Spurs plan open top bus parade

I am now resigned to the fact that Tottenham Hotspur, that lot up the road, our little brother, are going to finish above Arsenal this season.

It will be a momentous occasion for them. To Spurs fans, finishing above Arsenal is like winning a trophy. They once bought a DVD out celebrating a 4-4 draw with Arsenal. Finishing above London’s Greatest club for the first time in 22 years will lead to mass celebrations throughout Middlesex and Hertfordshire.

It would not surprise me if Spurs hold an open top bus parade through the streets of Edmonton, and then a reception with the mayor at Tottenham Town Hall. Such is the mindset of the small club from Enfield, they will talk about this season for years to come as one of the greatest in their history, even if they end up trophyless.

The hilarious scenario could be that Arsenal win the FA Cup, Spurs end up finishing above Arsenal, but end up trophyless again. It will be their 9th year in a row without a trophy.
It would show the difference between the two clubs and fans, that Spurs would see a season finishing above Arsenal, but with no trophy, as a success, whilst Arsenal could win the FA Cup, see the season as a failure, and still call for the managers head.

Finishing above Arsenal ultimately means nothing if you do not win the league. Or a cup. Will it make up for 22 years of dominance (which in reality is actually a century of dominance)? No. Will it make up for 13 league titles against 2? No.

Spurs still have not won the league since 1961. No FA Cup since 1991. The fact that they have not finished above Arsenal since 1995 is a remarkable achievement. I would be surprised if throughout the top leagues in the world, there have been two city rivals where league dominance has been so one sided over nearly a quarter of a decade when both sides have spent that entire time in the top flight.

So Spurs, enjoy your day in May. Enjoy your parade in the sunshine. But ultimately, like Arsenal were mocked for celebrating a 4th place trophy, finishing above Arsenal is not a real trophy.
Real trophies are something to celebrate. Trophies like the 6 league titles Arsenal have won since Spurs last title. The 7 FA Cups since Spurs last.

Spurs finishing above Arsenal once in 22 years does not show a shift in power.


39 thoughts on “Spurs plan open top bus parade

  1. Spoffy

    So Bitter already before the season is over and a true Gooner he is that….living in the past.
    Me !….happy with what Poch has done for the team and the style we play and the progression, really dont give a sh*t about them up the road but clearly all you gooner fans worry about is finishing above us!

  2. Glen Rowe

    As spurs were in the title race last season and this one and arsenal look like they could finish 6th of course there is a shift in power, as for arsenal winning the cup, they have a chance the same as the other teams left but to be honest they look like the weakest team still there

  3. ME

    Not sure if this is childish bitterness ot fishing for bites? Either it sums up how embarrassing Arsenal are at the moment…. Are you an arsenal TV regular? Hahaha

  4. Nick

    A bit rich from you. You lot go on about finishing above us consistently for years (without winning the league) and when we turn the tables on you you say its no big deal after all. Whatever. We know we are in the middle of a long term project. Whether we finish above you now or not is not really the point for us. We are on the up, you are going down. Get used to it.

  5. Mark

    Some pathetic Arsenal fan created a day to celebrate ending above Tottenham. This was wonderfully the moment they ceased being a threat and became a complete laughing stock to every other club. Everyone now realised their fans had no ambition or expectations beyond ending above Tottenham. The morons celebrated like they had won the trophy they drop out of in the last 16 every year. Then when they think the day that ruined them as a serious club is not going to happen they turn the focus on Tottenham. Hilarious mate. We gave bigger fish to fry thankfully than obsessing about our neighbours. Advice – we are a tiny little club not worth worrying about. You are a massive club bigger than us in ever way. Hahahahaha

    1. S-P

      And originally it was to celebrate the number of clear days BEFORE the last game of the season that it became mathematically impossible for Spurs to catch them. When that stopped happening, when they began only just squeezing over the line on the last day – thanks to food poisoning and conflicted/corrupt FA officials who were also Goon officials, thanks to a huge run of improbable decisions into their favour in the last eight games, thanks to a former Spurs keeper with a grudge being rushed into someone elses team with undue haste and then throwing the ball into his own net three times,, and ultimately thanks to plain improbable luck – how did they respond? Did they show some grace and shut up about it? Did they accept that they had a good run at it and let it fade? Did they at least invent something different to celebrate but acknowledging the differing circumstances? Nope! Not one bit of it! They just kept on celebrating their ‘finishing above Spurs’ trophy and hoped no-one would notice!

