1 month left in the transfer window – what do Arsenal still need to do?

So we have a month to go until the transfer window slams shut. Now that pay day has been and again, perhaps Arsene might open his window and buy everyone a beer. Before poncing a pint and tobacco off everyone for the rest of the month.

Arsenal still have a lot of work to do between now and the 31st August

The Thomas Lemar Saga

It is all getting a bit silly now, and starting to resemble every other transfer window over the last decade. From Higuain to M’Vila, Kalou to Trabelsi, we have been here before where we spend the entire summer searching said players names for update. And the only updates are from attention seeking ITK’s.

The Lemar saga looks to last all summer.

The Alexis Sanchez saga

Arsenal are bringing out a double album this summer. A movie and a sequel. Chuck in Mesut Ozil and it is a trilogy. Add in Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and I am not really sure what that makes it?

Arsenal’s resolve on Sanchez will be tested in the last month, as clubs see if Arsenal really are willing to let the Chilean leave on a free in 12 months.

Boost the midfield

With Aaron Ramsey, Granit Xhaka, Mohamed Elneny and Franci Coquelin, the midfield looks short of quality competition.

Ramsey and Xhaka are class, but there is a big talent gap between them and Elneny and Coquelin.

A need to get in another more defensively minded midfielder who is at a similar level, or even better than, Ramsey and Xhaka is a must.

Another centre back?

A bonus could be Arsenal signing a top class centre back. It is unlikely, and it would be a Brucie, but if the right man come available, at the right price, Arsenal need to pounce.

Sell Sell Sell

All of the above need to be shipped out over the next month

It is going to be a busy day for Arsenal’s new backroom team.



2 thoughts on “1 month left in the transfer window – what do Arsenal still need to do?

  1. W.O.T. StreetHawk

    Ramsey isn’t class! He plays better for Wales than he does for Arsenal. He hasn’t come anywhere near his ONLY good season in 2013/14. Been average at best and its ridiculous how he offers little but gets a break while Wilshere offers the same amount but is getting shipped out.

    Our squad isn’t good enough and the proof was shown up last season. Liverpool had an abysmal second half of the season especially with their inability to gain wins in Jan-Mar yet Arsenal couldn’t capitalise. It showed that when all teams are on their game, Arsenal isn’t really that good. There was 6 teams fighting for the champions league places and Arsenal came 5th despite gloating about finishing 2nd place in 2015/16 season.

    So what Arsenal needed to do was recruit a new manager and keep Sanchez. That was the two fundamentally important things that needed to happen this summer and neither has happened. So a big spend will not guarantee anything because we have consistently failed in Europe under Wenger. We have consistently failed to win the league title for the last 13yrs and counting while not forgeting the 18 failed league title campaigns out of 21.

    So buying players will not solve anything especially with a tactically inept, excuse ridden, no stretegy having, playing players out of position and all-round useless manager in charge.

    But you don’t see any of that Keen!

  2. allezkev

    Joel Campbell is injured and not due back till the end of the year if I recall correctly.
    I wouldn’t sell Chambers and there’s no chance of Walcott leaving imo. Theo still knocks in a few goals and could be useful coming off of the bench and in Europe.


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