Weekend of unpredictable results brings perspective to Arsenal fans

Stoke City 2 – 0 Manchester City
Manchester United 0-0 West Ham
West Brom 1-1 Tottenham
Chelsea 0-1 Bournemouth
Newcastle 2 – 0 Liverpool

What a set of results. Anyone who says the have predicted that 5 of England’s premier sides would fail to win their game would be a liar. Even more unbelievable when 4 of the 5 opponents started Saturday in the bottom half of the table.

The Premier League this year is so unpredictable. From day one with West Ham beating Arsenal at away (and also going on to beat Liverpool, Man City & Chelsea), it has been a gamblers nightmare.

What this weekends results should do for Arsenal fans is bring in a little bit of perspective.

Two awful results against Norwich and WBA looked to have derailed our season. Yet we sit here, in December, 2 points off top behind Leicester. Who themselves are showing how unpredictable the league is. Favourites to be relegated, now in the title race.

So Arsenal failed to beat Norwich and WBA, taking just 1 point from the two away games, despite taking the lead. It was not good enough. Made even worse by the injuries we sustained – Arsenal suffering an injury crisis perhaps the only thing predictable this season.

The reaction by many to these results was way over the top. And this weekends results show just why.

“A game they should win”. To an extent, this statement is often true. Norwich and WBA away are games Arsenal should win. But as they say, football is not won on paper (or more recently, on computer screens). And whilst there are games certain teams really should win, that does not mean that they will win it.

In recent weeks, Manchester City have lost to Stoke and drawn with Aston Villa. Games that they really should win. They did not.

Spurs whilst on their longest unbeaten run in their history (14 games) have failed to beat Leicester, Swansea and the aforementioned WBA. Games they really should win.

And Manchester United have only won 2 of their last 6 games. Dropping points against the likes of Leicester, West Ham and Crystal Palace. Games they really should win.

And do not even get me started on Chelsea…As much as Leicester rise was unpredictable, Chelsea demise is equally so.

It seems every time Arsenal fail to win, the whif of crisis comes across the club. It is on Twitter. In the media. In the crowd. And it is a massive overreaction.

The fact is, the mid table teams, the likes of West Ham, Crystal Palace, Swansea, Leicester and Stoke have massively closed the gap between themselves and the top sides.

The likes of Shaqiri, Payet, Mahrez, Cabaye and Ayew. Who would have thought a few years ago that these talents would be playing for Premier League sides, who would settle for mid table mediocrity?

Of course, this is all to do with the money floating about in the game right now. These clubs can offer salaries that the likes of Sevilla, Wolfsburg & Marseille can only dream of.

These players coming into the Premier League has created the unpredictability of results we now see.

Even as I write this, Georginio Wijnaldum has just scored Newcastle’s second as they take apart Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. Newcastle able to sign the captain of PSV, who at one stage was one of the brightest young players in Holland. Newcastle scored 2 with just 1 shot on target. Where has we heard that before recently?

Football games are not won on paper. If you want predictability, go and support PSG in Ligue 1. Currently 15 points clear. Or Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. Who only just lost their first league game this season. And have scored 48 league goals already. 14 points ahead of 3rd.

Whilst you are right to want Arsenal to win every game. It is incorrect to expect us to win every game.

Arsenal will drop more points this season. They will fail to win more games that they really should win. But so will other teams.

So let’s use this weekends run of results as a bit of perspective. Calling for Gary Monk every time Arsenal fail to get 3 points. OK. Tweeting things like “Klopp wouldn’t have lost that game”. These will only make you look an idiot in the long wrong.

Mourinho, Pellegrini, Pochettino, van Gaal & Klopp all failed to win this weekend. Do they not tactics?

Teams will win games they should not win. Lose games they should not lose.

Get over it.


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