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The Arsenal and Me – Wayne’s Story

The date was Saturday 15th February 1992 and me and my younger brother John had asked our mum for some money to go watch Arsenal play Sheffield Wednesday, but to our disappointment our mum was short of money that day and instead she gave us 50p each to go buy some sweets, we were on the way to our local shops on Woodberry Down estate to spend our 50p pocket money, I was 12 years old and John was 10 years old.

As we crossed the road John found £35 just laying there near a car wheel some poor person had lost their money so we done the right thing and rounded up a few of our mates and paid for them to get in to watch The Arsenal!

As you will know in them days it only cost us £4 (child tickets) to get into Highbury so with £35 in our pockets £24 for 6 of us to get in and enough for a burger and programme.

We watched Arsenal thrash Sheffield Wednesday 7-1 with goals from Campbell(2) Limpar(2) Smith Merson & Wright as a 12 year old watching the team I love, standing in the north bank singing dancing it was a atmosphere which football is missing now and as an Arsenal fan all we have these days are memories!

Well that’s my best Arsenal memory I hope you enjoy.


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