Lucas Torreira Update, It’s Coming Home & Liverpool Bitterness

Lucas Torreira Update

Some conflicting stories at the weekend about Lucas Torreira over the weekend.

The majority of outlets are still saying the deal is done. That everything is agreed between Arsenal, Sampdoria and Torreira (and his people). That we are all just waiting for Uruguay to be eliminated from the World cup before the deal is announced – Uruguay could go all the way.

But there is a small minority who are insinuating that the deal is not done. That it might not go through.

My take on it is that these people are just saying this to be different. To generate hits and click bait.

The deal is done, and Torreira has impressed in the World Cup so far.

Against Portugal he put on a well disciplined display in the middle of Uruguay’s 3 man midfield. He maintained his positioning throughout the game, defending the space between the centre backs and the midfield.

He pretty much stayed dead central throughout the game. He did not go chasing the ball (like Coquelin did) or over commit.

When the ball left his defensive circle, he retreated back into position, letting other players press. He was never caught out of position.

This coming season out central midfield will have great balance once Torreira joins:

Xhaka Torreira Ramsey

The Uruguayan will allow Granit Xhaka to push higher up the park, press higher, and be more aggressive. That in turn will free up Aaron Ramsey to get into the box at will, knowing that he has 2 men behind him backing him it.

The midfield 3 has tremendous balance to it. We just need one more alongside Mohamed Elneny and Ainsley Maitland-Niles to provide cover. Someone a bit more attacking to provide Ramsey with cover 9I still dream of Max Meyer).

Next season it’ll be a lot harder to get at our defence next season

Its Coming Home

Love the “Its Coming Home” movement.

It is sung at the football, in the pubs, at Liam Gallagher on Friday and at the cricket.

What I love is it is people enjoying themselves, and it is properly annoying the snowflake generation who label all football fans as “thugs”.

It is very much tongue in cheek the chant. We know that it is very unlikely that we will end 52 years of hurt, but we might as well have some fun.

And with the way the draw has opened up, maybe, just maybe, it is actually coming home?

Bitter Liverpool fans

Liverpool fans really need to get over Sergio Ramos and the Champions League final.

I am actually surprised by the behaviour of their fans, they normally do not hold grudges, complain for years about things. Their bitterness over Mohamed Salah hurting his arm in a tangle has been hilarious.

We have had petitions calling for Ramos to be banned, and demands that the final should be replayed.

Now we have Liverpools fans celebrating Spain going out of the World Cup, and calling it “karma” for Sergio Ramos’ part in the tangle.

Let’s get something sorted straight away.

Spain lost to Russia, it was a massive shock. But then Salah’s Egypt went out at the group stages. Finished bottom of their group. Failed to win a game.

As for Ramos being bothered about Liverpool, let’s look at the truth:

Since 2006, Liverpool have won 1 League Cup

Ramos has won:

1 World Cup
2 European Championships
4 Champions Leagues
4 La Liga’s
3 Copa del Rey
3 UEFA Super Cups
3 FIFA World Club Cups
3 Spanish Super Cups

Mo Salah is basically the Egyptian Harry Kane. Loads of made up personnel accolades but no real team success. Just the single Swiss Super League medal won 5 years ago.

To someone like Ramos, Salah and Liverpool are just another victim in his way of an incredible trophy haul


13 thoughts on “Lucas Torreira Update, It’s Coming Home & Liverpool Bitterness

      1. John

        Yeah and in them 3 times, Liverpool matched Arsenal record in your whole club history. One CL final defeat lol


  1. John

    It’s mostly Egyptian Salah fans that are holding a grudge against Ramos and creating petitions, and Ramos liking pictures on Twitter of Salah looking upset when Egypt were knocked out of the world cup didn’t help. But it’s sad Arsenal fans using the achievements of other clubs and players when Arsenal have never even won the champions league and are playing Europa league football.


      1. John

        Are you stupid?! Using the achievements of other clubs, meaning Real Madrid. Yeah Klopp has won fuck all but he’s only getting started and has already overtaken Arsenal, hence Fabinho turning Arsenal down to join Liverpool and so would any other top player. Arsenal couldn’t even make it to last seasons Europa League final and finished 6th and you’re still talking shit lol


  2. Europa League Twat

    you say salah is basically the egyptian harry kane, but what does that make arsenal? the bitter blues jealous of their neighbors? spurs have better players than arsenal, a better manager, a bigger and better stadium, playing champions league football. no wonder you’re so bitter and a Ramos dickrider. watching liverpool play great football last season and making it to a champions league final must of made you sour as fuck. don’t worry, we’ll be even better this season with world class Fabinho and Keita controlling things in midfield while arsenal playing with crap like torreira, xhaka and ramsey in the europa league where they belong HAHAHA


  3. mobella

    Fair play to you guys. The writer may deserve all the abuse you are directed to arsenal because of his meddling but arsenal doesn’t. And you all have removed a tiny bit of reality from your rant and these are Liverpool or spurs don’t have better players than arsenal, yes our players did perform to their standard and we all know the man responsible for that is out of our club and we now have a coach who is better than yours and spurs in achievement. And finally, as good as your coach is a bottler.


    1. John

      “we now have a coach who is better than yours and spurs in achievement” Really? Didn’t Klopp win league titles with Dortmund? and made it to two champions finals in his career? Winning the Mickey Mouse Europa league is hardly anything to shout about.



    Bitter Liverpool fans as you claim are just sore losers and nothing more. They know they didn’t show up in the final and they’re pissed that they never even tried to take the game to Real Madrid. I don’t recall Arsenal complaining because instead of trying to beat Barcelona back in 2006 the players were already celebrating qualifying for the Champions League the following season by holding off Spurs on the last game of the season.
    I recall countless fans with the same loser mentality you have Keenos by accepting that we were never gonna beat Barcelona but it’s a great day out for the fans. Hopefully new management will irradicate fans like you. Unfortunately, it can’t stop you posting the usual shite you think up after viewing your Pornhub video favourites.
    Since 2005, at least Liverpool have reached European Finals. How many have Arsenal reached with that Fraud of a World Class manager in charge?…. He couldn’t even reach the Europa League final with no Barca, Monaco or Bayern Munich to beat us…. So when you point fingers at Successful European clubs like Liverpool, try to remember that under Wenger, we wasted 22yrs of European Competition and qualifications…. Because we won fuck all!!



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