If Coutinho is worth £133m, how much is Mesut Ozil?

So Liverpool have “slapped a £133m price tag on Brazilian midfielder Coutinho.”

It forces to me to ask two questions:

  1. What are they smoking up their at Anfield?
  2. How much would Mesut Ozil be worth?

For me, Coutinho is one of the most overrated players in the game. Watch him properly rather than just the highlights.

He has 10 shots a game from the edge of the area. The majority go over. Once every 10 games, he catches one right and it flies into the top corner. Fair play. But that is 1 in 100 shots. Is it really that good?

He is a poor mans Frank Lampard. Shoots at every opportunity, misses more often than not. But he is praised by the fan boys who ignore the games he go’s missing (every game he does not score), always shoots one the edge of the area – even if there is a better placed player available, and is frankly average.

Coutinho is basically the Brazilian Andria Townsend.

He is not even good enough to clean Mesut Ozil’s boots.



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