      Anyway, most Spurs fans, so far as I have seen, are more intent on not celebrating anything and wanting the club to win trophies to give something tangible to celebrate. Me, I’ll just keep reminding the classless Goons that there is only one club in North London with more than one bona fide recognised by UEFA European trophy – and it ain’t ArseAnal. I’ll be celebrating the fact that even with their period of dominance over us they still couldn’t do anything to alter that. Oh, and I’ll be laughing at their entitled fans boo-hooing and fighting one another because they are so obviously glory hunters who can’t cope with just being ordinary.

  6. Happy Spurs Fan

    What matters is now. Not the past, not the future…now. This is pathetically defensive and the season is not even over. Anyway, ‘power shifts’ and past trophy counts are for 12 year olds and Liverpool fans. Good luck for the rest of the season. COYS

    1. keenosafc Post author

      ” trophy counts are for 12 year olds” – so if trophies are not important, what do we play football for? 13 league titles. you’ve only won 2.

  7. John Dunworth

    Arsenal finish above Tottenham 20 times under Wenger in 20 years.
    Arsenal finish above Tottenham 29 times in 108 years before Wenger.
    Arsenal have a lot of catching up to do!!!!

  8. Tg

    We have already seen the difference between the 2 sets of fans Gooners fight with each other while spurs fans stay united.
    Anyway Spurs finishing above Le arse is not important trying to win the league is.
    Get over your obsession and get used to looking up at us.

  9. Anon

    Oh God, the season isn’t even over. Please stop. You are giving them even more reasons to laugh at us. Embarrassing.

  10. Woz

    Wow – amazing diatribe. Few points to make (and I know you were just fishing, so not biting, just stating some facts). Yes we celebrated a 4-4 draw, but only because you mugs were not able to hold on to a 4-2 lead against us, at home, with 1 minute left. It was as much to laugh at you that we produced the DVD, to see all your crest-fallen little faces in the crowd. Still makes me smile every time I watch it… You also make a point about us celebrating finishing above you – isn’t that just what you have done for all those trophy-less seasons whilst Whinger has been in charge? I also love the fact that you seem resigned to us finishing above you, when we still have 8 games left to play. That’s 24 points to play for, and you (and most of your “fans” that I have spoken to) seem to have thrown in the towel and are already looking for something to bitch and whine about, hence pointing the finger at us down the road. What I find hilarious is Arsenal fans thinking it is hilarious that we will finish above them and that we will celebrate it. Damn right we will, but not for the same reasons that you lot have done for the last few years… We have a new training ground in place, a new stadium on its way, a new attitude in the club, a team that fight for each other and a board and manager that are progressive, ambitious and, most annoyingly to you, on the way up. Wouldn’t you love to see that kind of attitude at your club?? I’m sure 78% of your fans would, if the stat for people wanting Whinger to quit is to be believed…. And hey, how about this for another “hilarious” scenario – Spurs could win the FA Cup, could finish second, possibly even win the league, and your so-called “Greatest London Club” finishes with nothing and in 6th place. And Whinger STILL stays on as Manager. Now that would be worth an open top bus celebration…. πŸ™‚ #COYS

  11. Tottenham Lee

    Your low life fans fighting against each other has been brilliant to watch and apparently your team arent very good anymore either. Thank you & Bye Bye

  12. Alan

    Hahaha – I seem to recall Arsenal fans celebrating as if they won the champions league when you finished above us last year. The very fact that you are ‘resigned to the fact’ that we will finish above you implies that you are devestated about it. Which shows how pathetic you are.

