Spurs fans really are deluded mugs

So yesterday I wrote a blog about how Spurs are going to celebrate finishing above Arsenal like they had won a trophy. As expected, the deluge of comments coming in proves just how muggish their fans are.

Rather than respond to each comment individually, I thought it would be good to highlight their muggy comments to the world:


So Bitter already before the season is over and a true Gooner he is that….living in the past.

Me !….happy with what Poch has done for the team and the style we play and the progression, really dont give a sh*t about them up the road but clearly all you gooner fans worry about is finishing above us!

Living in the past? 2 FA Cups in the last 3 years. It is not exactly the distant past is it? Or should we not even go that far back. Tell you what, last day of the season, you are above us. Well done. But the day after, Monday 22nd May, it is then the past. The season is done. You can not mention it. Deal?

Glen Rowe

As spurs were in the title race last season and this one and arsenal look like they could finish 6th of course there is a shift in power, as for arsenal winning the cup, they have a chance the same as the other teams left but to be honest they look like the weakest team still there

Well done for winning the “In the title race but ultimately did not win it” trophy for the last two seasons. And being 7 points behind the leaders with 8 games to go, it isn’t really in the title race is it.


Some pathetic Arsenal fan created a day to celebrate ending above Tottenham. This was wonderfully the moment they ceased being a threat and became a complete laughing stock to every other club. Everyone now realised their fans had no ambition or expectations beyond ending above Tottenham. The morons celebrated like they had won the trophy they drop out of in the last 16 every year. Then when they think the day that ruined them as a serious club is not going to happen they turn the focus on Tottenham. Hilarious mate. We gave bigger fish to fry thankfully than obsessing about our neighbours. Advice – we are a tiny little club not worth worrying about. You are a massive club bigger than us in ever way. Hahahahaha

What bigger fish to fry? Are Spurs entering the World Cup? Maybe they can play Chicago fire in the Final? You are a massive club bigger than us in ever way – at least you said something right…

Happy Spurs Fan

What matters is now. Not the past, not the future…now. This is pathetically defensive and the season is not even over. Anyway, ‘power shifts’ and past trophy counts are for 12 year olds and Liverpool fans. Good luck for the rest of the season. COYS

Trophy counts are for 12 year olds? So trophies and winning them are ultimately pointless? Guess you would say that when you have won nothing of note for a quarter of a century. It we are not in football with the ultimate aim of winning trophies, what is the point of it?


Except Woolwich knows that it IS a shift in power.

What do you mean by Woolwich?


We have already seen the difference between the 2 sets of fans Gooners fight with each other while spurs fans stay united. Anyway Spurs finishing above Le arse is not important trying to win the league is. Get over your obsession and get used to looking up at us.

I actually agree with you. Arsenal fans have been embarrassing recently. Spurs are united – for now – but after two decades of booing your side off at half time the attitude had to change.

And yes, it is about winning the league, that is why I am baffled that Spurs fans are going to celebrate not winning the league for the 56th season in a row like they have won the league.


We have overtaken you. You are getting scared!

It is a bit like when Lewis Hamilton get’s overtaken by a Skoda. It is just a temporary blip.


Hahaha – I seem to recall Arsenal fans celebrating as if they won the champions league when you finished above us last year. The very fact that you are ‘resigned to the fact’ that we will finish above you implies that you are devestated about it. Which shows how pathetic you are.

We’re hoping to win the title and the fa cup. That’s our ambition this year. You’re just hoping to finish 4th.

I hope to one day get a soppy tit wank from Kelly Brook. We can all dream of winning the double. That reminds me, Arsenal have won more league and cup doubles than Spurs have league titles. You are 7 points behind the leaders. Keep dreaming. Your eyes have seen the glory. In your dreams.

Dwayne officer

The fact you’re writing this article shows how low you lot in Islington have fallen.

We couldn’t give a hoot if we finish above Arsenal, fact is we are now a more desirable club and have a trajectory way above where you guys are heading.

Please focus on those around you like Everton and west brom.

Everton – a more successful club than Spurs.


Whether above or below the truth is our biggest gate is 1,000 apprx bigger than yours in the old 1st Div, We filled Wembley four times with ticket sales in excess of 80,000 at roughly four times the price your small club charged for the game against Fiorentina, in which Batistuta made Adams and Seamen look like amateurs, we have been in Europe less times than you but have won more. your overwhelming sense of self importance stems from the fact that you have been more successful than us during the Prem. Lge years, this of course is undeniable, more successful yes bigger in your tiny dreams little man.

Oh and in all those years of being behind you we have never had fans fighting each other in and outside the ground with exposure in the media proving what small time charlies you really are. Back to the nomad franchise club you are, where will you go next.

So embarrassed you couldn’t leave your name? Well done for winning the “biggest Gate” trophy. And you are boasting about selling tickets at “4 times the price”. Well done for being happy at having MORE EXPENSIVE TICKETS. Arsenal rented Wembley 20 years ago.

And you are boasting about that Fiorentina game. Remind me again, how did Spurs do playing at Wembley this season?

Guess when your side has won nothing relevant for over a quarter of a century, you have to cling to something.

