozil blame for Germany defeatdwagon.

The usual suspects – the likes of the Daily Mail and Arsenal Fan TV – also added Ozil’s name in to the headline on the review of the game.

It’s all about the money rather than creating good, unique, insightful content.

The performance by Arsenal was very reminiscent to many an Arsenal performance in recent years.

Both full backs constantly pushing forward, and the midfield not providing any cover to the defence meant that Mexico were able to hit Germany on the break with the counter attacking, direct play. They scored from one break away, and with a better final ball could have scored 3 or 4.

But to blame Ozil for the defeat is childish click bait.

Mexico’s goal came from the German defence being exposed. They got at the centre backs easily, and Hirving Lozano drifted into the space left by Joshua Kimmich – who spent the entire game thinking he was a central midfielder.

The only German player to bust a gut and get back was Mesut Ozil.

It is a justifiable argument that having got back, he was turned fair to easily by the fleet footed Lozano, but to criticise and blame him for the goal is utter stupidity.

Where were Sami Khedira and Toni Kroos? The supposed defensive midfielders? Where was Kimmich? I imagine his heat map would show he spent more time attacking the Mexico area rather than defending their own.

Defensively Germany were awful.

Matts Hummels summed up the German’s problems saying “Mexico deserved the game because we made it too easy for them, knowing we should not have allowed that to happen.

“If seven or eight players play offensively, then it’s clear that the offensive force is greater than the defensive stability. That’s what I often say internally.

“Our stability is not good, you have to say – often only Jerome [Boateng] and I were at the back, so they mercilessly attacked us.”

As Germany’s most creative midfielder, Ozil can surely not be blamed for his sides defensive issues. The blame has to go to Joachim Lowe (for setting the team up incorrectly) and the midfielder and full backs for ignoring Hummel’s pleas to get back.

Germany created a lot. They had 66% of possession and 26 shots. Mesut Ozil was their man creator.

Ozil created 4 of his sides 20 chances, with only Toni Kroos playing more successful passes.

74 passes at 91.9% completion rate. Ozil played his normal conductor role. He was let down by poor finishing and poor defending.

The result should not actually be a surprise to anyone.

Since qualifying for the World Cup in October 2017, their record reads:

P 7 W 1 D 3 L 3 F 6 A 7

Keeping only one clean sheet in a 0-0 against England, they do not score enough goals – there only victory coming in a friendly against Saudi Arabia.

Probably brings into question why they have been made favourites by many.

Did Mesut Ozil play well? No.

Was he the worst German play on the field? No.

It will actually be interesting to read what the German media’s response was to their performance, who they blamed. What is for certain, Ozil was not to blame and anyone putting his name in the headline is just after the hits Arsenal fans will give them.



3 thoughts on “Agenda driven idiots blame Mesut Ozil for Germany defeat

  1. Neil Fitt

    As a real Arsenal supporter I,m concerned for this witch hunt of unreasonable behaviour of our world class play maker.We want him to return confident and ready to help us next season.Get Off his back you morons!!!


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