The transfer window and Tottenham, a week of fear…

The priorities at the start of every football season is two fold, firstly beating that lot up the road every time we play them and secondly finishing above them in the league which is something we have managed to do more or less all of my adult life (1993 doesn’t count as we did the cup double). That’s just how it should be, normal order but there is always the fear of losing to them, which is one reason why I always hate the week coming up to playing them.

I’m still upset over that semi in 1991, ok the 1993 and 2001 semi finals have more than made up for that day but we should of done the double that season and if it wasn’t for one fluked defeat away to Chelsea (pre-roman when they were skint and shit) we should also of gone unbeaten that season as well. Every loss to that lot from Middlesex hurts and I can only imagine how that lot must feel with us having the bragging rights over them for the best part of 20 odd years.

This season we have an early chance of getting one over on them, we have a chance of stopping the constant drivel they come out with at the start of every season. The gap is closing, they have signed some top players, this year is the year they will over take us, blah blah bloody blah.

But in the back of my mind there is another fear this week, the fear that yet again the club will let us down in the transfer market. We could and can speak all day and night over whose fault the lack of spending is, some blame Mr Wenger, some blame our current American custodian but one thing is for sure nobody believed Ivan Gazidis when he said this year we would spend big. This was his usual lies and spin to sell season tickets and from what I have been told Club Level has the lowest take up since we moved from our home to that bowl, another fail from him.

The one bright side of this transfer window is we do not have to look over our shoulder from other clubs buying our star players for either their personal greed or the clubs profits as they are all gone. Sadly they haven’t been replaced for like for like and everyone and their dog knows where the current squad are lacking and the club have 5 days left to dust off the blankly blank cheque book and pen and do the business. I really don’t know what I fear the most, us losing to the scum on Sunday or the club yet again not spending and us yet again missing out on challenging for trophies

Hold tight, its going to be a rollercoaster of a week…..


23 thoughts on “The transfer window and Tottenham, a week of fear…

  1. JackFact

    You know what? Arsenal will wipe the floor with this Spurs team. Paulinho, Dembele, Capoue, Sandro are all effectively the same player – ball chasers not creators or flair players. Arsenal’s fast one-touch passing will leave them all huddled together like headless chickens chasing a ball on a string.

    Soldado? Lazier than Adebayor!!!

    And after 2 undeserved penalty wins, Spurs luck is over!

    £70m spent to finish 5th again! Hilarious!!! And we thought last season was funny!

  2. Woolwich Nomads

    Your new signings have gelled a little bit faster than our in many ways new team. oh wait….:-)


    1. The spirit of Dennis Bergkamp

      “Grrrr, u gooner cuntz, moving in on our manor, taking over and making it your own, grrrrr”


      Yeah, we may have moved from down south, but the only club we moved near was you wallys, a club formed in Middlesex..hehehe.

      AFC (known in Europe as “Arsenal London”, and you’re known as “spurs who?”) Ouch!!! LOL

  3. Mosgoon

    Sure the spuds have bought some players, but latest face it the are loosing the player that single handedly raised them from mid table. Not all the players they buy will come good, it never works like that for anyone. Like you say there is always this stuff that we are crap and clubs like the spuds and Liverpool will be way ahead this year. We do not have many friends in the press, this year some of us seem hell bent on openly criticising Wenger and hence the team. Some of this is measured but most is baseless speculation and will do nothing positive for the team at all and could be completely counterproductive (take Wilshere’s comments on Wenger/Arsenal)

    1. Thfctid

      I honestly don’t understand how anybody can criticise a manager who has done what he has for Arsenal. As for Bale yes he is going but it won’t be the end for us just like it wasn’t for Arsenal when RVP left. He done the same in his last season for you as Bale done for us last season. The same could be said about RVPs contribution for Man Utd last season but without a team it wouldn’t of been enough to win them the league

  4. Thfctid

    I have been a tottenham fan all my life and live and breath football. I love the game not just my team and it irks me when i hear certain comments from the minority that dont respect the game. I can deffinately say that Arsenal have been stronger then us for years but the gap has HAS closed. It should be embraced by both sets of supporters because it only makes the North london derbies much more important and even bigger matches then they have been for quite some time. Arsenal WILL strengthen before the window closes because they have to if they want to challenge the top 3 this year. as for tottenham Lamela will be playing for us on Sunday and he will add the flair to the strong spine which is our midfield. I’m not sure if we will break into the top four but with the money we have spent there can be no excuses. The end of the season will tell the story. COYS!!!!

  5. Erik


      1. COYS

        I know Arse fans have not been looking at new signings recently, but Lamela is very good and will piss all over you on Sunday if he starts ahead of our other signings – Paulinho, Soldado, Capoue and Chadli. Probably Eriksen too by the weekend. Mind you, I’m worried how we’ll deal with the pace of Sanogo (and I had to look that up)

      2. The spirit of Dennis Bergkamp

        For the angwy yids below… I think you’ll find that we’re the real London club…your clubs from Middlesex..LOL (sssshhhh, keep that hush hush eh?)

        AFC (Laughing at the yids since 1961)

  6. The spirit of Dennis Bergkamp

    Hahaha, those poor deluded spuds say the same shite every year, and every year they fall flat on their fat, jealous, bitter, hate filled faces, its a joy to behold..LOL

    Forever in our shadow.

    AFC (13 times)

    1. COYS

      Er, have you noticed over the last 4 seasons, we’ve beaten you more than you’ve beaten us? Can you check your grammar and punctuation please, it is annoying having to decipher your vitriolic rubbish.

      1. The spirit of Dennis Bergkamp

        Wot duz it matta how i spel, u no wen someone is takin tha piss an makin u vewy vewy angwy. Calm down yids, its only a game..LOL


    1. The spirit of Dennis Bergkamp

      Nah, i’ve just let go of your sister, she loves to hug me below the belt line,,yagetme? LOL

      AFC (13 times)


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