Why do Spurs fans “Want Arsene Wenger to stay”?

“We want you to stay, we want you to staaaaay, Arsene Wenger, we want you to stay”

It is one song that seems to get Arsenal fans frothing at the month. It is essentially our opponents mocking us, saying that they want Arsene Wenger to stay at Arsenal, because whilst he is at Arsenal, there will be no league titles, no victories in big games. And to some extent, they are right.

Arsenal have now gone 13 years without a league title, and our record against sides in the top 6 in recent years – especially away from home – has been atrocious.

Since last winning the title, Arsenal have beaten Chelsea just 5 times in 29 competitive games, the blues winning 4 league titles and a European Cup in that time. No wonder they want Arsene Wenger to stay.

In that same period, Arsenal have met Manchester United 32 times. Arsenal winning just 7 of the meetings. 5 league titles in the cabinet for United, and another European Cup. They must love Wenger.

New kids on the block Manchester City only beat Arsenal twice between 28th Dec 1991 and 2nd Feb 2008. In the 19 games since then, City have suffered just 5 defeats. 2 league titles. Another club who are clearly justified in wanting Arsene Wenger to stay.

But then things become a bit confusing.

On the TV on Sunday, between the Millwall songs, all you could hear at White Hart Lane was anti-Arsenal songs

“We want you to stay, we want you to staaaaay, Arsene Wenger, we want you to stay”

In 21 years of Arsene Wenger being at Arsenal, Spurs have:

  • Failed to finish above Arsenal
  • Hired 10 managers
  • Fired 9 managers
  • Beaten Arsenal 6 times in the league

That is 6 Spurs Premier League victories in 41 games when Arsene Wenger has been manager. In all competition that increases to 7 wins from 51 games.

Never in the history of the game have Arsenal dominated Spurs for such a long period. I would be surprised if there are too many city rivals (Barcelona/Espanyol & Juventus/Turin are the only ones which spring to mind) that have been so one sided over the last quarter of a century when both teams of remained in the top tier for the majority of that time.

So Spurs fans are calling for a man who has had them by the throat for 21 years, holding them under water, drowning them, to stay at the club. Maybe they are suffering from Stockholm syndrome?

This is a man who lead Arsenal to win the title at White Hart Lane. A man who has over seen more league titles in 21 years than Spurs have had in their history. It just does not add up.

Of course, some will point to progression being the main reason they want Wenger to stay.

Since Mauricio Pochettino took over, Spurs have finished 6th, 5th and 3rd. They as a club have moved forward. Meanwhile in the same 3 years, Arsenal have gone backwards. Regressed.

The reality is a little bit different. Yes under Pochettino Spurs have gone forwards as a club. But they have still finished below Arsenal in every single season. And in every single season, Arsenal’s league position has also improved.

So Spurs fans want Wenger to stay as Arsenal are regressing whilst they are moving forward. OK then.

Since Pochettino took over, he has failed to win a single trophy. This season is the 1st season he has lead Spurs beyond the 5th round of the FA Cup. He has been knocked out at the 3rd round as many times as he has led them to the QF. 0 trophies in 3 years. But it is OK, they are progressing.

In the same time, Arsenal have 2 FA Cups. So Spurs fans, without a trophy to their name since 2008, are laughing at a manager who has won 2 trophies in 3 years. Odd bunch.

The final laughable moment is Spurs fans making jokes about Arsenals Champions League record.

Continually being knocked out of the 1st knockout stage for the last however many years is infuriating. Is embarrassing. But Spurs have played in the Champions League just twice, and this season were knocked out of two European competitions before Arsenal had been knocked out of the Champions League.

This season might be the year they finally finish above an Arsenal team managed by Arsene Wenger. 1 in 22 years. And how they will celebrate. It would be like 21 years of dominance, league titles, FA Cups, unbeaten seasons, winning the league on their ground, did not happen.

I have used this analogy before. They are your mate who never gets a shag. Strikes out every time you go out. Meanwhile you more often than not bring someone back. A pull at the minimum. But tonight he has pulled whilst you have gone home alone. The next day he is full of boasting. He is a playa. The Alpha male. When the reality is he is still a spotty overweight loser who just went home with a land whale.

I am not happy with Arsenal Football Club at the moment, but Spurs fans wanting a man to stay who has towered over them for nearly a quarter of a century is simply laughable.

What odds for Spurs to finally finish above Arsenal, but for Arsenal to be lifting the FA Cup in May?


11 thoughts on “Why do Spurs fans “Want Arsene Wenger to stay”?

  1. THFC1882

    We love your logic. But yes, we want Wenger to stay. Poch is still building his team, It will only get better. Your lot have peaked, apart from Bellerin, who in that team can go up mother few levels? no one. In Wenger we trust.

  2. Ed

    Boy you guys waste so much time writing about Tottenham and desperately trying to convince yourself that you are still miles better. Would any fan of another club want to keep a manager of an opponent who makes them slightly worse every year? You answer it. Everton have ended below Arsenal every year, do they want Wenger to stay? You answer it. The atmosphere at Arsenal is toxic due to Wenger. Do you want him to stay. So just to get this clear – because Tottenham end below Arsenal, it doesn’t make an sense that they want him to stay? How long did it take you to write that pointless article?

    1. Boudanes

      Arsenal need a change from director level I don’t care about other teams and where they finish. Being in someone’s shadow for over 20 years will mean you eventually step up!

      Arsenal fan tv is an embarrassement to the club. Why is everyone blaming just wenger? I blame the greedy board. Our downhill as a club who wants to win the league ended when that American clan came in for profitable reasons. Let usmanov loose and move forward shity and chelski would not of won anything without building a team!!

