10 Reasons why we will beat Napoli to top the group + starting XI

1.. Everton was a tough game, we wont have many like that this season, Napoli have to come out for a big win, counter attacking will suit us.

2.. No fresh injuries since our last game, the bench will also look pretty strong.

3.. The home crowd will try to unease our players but we are made of harder stuff these days.

4.. We always make the last 16, this year will be no different. Dortmund need to win and we need to lose 0-3 for us to go out.

5.. Napoli got stuffed at home to Udinese at the weekend and are sitting 3rd in there league, played 15, won 10, drawn 2 lost 3 and are 8 points off leaders Juve

6.. Napoli have shipped in 9 goals in the 5 games so far in the Champions League, we have let in just 3.

7.. Wenger (yes I am giving him some credit) has done well recently in rotating the squad. This game is perfect for Flamini with his experience in Italy, I hope he starts him.

8.. Theo his pace will scare the hell out of them, he should be a must starter.

9.. Let’s hope Wenger and the team have learnt from past experiences, we must finish top of the group to avoid a tricky game next round.

10… Wenger knows. Get this game out the way and his great run of getting out of the group stages continues, 90mins of hard work and a team up for it is all that’s needed.

Likely starting XI – Chesney, Jenks, Per, Kos, Gibbs, flamini, Ramsey, Rosicky, Ozil, Theo, Giroud.



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