Arsenal announce COVID19 season ticket procedure

Arsenal season ticket holders will soon receive Emails from the club detailing ticketing for the 2020/21 season.

The club have already updated the Terms and Conditions on the website.

From this we can get an early insight into what Arsenal are planning for the forthcoming season for “general admission”:

    • For any Reduced Capacity Match during the 2020/21 Season, Home Match Tickets will be issued by Ballot

    • In order to be eligible to enter the Ballots, you must have been a Gold Member for the 2019/20 season
      • The club might open a Ballot to other tiers of Membership depending on Gold Member take up
    • To enter the Ballot, fans must make an “initial payment” to the club to the sum of equivalent to the rebate you received into your Ticket Exchange and Transfer account for 2019/20
      • This initial payment will act as partial pre-payment towards the cost of a Season Ticket
      • Payment will be made “game by game” with the initial payment only used against the cost of a season ticket when full capacity returns
      • You may enter the Ballot in groups of up to 4 people
    • In the event that you are allocated a Home Mach Ticket through a Ballot, the Club shall take payment for the price of the relevant Home Match Ticket by using the payment card details that you provided to the Club
    • The club are unable to guarantee your usual seat, but will attempt to seat you as close as possible
    • Before any Home Match Ticket will be issued to you, you will be required to confirm that you will agree to comply with and adhere to any COVID-19-related guidance
    • You will be required to provide the name of who is using the ticket on a “ticket by ticket basis” when purchasing. This name must match who uses the ticket on game-day
    • Home Match Tickets for a Reduced Capacity Match are not refundable
    • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no Home Match Tickets will be permitted to be sold or exchanged through the “Ticket Exchange Service”
    • If you decide not to enter your season ticket into the Ballot, you will still be eligible to renew your ticket for 2021/22
    • If you log onto the Arsenal website, you will now have an option to renew your season ticket. Initial payments are from £210.14

More details will follow once the Emails have been sent out



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