And now onto Tottenham (without Bale)

So that is that out of the way then. Another comfortable victory in the Champions League qualifiers see’s us into the main draw for the umpteenth consecutive time (it’s too late to Google and see how many. I think its 16 though?). Any doubt, of which there was a lot, was removed after the 3-0 lead in the 1st tie. And the game was secured with 2 brilliant goals from Aaron ‘The General’ Ramsey at the Emirates last night. And with that out of the way, we can concentrate on what will be one of our most important games of the season.

The visit of Tottenham Hotspur.

That lot up the Seven Sisters Road genuinely think they have a chance this year. In fact, they genuinely though that they have had a chance for the last four years ever since Robbie Keane said in 2009:

“I think it’s certainly even and if you look at the squads, I think that our bench is probably a little bit stronger than theirs at the moment.”

Well Robbie, once again the Tottenham bench might be better than that of The Arsenal’s, but it is the 1st 11 that counts. And like in every year of the last 18 (or is it now 19), Tottenham will be in our shadow. Yes, they might have spent big – over £60 million, but this is not the first season they have outspent Arsenal. In fact, in the last 10 years, Tottenham have spent nearly £200,000,000 more on players then Arsenal. And this is not nett spend, but gross spend.

It is not what you spend, it is how you spend it, and Spurs have a history of not spending it well. And their current crop, as previously discussed, are not as good as their big price tags might indicate. Anyone, enough of the bitching about that lot.

At the end of the day, as long as we play to the best of our ability, we should be beating that lot. Aaron Ramsey is running the midfield. Santi Cazorla now seems to of got fully fit. As has Jack Wilshire. And whilst Theo Walcott might not of yet shone, he already has 2 assists in 4 games.

Spurs meanwhile, started their last game with those prestigious ‘young’ talents Danny Rose (23) and Andros Townshend (any relation to Pete?). Yes, young Danny might have once scored a screamer against us, but so did David Bentley. And that was his career peak. I am sure Danny won’t go on to too many better things.

What it is about The Derby is the pride, the passion, the buzzing. There is no better game out their then derby. No matter the ‘mocking’, it is a cup final. Even if you become Champions, losing twice (or evening losing one and drawing the other) means that you will still be on the other end of some poor banter. It means so much. And a 4pm kick off on a Sunday. Let’s hope the game is the only thing that kicks off.

On a side note, it seems OK for Sky TV/BT Sport to move a game from a Saturday early game to Sunday 4pm for TV, despite the police originally moving it for ‘safety grounds’ but when it comes to there being no trains to get home (Sunderland/Swansea) things will not budge. But that’s for another blog.

But back to the derby. I am sitting here. It is Wednesday. 4 days to go. And I am already buzzing. The anticipation will only increase. Bring on Super Sunday. Bring on Tottenham.


Ps: How small a club must Spurs be if there best player go’s ‘on strike’ to leave? That is so 2011.

22 thoughts on “And now onto Tottenham (without Bale)

  1. Steve

    Drivel. Poorly written by someone who clearly lacks the intelegence to see when he is blindly believing.

    Every Arsenal fan I know right now is DREADING the NLD on Sunday because not only are Arsenal missing key players, the ones that are fit are not as good as the ones currently at Spurs.

    Name a strongest 11 of combined Spurs and Arsenal players. You won’t find many Arsenal players in there.

    Walker, Vertonghen, Koscielny, Gibbs,
    Capoue, Paulinho, Wilshere,
    Bale, Soldado, Walcott.

    4 out of 11. Anyone of you that wants to try and convince the football world that Podolski or Giroud are better than Soldado, please do not humiliate yourselves any further. Also, anyone who would like to point out that Bale is in the list, I would point out that he is as of this moment, STILL a Spurs player.

    1. Dave Morris

      Oh Steve mate, not another mythical Arsenal v Tottenham best 11 gag, or in other words ‘my dad is bigger than your dad’ rubbbish. Please mate, grow some and don’t spout utter nonsense on pathetic little games that are always going going to be heavily biased towards the team you support. How very dull my friend… Btw how many times have you actually seen Capoue, Pailinho and Soldado actually play eh??

  2. Steve

    “At the end of the day, as long as we play to the best of our ability, we should be beating that lot. Aaron Ramsey is running the midfield.”

    Seriously pal, stop embarrassing yourself. Your days of North London domination are well and truly gone. Ask any football pundit who is the better side now. Ask any neutral fan the same question.

    Last season, we ran you ragged at The Emirates until that waste of space Adebayor got himself sent off. you can only beat us when we have a man less.

    Aaron Ramsey is decent but he will be up against a top class midfield on Sunday and will find no space. Wilshere has all the ability in the world, just hasn’t consistently shown it, nor managed to stay fit for long enough to develop “form” of any kind. Cazorla is class but will be marked out of the game by Capoue fro, start to finish. Also, take into account that we could field Capoue AND Sandro with Paulinho playing as the box-to-box and NOTHING will get through.

    Bale will not play, which is your only real let off and you should hope that we haven’t signed another forward (Lamela) by then.

    Arsenal 1 – 3 Spurs, Soldado to score another penalty.


    1. Dave Morris

      oh Stevey babey, please any ounce of credability (which was on very short supply anyway after your best 11 comedy) has been lost after the ‘Ask any football pundit who is the better side now’. Really, these are the same pundits that were saying the same things over the past few seasons….

      Mind the gap sunshine, lol… As ever we will let you crow about yourselves and then come May time will just look down on you yet again laughing as you have yet another ‘what could have been’ moment… We do try and help you but you Spuds just never learn unfortunately….