      Let’s all enjoy our lasagne come may and see what happens next season 🙂

  3. Ged

    I don’t blame Wenger for wanting to stay. If someone offered me £8 million per year to finish top 4, i’d snap their arm off at the elbow. The problem is kroenke. He’s not interested in Arsenal winning anything. He just uses the club as a cash cow to service his US sports empire debts. It’s no longer a football club; it’s an entertainment business that makes money from football related activities. If this continues then it’s only a matter of time before Spurs, with a new stadium, overtake Arsenal. Because us fans have an emotional investment in our clubs this should be reflected in the ownership of said club. The often quoted German model where the fans own 51% of the club should be made law in the UK too to stop the flagrant misuse of our football clubs.

  4. Tg

    Maybe it’s as you said at the beginning it gets the Gooners frothing at the mouth! That’s why they sing it.
    It’s called banter?

  5. Patnevin

    Tottenham fan here. I want to start by saying i’m not local to the area so don’t get involved in any of the “hated rival” stuff. Unless you live in the area…..grow up and get a life. I’d also like to say that Arsen Wenger deserves the respect of fans across the league, let alone Arsenal fans. I see the attitude of some Arsenal fans towards the man and it leaves me scratching my head. If it’s mostly a younger generation they have no right to call for his head. By the admission of your own stats, it’s not like they’ve been brought up on trophies. Stats are a tool to be used to support an argument but sometimes don’t tell the full story. For instance….going back to the inception of the premier league, Tottenham were fighting for their very existence and suffered point and financial penalties. While other top clubs were enjoying the new found wealth, Spurs were just about operating. That left the club light years behind and if you want to look deeper into it you’ll see it’s when this period of dominance (Arsenal’s) started. It’s very easy to ignore that and just look at the stats of who’s won what etc. As for Tottenham fans wanting Wenger to stay…..yes it’s laughable, when you look backwards. Looking forwards it seems less laughable. Last season Tottenham should have finished 2nd….and above Arsenal but a thin squad meant we ran out of steam at the end. To be honest though, unless you finish 2nd I don’t care about finishing above you. There are only two places I care about when talking of finishing above Arsenal….1st and 4th. The invention of this “St Totteringham day” is by itself a lack of ambition, yet the fans want the manager out for lack of ambition.

    1. Ed

      My gooner friends (I know I do have some) believe that Arsenal stopped being ‘competitive’ when some idiot ‘invented’ St Totteringham day. Whoever he is he must feel proud that on that day the club became a laughing stock to the Chelseas, Man Citys, Man Us et al. Watching the celebrations at ending above Tottenham last year made me realise how far Tottenham have come and how far Arsenal have sunk. Arsenal currently have the money to threaten the billionaires but the board don’t have the ambition. Tottenham don’t have the money so have to very carefully build a team, academy, structure etc.

  6. Ithinkformyself

    “Arsenal have gone backwards”. And then you show a table that shows….4th to 3rd to 2nd……………unbelievable

    1. Ed

      We’ve found him. We have been looking, but we can now all stop. The Arsenal fan who thinks Arsenal aren’t go backwards. We can’t out him because he hasn’t left his name. 5th in the table, 16 points behind Chelsea and losing by a record score against Bayern clearly isn’t going backwards. With ‘fans’ like this, Arsenal are in very good hands. Using this sad posters own words – unbelievable

  7. S-P

    While he is in charge, your fans will continue fighting one another. We get to watch the implosions after every remotely negative result. It is funny. Simple.

    Whether any ArseAnal fan is right to react like that, or not, is a different matter. My own opinion of that is: you could win the FA Cup this season, and that would make it 3 in 4 years. That and 20 years in CL, whether you qualify this season or not, would be enough for most clubs to be very happy. But your fan base, many of whom are glory hunters, have an incredible sense of entitlement about them. They seem to believe failure to win the league in a relatively short while gives them a right to get pissy-arsed at the club’s most successful manager.

    It is funny that you decided to focus on your recent dominance over us. I think it displays the type of juvenile glory hunter triumphalism that is actually at the root of the rabid anti-Wenger vitriol, too. This constant need to affirm to yourselves that you are bigger than us is rather sad. Before our club imploded, the two clubs were pretty evenly matched – including in terms of trophies. Since we finally began to recover there has been little more than a gnat’s hair between us – even if you have managed to squeeze above us, often improbably – much to your amusement. But since you have completely failed to understand just what it is Spurs fans are laughing at, prompting the song, and instead taken it as another opportunity to indulge in petty triumphalism, I will ask you again: how many European trophies (genuine ones recognised by UEFA)? Because big clubs, real big clubs, are successful in Europe, right? We have three, what about you (I’ll give you a clue, it’s less than two). Just saying because I notice you always leave comparative European success off the agenda when indulging your (usually totally missing the point) triumphalism.

  8. C.M.Edgecombe

    I think under the new guy Potchi tinho (can’t be arsed 2 google korrect spellin) Spurs have tried to win the title, failing at the end against Leicester & this year against Chelski & Kane (The Arsenal Fan) & Bumdeli are attractive to watch, Yes Wenger pipped them 2nd place last season but for Many Years Arsene has passed Arsenal Fans to death, showing no urgency & the dacade failing formation of 1 lone striker & a total neglect of protecting defence showing no attempt at all to win trophies, Gibbs saved his skin against Hull & My Work team could have beaten Villa 4-0. Put Sanchez in a 442 alongside Giroud. Stick The Ox on the right wing as he can cross with either foot & ditch Our Lazy number 11 & wake from his possession, patience & passing mullarlky & show some urgency b4 u leave or it will be a nasty end. Bergkamp needs to be sat on the bench ready to restore some Love as our Future Guvnor, Adams needs to be The Chairman & Gazidas needs to go to his beloved Man City. Even King Henry the 9th has said many times try 442, it has won us many titles.


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