Happy New Year from all at She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

Happy New Year to all Gooners across all continents from everyone at She Wore. Without you all, on the Facebook or on Twitter, we would not be here today. In August 2013, we made the decision to break out on our own and start a proper blog to go alongside the banter on Facebook and Twitter. After hundreds of thousands of hits in 5 months, I would say it has been a successful move.

I would like to thank the people who have help make She Wore A Yellow Ribbon one of the best forums out there. To the admins on the Facebook page, thank you for your work. For those who ‘like’ the page and get involved with the banter, it is your comments that keep us interested, that keep us growing. To those on who help with Twitter, with the banter, with the RT’s, with the #FF’s, thanks for your support. To all those who have written an The Arsenal and Me, your contributions have been brilliant (and we need more!). And to those who have written articles for the site, thanks for the blogs, and I hope all of your New Years resolution’s is to write more.

Our ’10 reasons why we will beat Cardiff’ will be posted shortly.

Happy New Year to all


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