You talk as if Arsenal have only been more successful in the Premier League era. Arsenal had 10 league titles before the Premier League era. Spurs have 2.

Arsenal won 3 league titles between 1961 and 1992, Spurs have two in their history. No matter which way you look it at, Spurs have been dominated by Arsenal for a century.


Success cannot be denied, most of it came as we were trying to pull ourselves out of debt caused by board decisions.

 The biggest gate was to demonstrate the bigger support we have over your club, and yet you resort to what once was and not what now is.

I will not go into the firsts and records held by my club but suffice to say they are great achievements, but I don’t live in the past but look to the future.

We have always been the better supported club, throughout the 60’s and 80’s and many years previous to that your stupid shadow was cast in the opposite direction.

So Spurs were in debt in the 70s, 80s, 90s & 00s? Every decade Arsenal won a league title in since Spurs last in 1960. What a badly run club…And back in debt you go with your £800m stadium

Yid army123

Just face it we are on the and have been for a couple of years now while arseinhole have been on a steady decline fact bie bie face the truth lmfao

We have been on decline, yet won 2 FA Cups in 3 years. You are on the way up, but have not won anything of note in a quarter of a century…


How many of them were before even black n white u fucking retard. Get a life you cunt or better still join your make believe fat mate on the pull. Melt

Bit hilarious, mocking Arsenal for winning titles in black and white when we have won 5 league titles since your last one.


29 thoughts on “Spurs fans really are deluded mugs

  1. Pat

    after you bribed your way into the league …and after the H chapman years ..you fucking clowns were 40 years in the wilderness , it wasn’t until 70/71 you popped up with a decent team … before that you were on the same level as Leyton Orient … We as in Spurs invented modern day football with the push and run team 50/51 Rowe…. we were the FIRST team to the double , The FIRST British team to win a EUROPEAN TROPHY …and all this while you were on par with Leyton Orient ..if it wasn’t for Wenger you would still be that shit team from woolwich ..and you call us deluded ..CLOWNS

  2. Sanchez's agent

    Lol, what a helmet. Think you should appear on AFTV, they’re missing another self important simpleton!

  3. Lily White

    Come on admit it – If we overhaul Chelsea and dump them out of the FA Cup, there would be a part of you that would enjoy it. But the problem is at the moment every where you look there are rivals outperforming you. That’s not to say it won’t change, but change takes years to implement, particularly after the departure of a manager. We are already almost three years into our plan, and as you say, still a long way off actually winning the title (although getting closer).

  4. Anon

    Oh wow. So so bitter, even for a Gooner. Haha. We know you’re hurting pal but any need to make it so public?

    The one disappointment for me as a Spurs fan has been losing you as rivals and having to move towards Chelsea and the Manchester clubs for a bit of proper competition (on and off the field). Even though you were always very soft off the field, it used to be fun but now it’s all got a bit sad.

    Be proper rivals please. Thanks.

    Concerned Spurs fan

  5. 1882

    I truly cannot believe you sat down and wrote these responses. And they call Spurs fans obsessed. This article has to go viral. You’ve just embarrassed yourself and your fans. If Gooner Fan TV wasn’t enough. Woolwich fans, the gift that just keeps on giving 😂

  6. Ed

    You absolute mug. It really is getting to you isn’t it. I know the school holidays are tough when you’ve got no mates but you really need to get help. What is tomorrow’s article going to be about? I’m moving from laughing to genuinely feeling sorry for you.

  7. Mark

    This article/blog is some kind of joke isn’t it? You wrote a desperate article 2 days ago to try to convince yourself you didn’t really care and then followed it up with one to show that you are hurting so much. As it’s the school holidays I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but even Arsenal fans are finding you a complete embarrassment or are you actually Piers Morgan? Get over it and get back to your homework or simply grow up?

  8. Yid army123

    Arseinhole fans especially the writer of this dribble are just throwing their toys out of there pram waaaawaaaaa crying little tossers pitiful fools still this is getting me to chuckle just like arseinhole fan tv lmfao COYS

  9. DBs Knees

    The fact that you have dedicated a whole article to replying to individual comments shows how affected you are – whilst at the same time, trying to claim that ‘you’re not bothered’.

    Gunner fans, nay FOOTBALL fans that don’t care or not feel threatened would not do such things.

    Me, I’d celebrate finishing 2nd… it’s one spot higher than where we finished last season and our highest placing ever.

    Can we not celebrate achievement / improvment – or for you is it all about trophies? I’m just wondering how you know something that everyone else doesn’t, as well? We’re not mathematically out of the title race, yes the odds are stacked against us – but it’s obviously good to have hopes and dreams, no? Just like you have for Arsenal?

    If you count the FA Cup as an achievement – we’re still in that this season, too? Or you KNOW that we’re not winning that either? If so you’re really letting emotions get in the way of potential mathematical probability there as well.

    7 points behind Chelsea, with 24 still to play for. It’s not in the realms of impossibility, is it?

    Just chill your jets, be humble and gracious if Spurs finish above you for the first time in ages (rise above the rest of it, there will be Spurs fans that are dicks, just like there are Arsenal fans that are dicks) – and look forward to next season. Instead, you’re wearing your pain on your sleeve to open yourself up to even more attacks, man!

