Happy Anniversary Tottenham Hotspur

50 years ago today, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club of Middlesex became a North London club.

On April 1st 1965, the Municipal Borough of Tottenham, within the County of Middlesex, which White Hart Lane sits within, was abolished and combined with other districts in the area to create the London Borough of Haringey under the London government Act 1963.

This jurisdiction change created a rivalry with London’s existing North London club, Arsenal, who had resided in the Metropolitan Borough of Islington, within the County of London before the boundary changes, for 52 years. Up until 1965, Arsenal were the only London Club. In fact, Arsenal were London’s first Football Club, having originated in the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich, also in the County of London (and not the County of Kent as some think).

Arsenal did not protest about Tottenham becoming a North London rival, despite the move creating two clubs in the same area, and potentially damaging Arsenal’s London fan base.

Up until this point, North London was Red. Since this point, North London is Red.

So to our little sister up the Road, Happy Anniversary.

For further reading on the matter, please visit the brilliant blog by angryofislington



23 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Tottenham Hotspur

  1. Big Mal

    An obsession like yours can be cured. I have the name of a counsellor who can help. She will start by telling you that it is ok to secretly feel envious of another organisation, but not a good idea to spend so much time thinking about them. She will also discuss the fact that this organisation have been in the same location for many years and that changing county boundaries is utterly irrelevant, but a sad crutch to cling to by other organisations desperate to raise their profiles and feel as if they have some worth. It is common to clutch straws in this way, but again it is best not to voice it as you will come across as desperate, sad and, of course, a complete nerd. Denial is not a great feeling, but you can get over it.

    1. John Clarke

      This from someone whose got one eye eagerly on a related blog from “another organisation”! Who’s obsessing over who,I wonder??

      1. Big Mal

        Oh John, bless you for the most predictable response. It appears in my newsnow feed with the other hundreds of articles that Arsenal ‘fans’ write about Tottenham. Do keep up

  2. Bazza

    Which just goes to show, there are those that deny their true fan base by moving around for better profit and then there are those that stay at their natural home and the people change the map in order to include them. Goons, forever in the wilderness because you left your fans behind.

    1. John Clarke

      And your lot would have landed up in The East End if the mugs upstairs had got their way so let’s have it right about loyalty to fan bases

      1. Big Mal

        Do keep up point 2, John. Do you really not know why Tottenham bid for the Olympic stadium? Frightening

  3. Big A

    Tottenham the place has had a north London (N) post code since the post office introduced them in 1857 – T.H.F.C. have been in Tottenham since their formation in 1882. Dial Square were formed in 1886, 4 years after Spurs – and played their home games on a pig farm in Plumstead, which was in Kent at the time. The Woolwich Wanderers didn’t move north of the river until a generation later in 1913 (31 years after Spurs were formed there).

  4. Mr Happy

    As the MP for Tottenham recently stated in the Commons. There are two decent football teams in north London, Tottenham Hotspurs and Enfield Town.

  5. Paul Dineen

    Pretty imaterial really the only thing is they will always be in Arsenals shadow and are bitter and jealous ) as the laughing monkey song goes ) . EIE

  6. Sol Campbell

    So….Tottenham Hotspur – that mighty GloryGlory club – the one that their fans try to convince every one else that they’re a big club – haven’t won a title in all the years they were officially recognised as a North London club?


    So they’re a big club because they’ve won a couple of tin-pot-mickey-mouse-no-one-plays-their-1st-team Cups!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    They really are the gift that keeps on giving.

    May I wish them all a Happy St. Totteringham’s Day in advance in case I forget to do so at the end of the month!

      1. Sol Campbell

        …i’ll take that as a “grrrrrr, i’ve no reply to that, please dont upset me anymore you nasty Gooner”


  7. Daniel Permutt

    Well, how technical do you want to get? The ‘City of London’ has no football teams whatsoever. Every football club that annoints themselves the ‘pride of London’ should, in fact, annoint themselves the ‘pride of the Greater London Administrative Area’ – which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?

  8. Ian

    To be fair I think Spurs should be amalgamated back to Middlesex as their title record since the move reads – 0

  9. Never moved

    Tottenham – Tottenham Wooolwich Arsenal – Woolwich Arsenal – Highbury/Ashburtongrove Now this either means that Arsenal have existed since 1913 or that they Changed their name moved across London in a dodgy move financed by back handers and blackmail threats by a man who was banned for life from Football when his dealings caught up with him ?

    1. Middlesex is not London

      Glad to know you was tuned in, but i guess anythings better than watching you slope heads at the dump, eh Stig? 🙂


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