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Agenda driven idiots blame Mesut Ozil for Germany defeat

We all know how it works.

Articles to do with Arsenal create hits. Hits create advertising revenue. That money keeps poor journalists in jobs.

It is therefore no surprise that the English media have attempted to blame Mesut Ozil for Germany’s defeat to Mexico. Even the usually partisan BBC getting on the banAgenda driven idiots Mesut Ozil blame for Germany defeatdwagon.

The usual suspects – the likes of the Daily Mail and Arsenal Fan TV – also added Ozil’s name in to the headline on the review of the game.

It’s all about the money rather than creating good, unique, insightful content.

The performance by Arsenal was very reminiscent to many an Arsenal performance in recent years.

Both full backs constantly pushing forward, and the midfield not providing any cover to the defence meant that Mexico were able to hit Germany on the break with the counter attacking, direct play. They scored from one break away, and with a better final ball could have scored 3 or 4.

But to blame Ozil for the defeat is childish click bait.

Mexico’s goal came from the German defence being exposed. They got at the centre backs easily, and Hirving Lozano drifted into the space left by Joshua Kimmich – who spent the entire game thinking he was a central midfielder.

The only German player to bust a gut and get back was Mesut Ozil.

It is a justifiable argument that having got back, he was turned fair to easily by the fleet footed Lozano, but to criticise and blame him for the goal is utter stupidity.

Where were Sami Khedira and Toni Kroos? The supposed defensive midfielders? Where was Kimmich? I imagine his heat map would show he spent more time attacking the Mexico area rather than defending their own.

Defensively Germany were awful.

Matts Hummels summed up the German’s problems saying “Mexico deserved the game because we made it too easy for them, knowing we should not have allowed that to happen.

“If seven or eight players play offensively, then it’s clear that the offensive force is greater than the defensive stability. That’s what I often say internally.

“Our stability is not good, you have to say – often only Jerome [Boateng] and I were at the back, so they mercilessly attacked us.”

As Germany’s most creative midfielder, Ozil can surely not be blamed for his sides defensive issues. The blame has to go to Joachim Lowe (for setting the team up incorrectly) and the midfielder and full backs for ignoring Hummel’s pleas to get back.

Germany created a lot. They had 66% of possession and 26 shots. Mesut Ozil was their man creator.

Ozil created 4 of his sides 20 chances, with only Toni Kroos playing more successful passes.

74 passes at 91.9% completion rate. Ozil played his normal conductor role. He was let down by poor finishing and poor defending.

The result should not actually be a surprise to anyone.

Since qualifying for the World Cup in October 2017, their record reads:

P 7 W 1 D 3 L 3 F 6 A 7

Keeping only one clean sheet in a 0-0 against England, they do not score enough goals – there only victory coming in a friendly against Saudi Arabia.

Probably brings into question why they have been made favourites by many.

Did Mesut Ozil play well? No.

Was he the worst German play on the field? No.

It will actually be interesting to read what the German media’s response was to their performance, who they blamed. What is for certain, Ozil was not to blame and anyone putting his name in the headline is just after the hits Arsenal fans will give them.



Arsenal International’s and Congratulations Ivan

Well that was another dull international break wasn’t it?

With Theo Walcott mysteriously left out of the England squad once again by Gareth Southgate for inferior players, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain now at Liverpool, and Jack Wilshere not selected due to lack of games over the last 6 months, there was nothing of real interest in either England game. And the game itself were as boring as anything.

Oxlade-Chamberlain proved what most people with half a brain have been saying for years. That he has the ability to beat people for fun, but does not contribute much else.

3 occasions against Slovenia (or was it Slovakia? Or Serbia? All these Eastern Bloc countries are the same to me) he showed the world what he was about.

In the first half he brilliantly won the ball, shrugged off his opponent and drove forward, only to pass the ball 5 yards directly to an opponent.

A minute later he brilliantly beat a couple of men, before curling a ball high and wide. You can not even say it went over the bar, as it didn’t. It was an atrocious shot. Finally at one point he found himself in plenty of space on the left, cut back in on his right foot to put a cross in. Goal kick. It’s the story of his life.

Oxlade-Chamberlain is average, and proved for England what Arsenal fans have seen for years. ZERO end product. Arsenal did brilliant to fleece Liverpool for £40m, the annoyance is he was not replaced. Although if we return to 4 at the back, he is essentially 5th choice RB (Bellerin, Debuchy, Chambers, Mustafi, Ox) and 5th choice winger (Sanchez, Walcott, Welbeck, Iwobi).

I had to laugh at the Boring James Milner twitter account mocking Oxlade-Chamberlain throughout:

This after the deadline day tweet:

If you find yourself playing Malta, and end up on the right wing with Jake Livermore in central midfield, then the next game find yourself being shunted to the left wing for the next game, maybe you are simply not as good as you think you are?

Thanks for the memories Ox. Although I can not think of any at this moment in time.

There were goals for Danny Welbeck and Aaron Ramsey against Malta and Moldova respectively.

Arsenal players stepping up and scoring against minnows. I am going to stick a tenner on us to win the FA Cup and Europa League this year.