    1. Mark

      Whoever wrote this absurd ‘article’ should take that very fair feedback and move on. He’s made a complete prick of himself, but has been handed an olive branch

  10. Mike

    Lol Arsenal fans are always so obsessed with Spurs. Where was the story last year about how pathetic Arsenal were for celebrating finishing above Spurs as if they had won the league? And the year before that???

    But yes, I agree. The day Spurs clinch finishing above Arsenal, it would be so much more satisfying to see the team walk off the pitch and not even acknowledge it.

  11. NL is RED

    Wow they really are deluded aren’t they

    Desperate to try and defend a position that is entirely untenable

    There is absolutely no way to package it up and justify ANY claim that THFC are a bigger club then THE Arsenal

    We deserve the piss being taken out of us for the shambles that is the way our Board, manager and some of our “Ham Roll” ( or whatever the fuck it is that twat goes on about on AFTV ) fans act

    But in the cold light of day despite being up against an apparently “shit” club THFC have ALWAYS been in our shadow

    Maybe the future will be different but I would suggest instead of spouting so much garbage you go out and PROVE it ! Not just once but time and time and time again

    Perhaps for twenty years on the spin and then we can start having a discussion

  12. Watchme

    Sorry but you’ve made a right mug of yourself. Only fools in denial dive into the past to attemp to justify their failures in the present. History is just that,history. In the future this disaster your going through will be your history.what will you use for a defence then?

    1. NL is RED

      how do you have a discussion about something that hasn’t ( and maybe won’t ever ) happened yet ?

      And once it does then its HISTORY !

      you can only have any discussion on things that are supported by EVIDENCE not fantasy or fairy tales

      Speculation is fun and engaging but it is just that – a bit of fun
      Otherwise all these betting firms wouldn’t be raking in huge profits now would they

      The best that can be done is to apply the FACTS to the current situation

      Arsenal Board / Manager / SOME fans are a fucking nightmare

      But thats just my opinion

      The FACT that its 56 YEARS since THFC last won the top division is not a matter of opinion

      It is an undeniable and rather unpalatable ( for you ) FACT

      1. Mark

        At last an Arsenal ‘fan’ responds. A seriously stupid one, but one nonetheless. Thankfully real Arsenal fans – and there are a few left – steer well clear of this pitiful blog. Only Piers Morgan can claim to be a bigger twat than the writer of this blog, but your defence of it puts you right up there as well. You Arsenal fans are the gift that keeps giving and the great thing is I think you are all so stupid that you don’t actually realise. Priceless

  13. Chris Mecoy

    You do realise this makes you look like a bitter loser, don’t you?
    You can’t honestly be that thick that you don’t notice?
    Your club is being run by non-football idiots and Spurs have been catching you up for years.
    Also, maybe you should check out the history of ‘She Wore a Yellow Ribbon’. Naming your site after something that was originally about Spurs? Dickhead

  14. Simon

    If anon wants to be factual then it is agreed that the spuds have had the biggest crowd…but not in the game he talks about. In 1971 the spuds had the biggest turnout ever in their club history as their club admits. Over 100,000 people were locked out of the ground with around 50,000 in the ground. The game? When Arsenal won the league title. Why was the crowd so big? Because it was all Arsenal fans. A sea of red. Yes, the spuds bigget ever turnout was down to massive Arsenal support.

    1. Mark

      Complete and utter bollox as anyone who was there will tell you. This is one of those stories that Arsenal fans will tell you, but is simply not true just like the 500,000 people who went to the World Cup Final at Wembley. The most hilarious part of this latest ridiculous comment is ‘as their club admits’. Yeah, I have regularly seen Tottenham state that the record attendance was against Sunderland (now CL, of course) but ‘it was really against Arsenal in 1970/1 where 100,000 fans were locked out all of whom came from Arsenal’. You guys get more hilarious with every post. This whole nonsense started with some schoolboy who has never been to watch a game writing ‘Tottenham might end above us but we’re much bigger in every way boo hoo’. What a bunch of brainless muppets you are, but credit to Arsenal fans – only 2 of you have commented which actually suggests that most of you realise this excuse for a blog is utter garbage.

      1. Simon

        Nope it was. You can deny it but it was true. You can call it bollocks all you like but the arsenal fans danced on your pitch. 71/2004.

  15. Mark

    Simple Simon indeed. Having come out with preposterous nonsense about 100,000 Arsenal fans being locked out he has decided to says ‘it’s true’. Well Simon it isn’t. Full stop. Arsenal’s average attendance that year was well under 44,000 at a time when there would be thousands of away fans. For example, Tottenham had the whole of the clock end and seats in the west plus plenty of us would go into the North Bank before kick off for a fight. ‘We took the North Bank Highbury’ would ring out regularly. That season therefore when Arsenal won the league well under 40,000 Arsenal fans would turn up at Highbury. However you poor deluded fool want us to believe that 100,000 fans miraculously crawled out of the wood-work and were locked out of WHL. You are a sad deluded fantasist and should be pitied.


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