Liverpool and Tottenham show why Arsenal need to stick with Unai Emery

Tonight it is Tottenham v Liverpool in the Champions League final. I will not be watching.

There are lessons to be learn, however, from Liverpool and Tottenham for Arsenal fans in the way things need to be one in the future.

Both teams have stuck with their managers despite a lack of success, believing that they were the right men to take them forward. Tonight one of them will break their trophy duck in charge of their relative club.

Following Arsenal’s defeat to Chelsea on Wednesday, Arsenal fans overacted with many calling for Unai Emery’s head. Demanding to be sacked. Many of those doing it did so because they missed Emery off their short lists to be Arsene Wenger’s replacement. They backed Allegri or Arteta and have not been willing to give the Emery the chance.

Emery is the right manager.

Emery is already ahead of Pochettino and Klopp when it comes to win ratio in English football.

Jurgen Klopp’s first 3 seasons with Liverpool saw them finish 8th, 4th and 4th. They lost the League Cup Final, Europa League Final and Champions League Final.

Prior to tonight’s game, Pochettino had just a League Cup Final defeat on his record. Three times Tottenham were in the Europa League under him. The furthest they got was the round of 16 (once). They were knocked out in the Round of 32 twice.

Their fans stuck with the managers, giving them a chance. Realising they were taking them forward and all they were lacking was success.

Unai Emery’s Arsenal are already vastly superior to where Tottenham and Liverpool were after Klopp and Pochettino’s 1st seasons.

Emery is not going to be sacked this summer. He should not be sacked this summer.

Instead of using your time and energy trying to start a campaign against him because you did not want him in the 1st place, spend it on supporting him, supporting The Arsenal.


5 thoughts on “Liverpool and Tottenham show why Arsenal need to stick with Unai Emery

  1. Lower east

    What rubbish spouted..Liverpool invested in decent players and had a team that has just missed out on the title
    Spurs invested in young English players and bought wisely in the shape of Toby A .Wanyama. To add some steel.
    Emery .. Liecsteiner? What was that all about..Suarez the same.
    Klop p and poch had a way they wanted to play.
    Emery has not got a clue. 3 or 4 at the back.. Not playing Ramsey during the season.
    Not giving youth a try in their best positionA MN
    Joe willock as good as he is the lack or game time again What s that about
    We needed a RB. Jenks could have done the job

    Tactically stupid and naive throughout the season. The capitulation at the end of the season showed he did not have a clue
    The defence where do we start.we went into the season with untried and ageing centre backs.
    If Emery was so bright he woukd have addressed this first. The fat Greek manager to get suspended when we needed him..what had miss Johnny Evans was

    The season has been littered by stupid mistakes mainly from every

    There are better guys out there. Time to go


  2. Crispen

    We are making the Manure mistake of thinking that a good coach at Everton will be a good coach at Manure..
    Get Rid now… Emery is hopeless.. Are you really looking forward to us going to Watford next season ad parking the bus.?


  3. gunnerbear

    We’ve got much deeper issues than if it is ‘X’ or ‘Y’ who manages the club.

    I’ve heard talk that the fans should try and force KSE out of the club and get another buyer on board and then get that buyer to put in hundreds of millions of pounds to fund the purchase of players….

    ..that is fantasy, it would require a buyer to shell out over 1.4 Billion Pounds just for the club…

    …a valuation utterly, totally, unlike LFC when H&G finally sold up. If there was a chance of AFC coming up for sale…can anyone name a serious buyer?


    1. keenosafc Post author

      Completely agree with your point. Also those people would then demand the new owner pumps in hundreds of millions.

      People with £2-3bn just sitting there ready to be pumped into a football club (and lost) do not exactly grow on trees



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