The Arsenal and Me – Adam’s Story

Well, Where to begin exactly, I come from a long line of Arsenal fans in my family I don’t know how it started or why it started but all I know is that my granddad is the reason for why me, my dad, my uncles, my cousins, etc etc are all arsenal fans, he was born and raised in Woolwich ( if any of you don’t know the history of Arsenal, it is where Arsenal was founded) we could have supported Charlton Athletic seeing as they are only down the road, but I for one am glad that I am a Gunner and I for one am proud to wear the red and white!!.

Nothing comes close to the love I have for Arsenal, I always said and I will always say that Arsenal will always be my first and only love.

I can’t exactly remember my first game (when we were still at highbury) but I’m glad my dad took me because I’m sure as a lot of others once you go through those turnstiles there was no turning back and I’m sure like a lot of other Gooners miss that place, an old friend. I sat in the north bank with my dad (when I could go) the north bank upper tier.

When we moved to the emirates and when I went to my first game there I was 13 or 14 I earned money just to buy a ticket, I remember it well it was against Portsmouth!! On a cold and dull day, absolutely freezing but I will never forget the feeling when I first walked out towards the seats and looking out onto the pitch, back in the north bank, but at the emirates I got this warm feeling inside. And the buzz was like nobody could take it I was feeling confident about this game!!

But over the years I have finally got a season ticket, and I have experienced
Some of the most emotional football anybody has seen, like Barcelona at home, it was like our cup final, we were strong enough, and we had bags full of confidence so we knew we could win at home and like I say that was our final, all I wanted was to beat Barca and we did, an Arshavin goal from a Nasri pass from the right!! And BANG. Hits the back of the net, the crowd went crazy and I could feel the emotional side coming out in me, we knew we wouldn’t beat them at the Nou Camp but knowing we can beat them proves the Barcelona team really are human!! And not jus a machine!!

I’ll never forget the two years on the trot of beating the scum 5-2 I was at both games, and boy was it great knowing we would be kicking them back down the seven sisters with a 5-2 loss on their mind!! TWO YEARS IN A ROW!!! Who could have ever of written that script aye?

There’s no doubt no regrets no nothing about me loving Arsenal, Arsenal is my life, no matter what happens, win or lose or draw I will always be proud of the lads, I will always be proud to be apart of the red and white army and no matter what happens, I will always wear my shirt with pride!! A legend once said once you are a Gooner you will always be a Gooner and you will always be in my heart forever!!!

Red and white army, up the arsenal


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