    We’re hoping to win the title and the fa cup. That’s our ambition this year. You’re just hoping to finish 4th.

  13. Yid army123

    We sang in France and We sang in spain we stand in the sun and We stand in the rain they tried to stop us and look what it did the thing i love most is being a yid being a yid the thing i love most is being a yid. Tatty bie arsenal cya lol

  14. Gaz

    We could even come up with a stupid name to celebrate finishing above Arsenal, but that would be really embarrassing, eh?

  15. John daly

    Lucky you are not upset and bitter,and as for us coming from Edmonton don’t forget you lot come from south of the river

    1. IsMiddlesexInLondon?

      Yes, Arsenal come from south of the river, but that is South LONDON. Now shuffle off back to Middlesex

      1. Yid army123

        What do You want a medal same old retard gonnies hey you guyssss lmfao yid army coys

      2. Mark

        What a pathetic comment. We were in Middlesex because that was the name of the county. You we’re in Kent. The point is we are where we have always been. You upped and left. You can’t shuffle off back when you haven’t moved. If you are brainless my advice would be to not comment because, like all pretend Arsenal fans who come out with this absurd Middlesex comment, it makes you look incredibly desperate. On news now there are so many articles by Arsenal fans about Tottenham and none by Tottenham fans about Arsenal. Get over yourself and grow up. The school holidays will be over soon

      3. Anon

        In those days the whole of the north bank of the Thames was Middlesex, look to the boat race, two stations Surrey and Middlesex, the new Supreme Court is the old Middlesex Guildhall, opposite Parliament, your geolgraphy stinks as does your comment.

  16. Dwayne officer

    The fact you’re writing this article shows how low you lot in Islington have fallen.

    We couldn’t give a hoot if we finish above Arsenal, fact is we are now a more desirable club and have a trajectory way above where you guys are heading.

    Please focus on those around you like Everton and west brom.

  17. Anon

    Whether above or below the truth is our biggest gate is 1,000 apprx bigger than yours in the old 1st Div, We filled Wembley four times with ticket sales in excess of 80,000 at roughly four times the price your small club charged for the game against Fiorentina, in which Batistuta made Adams and Seamen look like amateurs, we have been in Europe less times than you but have won more. your overwhelming sense of self importance stems from the fact that you have been more successful than us during the Prem. Lge years, this of course is undeniable, more successful yes bigger in your tiny dreams little man.
    Oh and in all those years of being behind you we have never had fans fighting each other in and outside the ground with exposure in the media proving what small time charlies you really are. Back to the nomad franchise club you are, where will you go next.

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Well done for winning the “biggest Gate” trophy. guess when your side has won nothing relevant for over a quarter of a century, you have to cling to something.

      13 league titles v 2 league titles. It is much more than just the PL era that Spurs have been in the shadow of Arsenal

      1. Anon

        Success cannot be denied, most of it came as we were trying to pull ourselves out of debt caused by board decisions.
        The biggest gate was to demonstrate the bigger support we have over your club, and yet you resort to what once was and not what now is.
        I will not go into the firsts and records held by my club but suffice to say they are great achievements, but I don’t live in the past but look to the future.
        We have always been the better supported club, throughout the 60’s and 80’s and many years previous to that your stupid shadow was cast in the opposite direction.

      2. Yid army123

        Just face it we are on the and have been for a couple of years now while arseinhole have been on a steady decline fact bie bie face the truth lmfao

    1. Anon

      Another idiot who does not realise that this will automatically appear on a Spurs site when the site has ALL SOURCES attached to the name.
      Go find a fellow Goner to lfight with you pleb.

    2. Mark

      James you cannot be that stupid. Can you? Surely not. The thousands of articles about Tottenham written by Arsenal supporting schoolboys appear all over our sodding news now feed desperately trying to claim that we are some tiny little club compared to the massive gunners. Stop obsessing about us it really isn’t healthy


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