We’ve got Mezut Mezut Ozil on the wing…on the wing !

Firstly I will admit the starting 11 yesterday Vs Everton looked spot on, it looked fresh, exciting and full of attacking options, sadly that didn’t turn out to be the case. We almost set up like a counter attacking side against a team who have been perfecting this skill over the last year or so under Martinez.

Ozil out wide left does not work, it’s never worked in the past and won’t work in the future. Yes Ozil has played successfully in that role for Germany, but he has the worlds best left back behind him to cover.  Ozil like many a left midfielder Wenger has tried since he sold Pires (too soon) is bloody useless at tracking back, it’s just not his game, he loses his man at key moments and without even bothering to read the gutter press this morning I’m sure he’s blamed for Everton’s first goal.

The left midfield is fast becoming our graveyard position….

Reyes – Never the same after Neville kicked him

Arshavin – A number 10 played out wide where he lost interest and looked lazy

Gervinho – Lost all form once he came to us

Podolski – The most natural finisher we have (had) but like Ozil he can’t defend

Santi – Cuts inside too much, gives us no width

The problem is Wenger seems to like buying small tidy tippy tappy players who are versatile, when what he should be doing is identifying where we are weak and buying players to fit into that position. Round holes and square pegs springs to mind over and over again. There is little or no point buying £30mill plus players then not building a team around them, Ozil needs to play as a number 10, he needs runners around him, he needs no defensive duties in our box and then we will get the best out of him.



12 thoughts on “We’ve got Mezut Mezut Ozil on the wing…on the wing !

  1. Font

    We got into a kicking match first half which we lost we also played against 13 as the ref and 1 of the linesman had obliviously found out Sanogo, had been shaging there wife’s otherwise why else would he have been so biased against us


  2. deejay

    i dont think sanogos got it in him to shag more than once (without getting injured). however i would like to see di maria on the wing for us and not yernited. i would also pay a reduce fee for khedira and move him of after a year if we win nuffink this season ( for a profit)


  3. david

    Sanchez will play on the left when Walcott returns, i agree with 100% on the past, wenger has filled this void. give it time.


  4. Font

    Ozil played out wide for Germany at the World Cup and look what happened there.
    once Walcott comes back it will not be interesting to see what happens.


  5. maz

    Nice article, agee….
    Ozil is a teddy bear player needs a vry strong team to back him up, hez kinda frail n too sensitive…. But loads of talent yes….

    Feel sanchez is better @ wings dan centre forward, gv d lad sum time to settle down.

    Get a gud dm n v shud do much better…..


  6. geekaybee

    Buying Ozil was a knee jerk reaction after he hadn’t signed anybody exceptional during the summer transfer window. His own manager said he sold him because he was rarely motivated to contribute a lot of the time. Think of what we could have got for that kind of money if Wenger had got his finger out and bought earlier in the window. Oil was last minute shopping after all the good stuff had been already sold.


    1. Antique Gunmen

      SPOT OFF bro!
      What an amateur analyse. Every managers in this world, except Ancellotti, rated Ozil in highest place. Every great players have weakness, even Messi and Ronaldo.
      I agree, Arsene should play him in his most comfortable position according to our squad composition. Make him doing defensive jobs is a real bad idea.
      About Santi, he’s not that bad. He can play flank and won’t mind to track back. Rambo goal at Goodison was his assist, was he?


  7. Scott Howie

    Ozil is not a winger, just like Arshavin wasn’t. These are the 2 biggest similarities in terms of players, status and roles as functional number 10’s. I don’t understand why we don’t sign a left winger, even though I believe Alexis Sanchez will eventually play there, with Theo on the right. Ozil needs to up his game though!



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