    2. Dan Lewis

      Take into account that your team is still relatively fresh and still getting to know each other yet the team we have beat bayern 2-0 away last season, take into account that this is the same team that was described as ‘the most aggressive’ by Evra, ‘the best city had played’ by Kompany now don’t get me wrong I don’t think that means shit regarding winning titles but when it comes to playing and beating you mugs-we got the edge- you have relied on penalties to get through your first 2 games. Take into account that you weren’t 1 man down when we smashed you up 5-2 the season before, ‘you only beat us when we are a man down’??? MUG. Also take into account that if monkey boy stays it won’t be because he wanted to and we might even have a signing or two- also take into account ’61 never again’, plus you have won the league twice, we have won it at your s**t hole twice.

      1. Fool

        Yeah you beat Bayern, but they were treading water. Evra said you were aggressive, yet Spurs didn’t lose to United last season. Kompany said you were good, yet Spurs smashed them 3-1. Oh and by the way, how did your lot do the last time you played Spurs? Mug.

      2. The-Whistle-Blows

        So Dan you have mangaged to embarrass yourself with the faint praise of other teams Captains, you complete dohnut. So thats the Evra who plays for man U and who managed to take 1 pt off Tottenham last season and yet took 4 pts off you? And is it the Kompany who captains Man city who you managed to score 1 goal against last season and lost 0-2 at home to? The same Man City we beat 3-1 at the Lane??
        You Gooners,, HA! Go live in Wenger-land where your squad is perfect and you dont need to sign anyone! We will sell Bale (if at all) at 1 min before the window closes and you wont have time to buy anyone off Real Madrid (as if any of them would come to you anyway!)
        It doesnt really matter if you beat Ol’ Harry Redsnapps SPurs 5-2 , or 10 man AVB Spurs 5-2, or even if you win again on Sunday (which I seriously dont think you will) against a team still getting to know each other. You know it, we know it, Spurs are on the way up! And you gooners – well, you’re really Goners!

      3. Dave Morris

        Yes yes yes Mr Whistle Blows, we know, Spurs are on their way up, better than Arsenal yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah. We have been told the same thing by yu Spuds for years now, we understand really.. Keep on dreaming boys and we shall keep on looking at you sympathetically whilst muttering ‘they will never learn bless em…
        Keep up the good work, you never dissapoint me…

  3. Harry

    I have to I still think Arsenal still have the edge in the first eleven.. despite all Tottenham’s improvements. If you were to run through a Tottenham-Arsenal first 11 this is what I would go for.. perhaps you disagree, I have a less good Arsenal insight.

    Goaly – Lloris. I think that is fairly obvious. If you haven’t seen him, he is very good.

    RB – Walker/Sagna. I would prob just give it to Sagna. Walker is more of a threat. But makes defensive errors. Maybe 50/50

    CB – Vertongen. I think he is stand out the best.
    CB – Vermailen/Koscieny/Mertasacker… All ahead of Kaboul+Dawson

    LB – Agreed. Rose is cack. Assou-Ekotto was good. But Monreal or Gibbs are both better.

    CM – Paulinho already looks a cut above.
    CM – Wilshire
    CM – Arteta/Dembele/Sandro/Capoue/Ramsey.. You could say 50/50 on this one. Depends what you want. All good-Very good.

    It think all these pick themselves.
    Carzola –
    Soldado –
    Walcott –

    Tottenham have 4 certain picks… Arsenal have 4… probably 5.

    Notbably.. Tottenham’s players in there are mainly new.

    Will be close I think.

  4. Alan

    Before you write about variances in player spend, do you care to include wages in your calculations? That is player spend after all is it not? Or do you just think that information is contained within those who wear black scarfs and not turn up at the Emirates?

    Arsenal’s wages are nearly 50M more than THFC per annum. So, my dear, that means before THFC even write a cheque for a transfer fee, you have spunked 50M on such illustrious names like Abou Diaby, Nicholas Bendtnar etc. Names so regularly misspelt because of their lack of achievements in the game.

    So enjoy your 16th consecutive season in the CL because all it goes to is paying for the deadwood.

    The reality is that we know your fans us as an argument against your club’s practices. “If that lot down the road can attract Paulinho, Soldado etc then why can’t we”. So nice try. You’re only fooling yourselves.

    1. Nipper'71.2004

      Oh the irony of “your only fooling yourselves”… Do you think the fact that you come out with all this “were better than you now” crap every year is forgotten?.. Only by you donuts it seems….

  5. epochery

    The way the writer tells it, you would think Spurs and Arsenal were a mile apart, where in fact the difference has been so small, just a poor refereeing decision between the two. I love a win against the Arsenal but we spend too much time concerning ourselves with these games when there are 36 equally important games throughout the season. Perhaps the reason Arsenal have pipped us over the last two seasons when Spurs should have finished above them.

  6. Jimbo

    I think you’re a little foolish as the gap between the two clubs has never been smaller. These days you cannot write off Spurs and their transfer dealings have been excellent, even though you quite clearly don’t think so. This current Spurs team is no longer the tiny totts that arsenal have become accustomed to and they will look to dominate the midfield and snub out the threat of cazorla.

  7. Nipper'71.2004

    Same old pony from the shadow dwellers… They’ve got the best players, the best manager, the best fans… Blah blah blah… But despite all these advantages they still cant manage to finish above us. I used to enjoy listening/ reading this drivel from the “this is our year” boys, but now its just boring.

  8. dave

    Haw sp@rs getting on now steve you bell-end? All them sighnings working wonders and another new manager (who supports arsenal) glad to see things are looking up at shiteheart lane phaaaaaphaaa


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