Fans need to be prepared for last minute game changes

Tomorrow we play Brighton. Maybe.

With all the Coronavirus hysteria, things are changing almost hourly.

We could wake up tomorrow to find a decision has bene made to play the game behind closed doors, or that it has been postponed.

Arsenal’s mid-week game against Manchester City was postponed following the Olympiakos owner being tested positive for coronavirus earlier in the week.

This resulted in the self-isolation of anyone that had come into close contact with him within 14 days of the positive test. Numerous Arsenal players and staff members who told to self-isolate, which came to an end yesterday.

According to the BBC, just 5 players went into self-isolation, having been in contact with Evangelos Marinkis in the tunnel after the match. No player was tested.

We are in a fluid situation and things are changing quickly.

Whilst the UK has not followed France and Italy’s lead by banning mass gatherings, it will not be too long until this happens as cases continue to rise.

My advice is do not book trains for away games.

In 9 days time, we play Sheffield United away in the FA Cup. Anyone booking trains now must be prepared to lose the cost of their ticket if the game is postponed, or played behind closed doors.

It might be frustrating, but the train companies have no right to refund people for cancelled events, and clubs also have not liability towards fans who have paid out for trains or hotels.

For the foreseeable, plan to take private transport rather than public.

Get together with your mates and drive to games, or hire a mini bus if there are more than you. Alternatively contact The Mini Bus Crew, they always have seats available.

Staying away from public transport at least means if a game is cancelled, you do not lose the cost of a train ticket. Even f it means driving to a game and not being able to drink.

If you do decide to book trains, flights or hotels, that is your choice. You have accepted the risk. And you can not really moan if you end up losing your money.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be getting on a train to Brighton (will buy train tickets on the day) and the disruption this week does not affect the players too much.

Victory would see us go just 2 points behind Manchester United in 5th.

(Note: This blog was written prior to the Mikel Arteta news)



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