On the Europa League, Cologne is all booked. Gonna be a top trip. 11 of us going out there. Staying at the Ibis near the station. Should be a good drink up.

Mesut Ozil also put in his top performance for Germany.

Personally I do not care how many goals and assists he has for Germany, I care that he performs for Arsenal.

A load of fan boys came out saying look at how good Mesut is. If only he played with top players at Arsenal. You might be right, but also remember he is a top player at Arsenal. A top player who too often lets his team mates down.

Thinking about Germany, Joachim Lowe is set to leave after the World Cup. Will we let another top manager find a job elsewhere?

With regards to other players playing across the globe for their country, I do not really care how they performed, nor have I taken any notice.

I look forward to Saturday. A day of redemption.

finally congratulations Ivan on the new job…


Ticket Price Rises, Andre Villas Boas, Bayern Munich and Luis Suarez

Ticket Price Rises

Arsenal announced before the weekend defeat against Manchester City that they were planning to rise tickets in line with the rate of inflation – a 3% rise. Now under normal circumstances, I would understand this. Costs go up every year, so all companies have to squeeze their prices up a little every year. Either that or find additional revenue elsewhere. And that is my problem, the new Premier League TV deal will increase clubs income by 71%. The new Champions League deal is expected to double a clubs income, and the new Puma kit deal is a 428% increase on the old Nike one.

By my rough maths, once these new deals kick in, Arsenal will be increasing their income by around £83 million (£25m extra in sponsorship, £25m extra in CL money, £35m extra in PL money). This will see our revenue increase to around £335m, or around a 38% increase.

So why, I ask, are prices going up with the justification that it is ‘inflation’ when our increased revenue from other area’s far outstrips the inflation increase? As I have explained before, the club could have decreased prices to just £21.25 and maintained the same revenue as now. Where is all this money going to end up? Will it go straight to the players pockets? Will the board give themselves pay rises and bonuses? Or will they start paying out a dividend.

All I know is that with this 3% increase, the club have taken us for mugs. Will I continue paying? Yes, because I am a mug.

Andre Villas Boas

Tottenham, the gift that just keeps on giving. Just over a week until Christmas and they have already handed out their presents. A 5-0 loss at home to Liverpool was followed up by the sacking of AVB. To think, he spent £100 million and managed to get Spurs fans to think that they were title contenders, before a ball was kicked. They have been in a negative spiral since they beat Arsenal in March.

No matter what you might currently think of Arsene Wenger, it must bring a smile of joy to you that he has seen off:

  1. Francis (1994–1997)
  2. Hughton (1997c)
  3. Gross (1997–1998)
  4. Pleat (1998c)
  5. Graham (1998–2001)
  6. Pleat (2001c)
  7. Hoddle (2001–2003)
  8. Pleat (2003–2004c)
  9. Santini (2004)
  10. Jol (2004–2007)
  11. Allen(2007c)
  12. Ramos (2007–08)
  13. Redknapp (2008–12)
  14. Villas-Boas (2012–13)

Bayern Munich

So after finishing 2nd, we knew we were in for a tough draw, and for the second season in a row, we have been drawn against Bayern Munich. For me, this draw brings happiness and sadness.

The happiness is we have proved they are beatable, having won 2-0 at their ground last year. For me, Munich hold no fear, as I am of the honest belief they have gone backwards this year. They spent over €60 million on just two players in the summer (Thiago & Mario Gotze), 2 players who they did not need due to the fact they had many other similar players already in their squad (Kroos, Ribery, Robben, Shaqiri, Muller). They also let go Luis Gustavo, who was a defensive rock for them last season, and Mario Gomez, their only proper striker.

Guardiola is trying to copy his Barcelona style of play, but there is a problem, he does not have Lionel Messi. They might be top of their league, unbeaten, having scored 42 goals in 16 games, but this is more of an indication to how poor and uncompetitive the Bundesliga is, than how good Bayern Munich are. It is certainly a league currently on a downward spiral, and you have to wonder whether Munich will struggle to get up for the game competitively after playing so many easy games in Germany.

If we take confidence from our win their last year, and put in a better performance at home, we could win the tie, comfortably.

Luis Suarez

17 goals in 11 league games this season. We offered £40,000,001 in the summer, we will have to offer a lot, lot more now. The controversy surrounding the deal is up for debate. In my opinion, we were under the opinion we could sign him for anything over £40,000,000, hence the bid of £1 extra. Why pay more when £1 was enough to trigger the deal. And offering £40,000,000 is certainly not a derisory offer like same pretend. You have to think, however, after having that offer knocked back, should we have pushed further. Told Liverpool to name their price? In hindsight, paying £60,000,000 for Luis Suarez in the summer would have been a good piece of business. But I can imagine the uproar had we signed him for that price, considering he was due to miss the first half dozen games.

What he has shown is the importance of having the something special upfront. The difference between Manchester City and Arsenal this season could be Sergio Aguero. The goal scorer who can turn a draw to a win on his own. We do not have that. Is there going to be someone available in January of sufficient quality? Who knows. But if Lewandowski or Suarez are available, we should be leading the race to sign them.