Arsenal’s new assist king makes case for new contract

During the Bournemouth v Liverpool game, a statistic flashed across the screen. It was the “deadliest duo” one that Sky Sports invented. They try and show which two players have been involved in the most goals with each other (ie assist and goal scorer).

Arsenal’s deadliest duo was Aaron Ramsey and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

I was not surprised by the presence of Aubameyang, who has been on fire this season. It was Aaron Ramsey that surprised me.

Ramsey has hardly played in the Premier League this season. His start against Manchester United was his first in the Premier League since September. He ha started just 7 of 16 games – playing just 656 minutes in total.

Compare this to (the currently “injured”) Mesut Ozil.

The German has started 10 games, and played 825 minutes in the Premier League. It is clear who Unai Emery thinks is his first choice number 10.

It was announced recently that Arsenal would not be renewing Ramsey’s contract. Fans were split on the decision but the majority agreed that is made sense. The feeling was that Ramsey did not fit into Unai Emery’s system. That Ozil, the assist king, was more suitable. I agreed with that.

But often your eyes and mind deceive you, and when you look at the statistics, they tell a different story.

With 6 assists this season, it is Ramsey who is the clubs top creator in the Premier League – not Ozil. In fact, when you compare Ramsey to Ozil in assists, passes completed and chances created, it is the Welshman who comes out on top overall.

Is the real truth that Ramsey actually fits into Emery’s system better than Mesut Ozil? And that he has over taken the German as Arsenal’s main creative force?

Taking into account that Ramsey also has a higher work rate, is better at pressing, and is a bigger goal threat than Mesut Ozil, it is quite easy to make a case that it should be Rambo staying at Arsenal, not Ozil.

Would I be too upset if Arsenal cashed in on Ozil in January (rumours of Inter Milan offering £25million to arsenal) and gave Ramsey a new contract? No.

Would I be upset if Arsenal kept them both? No.

Ramsey is making a case not only to get a new contract at Arsenal, but to be first choice number 10.

It certainly raises the valid point that Arsenal need to revisit Ramsey’s contract…


5 thoughts on “Arsenal’s new assist king makes case for new contract

  1. Crispen

    The very relevant star that you leave out of your false analysis is that every minute that Rambo has played its been as a 10. Ozil has been stuck out on the wing for a good portion of his time.. Rambo is not anywhere near the quality of Ozil… We have seen that since Ozil came. Why would we even care about this season’s stats.


  2. Judith Le'Strange

    I would rather keep Ramsey than Ozil. It’s funny that when Ozil is supposedly “injured”, he can still jaunt off on holiday with his girlfriend! Surely if he was injured the Arsenal physios would want him to be having physio sessions?


  3. Chairman Gallant

    Sure , Ramsey is more relevant to Arsenal than Ozil: He is stronger, he scores more goals ( very important goals for that matter ). Ramsey can also mark far more than Ozil. Ramsey is more suited to Emery’s pattern. He is a living legend at Arsenal, the longest serving player at Arsenal, and he is younger. So I implore the Arsenal board to revisit his contract issue asap.


  4. Robert Baker

    Ramsey should be staying at the club,, 100% Ozil I’m not sure gives us enough enough times. He’s does my head in, one game you may see him play and he’s unplayable, brilliant, then nothing, we can’t afford his wages if he won’t play at his most brilliant on a more regular bases . Look at the money it will free up, enough to pay three new players wages, plus 25\30 million pounds to add to transfers. We need to have a player that assists goals and scores goals, we need a new Dennis.Or Ozil at his most devastating best. It’s now or he’s got to go



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